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  1. Not to descredit Jack or anything, but if Quinn becomes a dominant #1 D man and Jack doesn’t become a #1 Center and be a #1 winger instead, we may have a case because #1 D man are harder to come by instead of #1 wingers. Odds still say Jack will probably be a better player, but you never know. I am happy with Quinn and I also hope Jack has a good career as well.
  2. Maybe, just maybe, we have already drafted the better Hughes brother.
  3. I cheered for the Bruins in Round 1 and even knowing the results we have today, I would still have wanted the Bruins win instead of the Leafs for the following reasons: 1). I can’t stand the media if the Leafs even wins a round. They haven’t won a series for 15 years and they have already been presented as a cup contender by various medias. 2). Everyone seem to think if the Leafs advance they would of lose to Columbus in Round 2. However, I think them winning a game 7 vs the Bruins will boost their confidence and morale that they could be the team advancing to the Eastern Finals and maybe even making it to the Finals. 3). A Leafs 1st round exit is a win for many Leafs haters including myself because we all know they will be in cap hell as soon as next season. If the Leafs make a deep rub, their players may take pay cuts to stay with a “winning team.” However, them losing in the first round leaves so much uncertainty to these players and they are more likely to just go for the money instead of taking a pay cut. That could also hamstring them for the near future. Short term pain for 1 season and we may not have to witness a Leafs Stanley Cup. I did take that chance.
  4. Panarin will prob still sign with the Panthers instead of with us anyways. Maybe JB will try and sign Duchene?
  5. From watching both Hughes and Smith played live and on TV, IMO Hughes > Smith. Tell NJD to f**k off if they ask for Quinn.
  6. No, but he purposely kept a bit of facial hair which looks very much like him in this picture below:
  7. I would love it to be the Canucks because how halirious would it be because not too long ago, we were consider to be the joke of the league and every mainstream media mocked all our first round draft choices and our rebuild process. However, realistically speaking, we are currently behind Toronto, Calgary and Winnipeg in terms of our team building, so I think is more likely that one of these teams win one before us. Now I hate 2/3 of the teams I just mentioned and I hope for them to fail every time! If the Jets win one and end the Canadian cup drought, I would be fine with it. You can also argue that Montreal is ahead of us in rebuild, but that really depends on who you ask. They are an interesting case and if their prospects pan out, they can be a contender in a year or two, and their prospects seems to be have a good mixture of skill and 2-way players which are built for playing 7 game playoff series. Edmonton is a mystery. Because both McDavid and Draisaitl have developed into elite level centers, and Nugent-Hopkins have also taken a huge step forward. With the right moves they can be right back as contenders. Thanks to Chia-Pete, they have a lot of crap to fix before they could get back to contending. Ottawa is the consensus worst team in the league currently, so I am not going to go into detail about them. But they do have some good young players coming up. In terms of who will end the drought? My vote is the Winnipeg Jets because I think they have the best mixture between skill and grit. I don’t think they played well enough this year and I do see them making a move or two to keep their core and intact and under the cap and will still be a contender for the next several years. Winning the cup is a mixture of skill, grit and luck and also to peak at the right time. The peak at the right time doesn’t only mean to play your best hockey during April-June of that season, but it also means that for that April-June no other team have peaked as high as you did. Injuries are also a huge factor to determine who wins the cup. There are too many surprises of twist and turns and you just never know what happens. Is it possible that the Canucks will be the team to end the Canadian cup drought? Absolutely! But I will just be happy as long as that team isn’t Calgary, Edmonton or Toronto and as long as Vancouver wins one at some point in my life (preferably with this current core group made up of Bo, Brock, Petey, Quinn etc.). I do believe our current core have the necessary pieces of a cup contender, but there are still too many holes in our current roster which will take a few years to fill up and then we will become a real contender.
  8. Speaking of Gillis, does anyone know which city he lives in currently? Because about a week ago, I think I saw him (if not him, it must be someone like his doupleganger) at a bakery in downtown Victoria. I didn’t went up and ask if he is Mike Gillis, but I am confident that it was him. I know he took a teaching job at Uvic a few years ago, but don’t think he kept on teaching there, but it is possible that he now lives in Victoria after his year of teaching at Uvic.
  9. The one and only time I got both the team and number of games right in this years 1st round.
  10. Well they will just write about what’s Matthews having for lunch during the off-season and which brand of golf stick is Rielly’s favourite.
  11. Tavares and the Leafs go home after round 1, meanwhile the Islanders are onto the 2nd round
  12. Except we can’t outscore our mistake like these teams does yet. Let’s hope without guys like Pouliot and bringing in some more skilled players next season will improve both scoring and defense on the Canucks next season.