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  1. Quinn calls Jack after the game, be like “hey bro, so this is how you close out the game leading 4-1.” Jack is like “I am packing now, heading to Vancouver to play with you.”
  2. Dear Toronto, this is how you play with a 4-1 lead going into the 3rd period.
  3. Especially with Jim Hughson’s voice too.
  4. Absolutely loving it. Destroying them on the score board, beating them in the scrums and also got inside their head and frustrate them. This is the kind fo team we have been waiting for for years!
  5. Edler seems like he had discovered the fountain of youth thus far! Let’s hope he keeps it up for the rest of the season!
  6. This is a make up call for the 3 PP we already got...
  7. If Monahan is shut down, he isn’t effective at all. He only got those points because he get spoon fed the puck in front of the net by Johnny Gaudreau. In the past few seasons when he wasn’t with Gaudreau, his offence take a big dip. Gaudreau is the driver of that lines offence. Another example one should look at is Lindholm. It is not coincidence Lindholm’s offence take a big leap and had a career year the moment he was put on a line with Gaudreau. If you take Monahan off the Gaudreau line he is going to have a dip of at least 20 points. Meanwhile, if you look at Bo Horvat. He has never had any consistent elite winger on his wing throughout his career. Last year defines how good he was. He played with 30 different pairs of wingers last season and still put up 61 points. The majority of his wingers are not your typical skilled wingers. Monahan to me is one of the most overrated players in the league.
  8. If only we put Hughes on the first unit and get our PP going, he would still have a chance. The Canucks PP is too stale, there needs to be more movement among the players and the puck. We have the personnel to have a good powerplay, we just need to get it to execute.
  9. You can tell he is well-liked in the room and hope for all the best for him (well, just not tomorow night when he play against us )
  10. I always secretly hope Jack is Dylan Strome situation 2.0. Devils as the Coyotes and we as the Blackhawks in 2-3 years of time.
  11. The Flames are the only Canadian team in action to lose tonight.
  12. I swear, why the heck is this guy calling so many Canucks games. It is a joke.
  13. Do they come with the 50th anniversary badge on it? I can’t find one with the 50th anniversary badge other than the official Canucks teamstore.