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  1. This guy has the potential to be a fan favourite if he maintains his level and style of play. He was once one of the most hated players among Canucks fans and he is now likely going to be one of the most liked players among Canucks fans. Let's Go!
  2. Not a fair comparison: 2011 team had an Art Ross winner, a Selke Winner and Vezina finalist all on the same team. Not to mention the team also had two 40 goal scorers in the line up. The only time we would even have conversation about comparing the 2 teams is when Pettersson is in his prime scoring 100+ points a season. Bo emerges as a top 2-way-center and gets into the Selke conversation. One of Markstrom/Demko will need to have a monstrous season and get into the Vezina conversation. What we have on this team that the 2011 team lack off is the potential of a true #1 D-man. I think this team will edge out the 2011 team if we have Pettersson, Horvat, Hughes, Boeser and one of our goalies (Markstrom, Demko or DiPietro) in their prime. I think the 2011 team really lacked a true #1 defenseman and we may have one in Hughes. Not Hughes this upcoming season, but Hughes when he is 25-30.
  3. In the Sedins era, top line was Sedin-Sedin-Burrows If Pettersson as the new Henrik, Boeser as the new Daniel, Ferland could be the Burrows. Hope that line clicks and Ferland could still get his game to another level by scoring 50+ points.
  4. I hope this trade goes through and both sides player sucked even more on their new team to screw both Divisional rivals.
  5. I have a feeling Olli will surprise a lot of us when he gets a mid-season call up and he sticks around with the team for the rest of the season.
  6. The 80s were crazy. If any team averages 3.40 G/Game in the league now, they are likely 1st in the league in GF. Instead back in the 80s, that's for 4th worst in the league.
  7. PP1: Horvat Boeser Ferland Pettersson Hughes PP2: Miller Baertchi Pearson Edler Myers
  8. The 2014-15 team was led by the Sedins, Vrbata and Miller (when Miller got injured, Lack took the ball and ran with it and was very good down the stretch). There was still a godo number of players playing on that team were still remanants from our 2011 cup run. The common theme of that team was: our best players were all 30+. We also saw glimpses of Horvat's potential during his rookie year. I always thought the 2014-15 was the last chance for the Canucks to do any damage in the playoffs led by the Sedins. After the 2015 playoffs, it was the time for a real rebuild. I think if the management team had signaled a rebuild right after the 2014-15 seasons, the Canucks could of gotten a few more assets to by trading away players like Hamhuis and Vrbata at the 2015 draft would of been ideal. The 2019-20 Canucks team is a breath of fresh air. Our best players are Pettersson, Horvat, Boeser, Hughes and Markstrom. With the addition of Myers, Miller and Ferland, these players provided as size and depth. Miller and Ferland should be able to re-shape our top-6 and the it would definitely help improve the offensive output of all EP, Brock and Bo. I am very excited for this upcoming season, and I think it is the first time in a while that I feel optimistic that there could be a potential playoff team. However, we don't know what it will be like until the games are played. I just hope things work out for this team and the young guys continue to improve and the new players we added proves to be positive additions. What I do know is this Canucks line up is no longer a push over in terms of toughness. When healthy, Miller, Ferland, Roussel, Virtanen up front; Myers and Benn at the back end, this team is not going to get bullied by other team's goons anymore.
  9. This just occur to me that Micheal Ferland is sign for the same cap hit as Brandon Tanev
  10. Quite a few of the Canucks successful picks in the later rounds for last few seasons has been drafted from the USHL and developed in the NCAA. None of the 3 leaving the organization works in that region.
  11. I am hoping sometime during mid or late in the season, Juolevi gets called up and plays well and force Benn to become a 7th D-man. If that’s the case, the team is really having depth on the blue line.
  12. Sutter straight across for Turris. Nashville saves slightly more than $1.5 million of cap space for the next 2 years and then Sutter's contract comes off the books. They will also get a solid depth center playing behind Johansen and Duchene. Canucks will take a flyer on Turris and see if we put him up on a line with Petey/Bo and see if he can rejuvenate his offence from his Ottawa days. Turris is $6 million cap hit for another 5 years. Predators clearly doesn't want to hold on to him for any longer. If Canucks make this move, they will have find a way to dump Eriksson's contract, which is even harder to do so.
  13. The cap-recapture penalty has settled in and the Canucks will be hamstring for $3 million per year for the next 3 years. My question was, why didn't the Canucks talk to the Panthers to trade for Luongo's rights? If the Canucks traded for Luongo's rights, it will take the Panthers off the hook and we can then just place Lou on the LTIR for the next 3 years. This is just a thought.
  14. If he gets anywhere close to his production during his rookie season, this would be a steal of a signing. But he hasn't put up that kind of number since then, so I doubt it. I still think adding Myers is a solid acquisition none the less.