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  1. Who should win: Quinn Hughes Who will win: Cale Makar On another note: I would have Adam Fox as the 3rd finalist. I know Kubalik's 30 goals was impressive, but his total points doesn't impress me as much (46 pts) and he is older and has pro-experience. IMO, Fox had a more impressive season with the Rangers in comparison as he was a plus player (+22) as a rookie defenseman putting up 40+ points.
  2. If I read it right, this means American broadcast for the Eastern Conference teams and Canadian broadcast for Western Conference. Does that mean we get Jim Hughson for Canucks games?
  3. Did he say anything about the Boeser rumous? Please shot it down Jimbo, don't even think about trading one of the best up and coming goal scorer while we still have LE, Sutter, Beagle and Roussel on the team.
  4. 4 out of 6 seasons he was on a terrible team. The other 2 seasons: 1 season he was a rookie on the 4th line and the other is this year where we are good offensively but an adventure overall as a team in our own zone. I do believe he will be in the Selke conversation sooner rather than later.
  5. Every thread is about Virtanen, that's how it works here
  6. Can Loui Eriksson join Byfuglien by choosing to eat nachos at home starting next season so we can "suspend" him and contract termination?
  7. Toffoli has always played in a defense first and tight checking system in LA, he has never played in a free flowing, high octane offense environment until he got traded here. I think his offensive input would still be better than his time with the Kings, but won't be as good as his post-TDL 10-games stint with the Canucks. I think Toffoli is more like a 25+ goal scorer scoring around 55-60 points if he is on the Canucks and gets to play consistently with EP and JT. If he plays with Horvat and Pearson, that line will have more defensive responsibilities and his production may drop slightly. But i do agree the Canucks don't need another bad contact, so it all depends on the cap hit and term.
  8. It's really odd seeing the same player winning both the Leading Scorer and Unsung Hero award at the same time. I agree that the unsung hero should go to a guy who is less noticeable but does a lot of things right consistently helping the team game after game. Personally, my vote went to Tyler Motte.
  9. It's because of this incident that I have complete 0 respect for Vegas and Gerard Gallant. The game was late in the season, meaningless as Vegas has pretty much clinched the Pacific Division. Game is the 3rd or 4th last game in the regular season and those weren't important points that will decide the fate of Vegas on whether or not they make the playoffs. This is the kid's first NHL goal, and assisted by 2 legends who is set to retire at the end of the week. Should've just let the kid celebrate the moment, so he can tell his grandchildren one day that his first ever NHL goal was assisted by the Sedin twins. Gallant deserves to be kicked to the curbside with his luggage waiting for a cab, and I can't wait to see the banwagon falls off for Vegas once they start to be a bad team as their core gets older.
  10. No, that will be a horrible idea. Demko is on the verge of becoming a starter. He reminds me of Markstrom before Markstrom become who he is today. Tbh, Canucks defense is an adventure this season and we gave up way too many quality shots against, if we have just decent defensive system and limit the high quality chances against, Demko's stats would have looked a lot better.
  11. Scouting is always a group, never a one man show. I don't deny Judd must have been a major part in our recent successes, but remember that JB was still the boss behind this whole thing. I heard no words of those regional amateur scouts in these areas left the organization, so as long as the are still communicating in the same language from top to bottom, we should still be pretty good on draft day.
  12. But.. but... but.. I thought Jake is immature and he goes out to party in clubs and does not opt in for optional practices. This doesn't make sense at all.
  13. Make sense, I just don't think we will have a Young Stars Classic this season. We likely won't have one until things are back to normal and we can have crowd gatherings again.
  14. I really like the center depth this organization has going forward. Pettersson as #1, Bo Horvat as #2, and Adam Gaudette as #3. Not to mention Miller who can also play center and he is a beast in the face-off circle as well. I think the Canucks are just a couple of legit top 2 or top 3 defenseman away from being a contender.