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  1. Everyone kept talking about the first round pick which is an unknown for atleast until June of 2020. Meanwhile, I took a look at who the Lightning grab with the 3rd round pick: Don’t know anything about him, so I just do a quick summary base on stats. This is a 6 ft 3 18 year old goalie playing as a back-up in the SHL, putting up very good numbers. And look to have some NHL potential as a solid goalie. I would say as of right now, this is a good hockey trade for both sides. The Canucks get a player that we could use right away and fit in very well with the current core group. While the Lightning shed the salaries and got some pieces to work with for the future. I also suspect the Lightnings may a 1st to another team to acquire asset at the deadline. Whether that 1st is our first or theirs would be up to them to decide.
  2. Flames won again... it’s getting tougher and tougher to try and get that playoff spot
  3. It is a very lethal offence but we would have no #1 defenceman and likely won’t be able to find one through the draft given our draft positions from 2018 and beyond, we are not likely to find a player Hughes calibre. If we drafted Svech, I could see the Canucks not making a trade for Miller but make a trade for a veteran defenceman instead.
  4. IMO, only other player that I want in the draft other than Hughes is Dahlin. I still believe Dahlin will be the best player in the draft when rest is said and done (and I am huge Quinn Hughes fan). But at #7, we got the most perfect player: he was the BPA and he also filled a big hole in the line up. We must write thank you notes to Bergevin, Chayka and Holland for this to happen.
  5. No matter who JB picks, that player won’t be as impactful as Hughes to the team.
  6. Very fortunate for the Canucks that he was still available at #7:
  7. Many ppl point to the Pittsburgh game as the Canucks missed out to put away a Penguins team without Crosby. Reality is, Malkin always plays better when Crosby ain’t in the line up. And out of Crosby and Malkin’s careers, Malkin is definitely much more of a Canuck killer than Crosby. Putting that combination together, we got the result. If we played a Pittsburgh team when they didn’t have Malkin but with Crosby in the line up, things could be very different.
  8. That’s probably wrong. Detroit only has 7 wins total. And they avg the fewest goals per game in the league this year. Prob got the years wrong. But I can’t be 100%. Will have to check on that.
  9. We have been giving it to the refs all game. Ref you suck chants were both fun and angry to be part of haha!
  10. At the game, lost my voice screaming after that OT goal!
  11. Refs were garbage better give us big PP in the third to make up for it.
  12. This is awesome. Having players like Beagle on the team not only adds the depth, grit, defensive responsibility among the forward group, but it is also bring in a great person and character to both the organization and community.
  13. Not a good night when it comes to out of town scoreboard for the Canucks.