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  1. He has atleast closed the gaps by a lot. The key for OJ is being healthy, once OJ is healthy, he can be a really smart and effective players who can be depend on the log a lot of minutes. For OJ, I would like to see him become that strong 2-way defenseman we have in Edler today. I would like to see Jack groom into a offensive defenseman who quaterback the 2nd unit PP in his prime.
  2. I agree. However, next year is the last year that both EP and Hughes will be on the ELC, and next year the Canucks should be an even better team. I think the Canucks should atleast try to give this team a shot to win it all starting next year (not saying we go all in and buy the big names but atleast ice a team that will do some damage in the playoffs). I think signing Joel Edmundson or Brendan Dillon (1 of 2) can improve this team's defense. And we will let the 4 prospects you mention fight it out to push for a roster spot. Ideally, Tryamkin will be that physical punishing defenseman and Rafferty or Rathbone would be the additonal puck mover. If OJ can just remain healthy, he should get some NHL games under his belt as well. Juolevi to me will be the key, if he can remain healthy and be the player the Canucks envision him to be, it will go a long way. Among all of the names you mentioned, I am most excited about Rathbone, I think he has the potential to make immediate impact when he gets inserted in the line up.
  3. I will say we are definitely taken the right steps towards forwards, but Defense is far from complete. Right now, we have a lot of guys who can step in and play the bottom pairing, but I still think we lack another puck mover who can relieve the pressure when Hughes is not on the ice. I will say we lack a true physical and punishing defenseman.
  4. Voted Bieksa, nominating Chris Tanev
  5. Voting Bieksa, nominating Lidster.
  6. Really hope this kid signs. I have a feeling he will be a very solid #2/#3 Defenseman on this team in his prime.
  7. In the mean time I see the team just resign Tanev at the right cap hit. I doubt the Devils will want to give up Severson though. This blackhole is a result of MG era's failed drafting.
  8. Tanev is a lot harder to replace than many anticipate. He logs the big minutes and he logs the hard minutes. He also allows Hughes to play the way he wants to out there because Hughes knows he can trust Tanev will be there to bail him out when he pinches. Tryamkin/Briseboi/OJ next season are 3 candidates ideally for the 3rd pair LD position. Tanev will still have to be re-signed. Would love the Canucks to be able to sign Rathbone as I think he can really be that wildcard that can make imediate impact if he makes the line up.
  9. Until Podkolzin and Hoglander proves they are consistent top 6 scorers at the NHL level, I won't trade Boeser. Plus, Pearson and Toffoli will be older and in 2-3 years (even if we resign them) they will likely be 3rd line wingers instead of top 6 wingers.
  10. No, everyone should be held accountable. If Olli has a good camp next season, he will be our 3rd pairing LD, if not he will have to work his way up from Utica, and I am sure by next season he will be the first call up if there is an injury. Guys like Briseboi is also close to NHL ready as well, and it does not send a good message within the organization if a guy like Briseboi out plays OJ at camp and won't make the line up because of the idea that OJ should be given a spot. I believe Briseboi is also waiver eligible starting next season, so it will be interesting to see what the Canucks do. If Tryamkin returns as well, that's 3 players fighting for the 3rd pair LD position and I still believe the best player gets the spot regardless of status and draft position.
  11. Agree with most of what you say but disagree with trading away Boeser. I still think he has the potential to be a consistent 35-40 goal scorer in the league.
  12. EP all day. EP has a combination of both skill and character. You don't see EP pull off his pants and turn his back side to a female security guard.
  13. Voted Kevin Bieksa, nominating Doug Lidster.
  14. John and John are really fun to listen to. John Shorthouse is one of the most underrated commentators in the league. I really like how he is very knowledgeable and it is always aware of things that happen on the ice such as who left then bench, who just got back etc. Shorty is also very good at describing the play, as back then when he still called games on the radio, I could see picture the situation in my head when Shorthouse was calling the games. Not a lot of radio guys can do that. John Garrett is just very funny and a big Canucks/goalie homer. I also enjoy him bringing up stories from his playing days and how the league is now compare to the days when he played. I also like how when they disagree with one another on a play/situation, they would argue like people normally would if they watch a game with their buddy. Listen to John and John is like listening to 2 friends watching and enjoying the game together. Murph is a perfect rink side reporter and he develops good relationships with the players e.g. Kevin Bieksa. I also enjoyed his articles on sportsnet when he publishes them. The trio make the Canucks games more fun. I actually don't like when the game is a HNIC game and we don't have the trio broadcasting.
  15. It really depends on him. If he wants to remain as the top-dog in the AHL and stay with the organization by signing a 1-way deal, he can be paid NHL salary playing in the AHL help developing the kids. The Canucks have seen enough of him to basically decide that he cannot be a NHL regular. If he wants another shot at the NHL level, he would probably sign with another team like LA, Detroit etc. where he may have a chance to crack their NHL roster. If he goes to Europe, it probably means he has given up playing in North America. Boucher is a prime example of someone who cannot adjust to the NHL pace/speed, hence he could not be that effective top 6 player at the NHL level. There is no shame on this, as the NHL is the hardest league to play in.