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  1. Just want to add the fact that now they are all in a hub city bubble together, being away from their family, they are each other's family right now. I think this is an advantage for a tight group of guys like this one.
  2. Stech's goal got me on the verge of tearing up. Really emotion win tonight!
  3. No, not tonight. The name of the refs were posted in th earlier pages. Don't remember their names, but there isn't Kelly Sutherland.
  4. Here it is. You have to suffer through 1 minute and half of ads though.
  5. I watched TSN preview on Canucks and Blues series and they gave the Canucks props for figuring out playoff hockey after 1 game. They said they were impress with how well the Canucks adjusted after the game 1 loss and proceed to went on and win 3 straight. Most notably they said "it took Elias Pettersson, Quinn Hughes, Brock Boeser these young guys 1 game to figure out the playoffs. Not a series, not a year, not 2 years, not 3 years but just 1 game." I think the 2/3 years was just them throwing shades at the Leafs
  6. KB3 is the Canucks homer that has always been missing on the HNIC panel. For years, they have homers for all other Canadian teams, but finally we get a Canuck homer in no other than Kevin Bieksa!
  7. Even as an outside just watching this video just gets me fired up and ready to go, and willing to do whatever it takes to help get them the W. The atmosphere of the room was just unbelievable that night and I believe it is the key on why this team come back and won that game.
  8. First official playoff game day in 5 freakin' years! WHO AIN'T PUMP FOR THIS?!?!?! GO CANUCKS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. With the way how easy the Wild players went down that series, I thought I was watching an Olympic diving team.