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  1. Just want to add the fact that now they are all in a hub city bubble together, being away from their family, they are each other's family right now. I think this is an advantage for a tight group of guys like this one.
  2. Stech's goal got me on the verge of tearing up. Really emotion win tonight!
  3. No, not tonight. The name of the refs were posted in th earlier pages. Don't remember their names, but there isn't Kelly Sutherland.
  4. Here it is. You have to suffer through 1 minute and half of ads though.
  5. I watched TSN preview on Canucks and Blues series and they gave the Canucks props for figuring out playoff hockey after 1 game. They said they were impress with how well the Canucks adjusted after the game 1 loss and proceed to went on and win 3 straight. Most notably they said "it took Elias Pettersson, Quinn Hughes, Brock Boeser these young guys 1 game to figure out the playoffs. Not a series, not a year, not 2 years, not 3 years but just 1 game." I think the 2/3 years was just them throwing shades at the Leafs
  6. KB3 is the Canucks homer that has always been missing on the HNIC panel. For years, they have homers for all other Canadian teams, but finally we get a Canuck homer in no other than Kevin Bieksa!
  7. Even as an outside just watching this video just gets me fired up and ready to go, and willing to do whatever it takes to help get them the W. The atmosphere of the room was just unbelievable that night and I believe it is the key on why this team come back and won that game.
  8. First official playoff game day in 5 freakin' years! WHO AIN'T PUMP FOR THIS?!?!?! GO CANUCKS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. With the way how easy the Wild players went down that series, I thought I was watching an Olympic diving team.
  10. If Markstrom is going for retirement money, Detroit is the place. It will be hard to convince him to go to another rebuilding team while he just went through a long rebuild here in Vancouver. By the time Detroit comes out of the rebuilt, is Markstrom still in his current form? I could other teams who have atleast a chance to be a playoff team throw him the right contract and he might bite on it, but that team won't be Detroit.
  11. Markstrom would not want to go to Detroit. He just went through exactly this in Vancouver, if anything, Markstrom wants to be on a team where he actually have a chance to win. Chicago is an interesting case, they do have some really good young players in Kubalik and Dach. Boqvist is expected to be better as well. Do they have the right young players to turn it around? I still believe Marky stays in Vancouver. Recent videos on Miller reading starting line up and their celebration after the OT win tells me this is a tight team and players wants to remain here.
  12. I liked their line up better with Kadri, Bozak and JVR providing depth scoring more than their current line up. Not a fan of the Tavares signing from the beginning. Depth scoring and defense is more important than bringing in a big star player.
  13. I could see that but I also think they might go for Holtby.
  14. Had the pleasure to meet him and got a quick picture taken with him in last year's draft, great guy!
  15. Defense has always been the weakness on this team even before Benning. Defensive prospect pool was really bare that at one point, we consider Frankie Corrado as our best blueliner. Jim Benning had very little choice but choose to take a chance on Sbisa and Gudbranson. He also hope Hutton and Stecher has more offense in their game. The best defenseman are usually the ones you draft, that's why in 2016 the team took a chance on Juolevi at 5th OA and they hit a home run in Quinn Hughes in 2018. Outside of those 2, there are still big question marks on how the blue line will shape. Rathbone is intriguing and maybe Tryamkin returns and hopefully Woo pans out. I think the focus on next few drafts should be on defenseman.
  16. I can see his offensive game develop the more he plays. He will be your ideal middle 6 versatile forward that brings a bit of everything to your line up.
  17. Voted Calgary as I don't think the Stars really have any pulse throughout the round robin. But I hate Calgary, so pulling for the Stars to win this one.
  18. OJ is a Finn, but his demeanor does remind me of all the Swedes on the team