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  1. The second worst mistake of his life! Congratulations Trevor !
  2. No. I don't think they could make up for the injuries.
  3. My apologies! I completely misread that! Sorry.
  4. Trading Gagner less than 2 weeks after he was signed would not be a smart move for targeting FA in the future.
  5. Yes.
  6. Literally, it's 10 spots, as @Mike Vanderhoek pointed out. Thanks for the calculations Mike. Figuratively, look at the last 10 drafts, and you'll have your answer. The Canucks can't afford to draft outside of the top 5 next year or else they'll always be climbing an uphill battle when facing the Big Dog's like the Oilers, Leafs, Coyotes, Sabres, etc.
  7. Please avoid going off topic. This is the Olli Juolevi thread. Thanks
  8. Meh, until Calgary gets a massive upgrade in goal, I don't think they're are as strong as people are making them out to be.
  9. Well you too, you bastard!
  10. As soon as Henrik retires, the Rangers are SOL.
  11. Glad it's only 1 year. The guy's effort level is equivalent to mine. Nil. None. Not a bit.
  12. They'll be regretting that contract big time in 4 years. It won't be Wilson's problem by then though.
  13. Hopefully to the Canucks. They desperately need someone like Drai. He he seems to be the exact player Benning loves.