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  1. Miller- Petersson- Boeser Pearson- Horvat- Toffoli Hoglander- Gaudette- Virtanen Motte- Beagle- Sutter Hughes- Tanev Edler- Stecher OJ- Myers
  2. As well, Leivo is not a top 6 forward on any good team, so why would we want him there. Ferland is done and he's only an asset as a LTIR cap space generator.
  3. You just set the team back 5 years, no thanks. Boeser only gets traded if we get a legit top line defender back; ala Seth Jones for Ryan Johansen deal, otherwise no way do you give Boeser up, as he;s far too valuable as our number one RW. Yes 100% to resigning Tofolli- 4 years 5.5 million per year. Our second line becomes legit, and when you add either Podkolzin or Hoglander to the team we'll have two very strong forward lines that will pull vault the Canucks into legit contender status for years to come. I agree that we need to move Demko, and We also need to move Sutter and Stecher. Is there a package where we might be able to recover some picks? I think the Islanders would love all three players so maybe there's a possible trading partner. Re-signing Tanev and Markstrom are priorities as well. Virtanen should not be moved, and I think time will bear out how important this young man will be to this team, with game changing goals, pace-making speed, physical presence, and heavy hockey which is required to win in the playoffs. He can play on any line and make a difference at any time. He'll get better with time and more exposure to JT Miller. I think the push your looking for on the back end will come from our prospects like Rafferty, OJ, WOO, and Rathbone. I think eventually one of those guys will be one of our top 2 defenders, and another one of them will be in our top 4. Way cheaper then bringing in a 6-7 million dollar Dumba.
  4. Tryamkin is the bottom of the pile, in regards to things to do list for JB. Please don't forget this player up'ed and left the Canucks high and dry because he wanted to play on a certain side of the ice, and he considered himself better then he was. We should have zero loyalty to him as he has us. Preferably we could deal his rights to get a pick. There is no room for a player who is a fair skater, is a fair outlet passer, and for his size plays as passive as he does.
  5. Fair enough, sorry for the visceral reaction, but 1. Pods is special, he's a cross between TJ Oshie and Dustin Brown, and you don't throw that sort of player away. Ipod will be a foundational part of our future for years to come. Guys like Pods, Hogs, and Bonner will be vital pieces to our cup puzzle. You might consider selling them off when the team has made a number of deep runs. 2. Virtanen is just beginning to become the player we all hoped for, so we do not want to move him. 3. A hard pass on Tryamkin, as he was ok in the 3rd best league in the world.4. Gaudette is not going anywhere. By moving him your going backwards with the rebuild and detracting from building. 5. Leivo no longer fits, as he looks poor in a bottom six role, and not good enough to be a top six. Your right about Toffoli, as they need to resign him. Sutter as well your correct on, as they need to try and recover a 2nd rounder, but not retaining salary. Maybe package him up with a defender like Benn to try and land that coveted pick.
  6. It doesn't matter if your a fan...sorry. It's JB thoughts that matter, and he absolutely loves Reinhart. These are the types of players you win championships with.
  7. So the trade winds are blowing and the RD that JB might covet is Buffalo's Rasmus Ristolainen; 6'4"/220lbs, 25 years old, that averages 225 hits and 35 points. He skates very well and could become the perfect fit with Q. Hughes and upgrade on Tanev. We would need to give them something from our lineup that we will miss, but I do have a solution to this. Buffalo also has a player that JB covets almost more than any other player in the NHL, and that is Sam Reinhart; Vancouver boy, 24 years old, 6'1"/ 200lbs, 55-65 point per season and played Junior with Bo Horvat, and would be a perfect fit with Bo. So here's the deal I propose; Boeser- really sad to see him go, but he and Eichel would tear the East up. Stecher- Quality character guy, and fits well as the second RD on that team. Will fit well with B.Montour. Demko- Would probably be earmarked as their future starter and best goalie prospect. To Buffalo for; Sam Reinhart. Rasmus Ristolainen JB hopefully signs T. Toffoli 5 years @ 5.25 mil/ season and our top 2 lines are set. With young studs like Hoglander and Poldkolzin pushing for Pearson's spot this will be a super competitive team for the next decade. A guy like B. Rafferty looks ready to slide in and take Stechers role as a 2nd pairing position, and this is a huge upgrade, as far as speed and skill. Also, it gives Edler an opportunity to become hyper focused on being that super stud in his own end. This gives T. Myers the role of grooming OJ on the 3rd pair, and I believe that they actually will become over the year the true 2nd D pair. Line up; Miller- Petersson- Toffoli Pearson- Horvat- Reinhart Hoglander- Gaudette- Virtanen Motte- Beagle- Sutter Hughes- Ristolainen Edler- Rafferty OJ- Myers Flame away...
  8. I'm not sure what you've been watching, but Demko is not a future number 1, Pearson's value has never been higher and with players like Hogs and Ipod coming he becomes very expendable. Stecher is probably being traded anyways, so why not bring in a guy that fills the first pair RD, and will be a slick, physical defenceman that is a Marc Methot-like player. No way does Hoglander play in Utica next season. Just watch and be pleasantly surprised, and remember CaptainCowbasher predicted this, and then pay appropriate just kidding. When Ipod gets here he to will make the team, so think who would be expendable? it won't be Miller, Toffoli, Boeser, or Hoglander. Virtanen, after the upcoming playoffs might be the least expendable of all. So maybe Ferland some how gets through a full season and managers 15-20 goals and 150 hits making him a potential trade target that lands a decent draft pick...
  9. If Rafferty is ready for a top 4 pairing then he would look good with Edler, but Barrie won't get the money he's looking for, he wants to play here, and he will mesh or pair up beautifully with Edler. In fact I think he'll add a few years to Edler's career, as Edler can become that stay at home, defence first guy. Don't worry about Hoglander,as he will be our 4th rookie of the year candidate in a row. Mark my words...
  10. I'm not sold on Tryamkin guys, as he was just ok in the 3-4th best league in the world. Plus OJ is going to surprise everyone in training camp.
  11. Here is what I hope the Canucks could do between now and next season...It does depend on a Hoglander shinning, which I truly believe he will. I feel Hoglander could be as good or slightly better then F. Fosberg. He has next level skill, as he sees the ice much like Petersson, and has a physical drive like Petey as well. They will make amazing line-mates, which frees up Miller to support Horvat and Boeser creating a extremely strong 1B option. Two scoring lines that will give opposing teams fits trying to defend. Ferland will be ready next season, as he will be 100% healthy and raring to go. Pearson becomes available, and he will be valued, and this leads to my first trade proposal. Edmonton would love Pearson, as he fits in as a top 6 forward with them, add Stecher, and Demko, and that should be enough to get Larsson who has never filled the value of the Hall trade in the eyes of Oilers fans. With Ethan Baer looking so darn good on the RD side, he should be the guy in that hole. E. Bouchard is a RD and will crack their lineup in October. The second and third trades are opportunities to clear cap for picks; Sutter + 3rd 2020 for a 2nd in 2020, and Roussel for a 3rd 2020. We let Tanev, Leivo, and Fantenberg walk. Really sad to see Tanev go, but who in their right mind signs a guy who has proven to be injured often to a deal like Tanev will be looking for. Plus Larsson will be an upgrade, and will mesh beautifully with Hughes for years to come, and is 3 years younger then Tanev. The 2 UFA's that I know would upgrade the Canucks are T. Barrie, at 28 years old, and probably could be had for around 6mil over 5 years. Imagine how dynamic he and Edler would be as a second pairing. The second UFA signing is Toffoli, and this is a must. He looked like a legit shooter option for Petey to pass to, which in turn makes Petey even more dangerous. The last piece to the puzzle in my mind is that OJ finally takes the leap to the NHL, and I predict he will help settle down Myers, as he is an exquisite passer, and will impress in training camp, as all of his physical gifts will shine and come through, and JB will be finally applauded for his guts in taking OJ. This team will be a top 10 team next year with Marky between the pipes, and a roster filled out like this. Proposed line up: Hoglander Petersson Toffoli Miller Horvat Boeser Ferland Gaudette Virtanen (this is a heavy line, and with three engines) Motte Beagle MacEwen Hughes Larsson Edler Barrie OJ Myers Markstrom Flame away...
  12. Hughes - Dumba Edler - Tanev OJ - Myers Dumba brought in for Stecher, 2021 1st