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  1. Dahlin < Hughes Miscellaneous stats < Actual Points Nobody Cares that Dahlin has more Penalty Mins.
  2. Makar is a flashier player, but I wouldn’t say better. Makar plays the game with tremendous speed, more so than Hughes who is very fast himself but Hughes’ vision is unlike any defencemen we’ve seen in a long time. He slows the game down and process the game faster than Makar. Hughes is on another level.
  3. I think Hughes is going to take the choice out of their hands. He’s been playing too good, since the all-star break. He looks unique out there, like we’re seeing something we haven’t seen in many decades.
  4. Umm...excuse me but you didn’t address him by his proper pronoun.
  5. Agreed, this is the 4th straight year where Canuck fans get to watch a Phenom rookie. Back when Brock Boeser took his team on his back and won the NCAA Championship Then watching Brock’s rookie season while at the same time watching Pettersson break 40 year old records in arguably the second best league in the world. Last year we saw Pettersson win the Calder while seeing a glimpse of Hughes. He shows he’s ready for the NHL in his limited games and All the while this year Hughes is having a great season and among the best rookies in the NHL, we’re watching another phenom. Hoglander. Reinventing the game, making the impossible look routine. Now leads the entire 2020 iihf tourney in points.
  6. I totally agree. Canuck fans have been conditioned to look towards next season and, We’re usually out of a playoff spot by now. It will take time for that mentality to change. We’re a good team, young and fast. When the Black Hawks played us I bet they saw themselves in the mirror, only their time is over and they’re passing of the torch to the next generation of talent.
  7. This is a really cool way to develop chemistry between 2 Canucks prospects playing on the same line. Let them dominate in Northeastern and bring them to Utica together. In a couple years you can just slot them in. 2 thirds of a good line already. This isn’t the first time Benning has done this. Remember trading for Dahlen and drafting Pettersson. It’s pretty cool.
  8. Rathbone is turning out to be the Canucks best defensive prospect. Since being drafted his stock has skyrocketed to superstar level.
  9. Petrus Palmu’s stock he exploded off the charts. Once thought of as fringe potential now 1st line potential.
  10. Since the start of this season Lind’s stock has skyrocketed
  11. Usually it takes a few beers before I let people do this Popeye.....but hell why not.
  12. The Most Brutal (fill in the blank) of All Time, but he’s too distracted with EP40 to notice.
  13. Petty Dominates his Draft class, leaving no doubt who would be drafted 1st overall.