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  1. The big difference I noticed was the response to when a player gets hit. It seems what a Canuck gets hit it’s like pulling teeth to get a response and I think a lot of that has to do with Green neutering. When McEwen put a nice hit down on a Senator it took less than 5 seconds for a response and McEwen had to answer the bell. That’s the difference.
  2. Looking at the stats it appears Brady Tkachuk was extra motivated to play well against his best buddy Quinn Hughes. Brady finished with 2 goals and 2 assists and Hughes was a -2 on the night.
  3. I think it’s Sutter and Gaudette battling it out for the 3rd line centre spot. If Gaudette can continue to produce and play with speed I think he makes Sutter expendable.
  4. Funny how a professional hockey player could accomplish that feat. As we look at our Pillsbury Doughboy selves
  5. I can’t wait for a full healthy Canucks lineup. Green has so much more to work with now. Chemistry is the key and it looks like Green has 3 lines forming chemistry. Imagine Ferland with Petey and Brock as your 1st line, for your 2nd line you have Miller, Horvat and whoever (Green has options, Virtanen, Goldobin). Your 3rd line is developing right now before our eyes. Gaudette with Baer and McEwen. All of a sudden Virtanen’s not to comfy, maybe he needs a little competition. It’s amazing how a deeper team changes things.
  6. Hoping Ferland can be that guy. Edit: If not we always got Jake. Just kidding.
  7. “When I’m Firing One Timers I Want Everyone Outa The Damn Way” - EP40
  8. Hughes shows off his wheels and hands with a nice zone exit.
  9. love Hughes Speed, just blows past #29 Frk