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  1. Following this format: WANT: -Zegras -Seider -Boldy OK WITH: Everybody else DONT WANT: -Soderstorm -Kaliyev This might be one of the only drafts where I could care less who we draft.
  2. Luca Sbisa IMO was decent, other than his first year as a Canuck.
  3. What do you want then? Is it skill or toughness
  4. Zegras is not soft at all. Soft IMO is Boldy.
  5. We don't have a guy with his skillset anywhere in our whole entire roster. Zegras or Seider for me.
  6. If she can pass the nursing exam, i say &^@# it, let her be LOL
  7. Is it me or was the combine held earlier than normal?
  8. My guy is still Mortiz Seider. Really hope we nab him. The fact that he can play in the AHL next season unless he completely shines in training camp is also a very nice asset. Seider looks NHL ready too. Draisaitl even said Seider plays like a 30 year old veteran
  9. This is actually a good hire. Dave Tippett's system is going to be very different than what they are used to seeing.
  10. Would anyone be pissed if we took Lavoie at 10? I wouldn't. Blake Wheeler potential
  11. Yuck 2 teams I dont want in the finals.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. coastal.view


      all the real hockey ended in the 1st round

      the finals don't matter

      not worth watching

    3. Coconuts


      It should be good hockey to watch 

    4. NewbieCanuckFan


      If one of the two teams ain't the Canucks....who the **** really cares though?


      (as long as the Laffs, Coilers or Lames aren't there...)

  12. I consider Jett Woo to be top 4. 1st round talent. And no we don't need another goalie.
  13. Who knows, but he's a pick that needs to be made IMO. A future of Hughes, Seider, Woo, Juolevi as a top 4. That's a skilled yet rugged top 4.