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  1. When I think of TSN and hockey I think of Bob Mckenzie. I'm glad he'll still be around.
  2. Lol watch them get Lafreniere now.. Lowkey wanted the Leafs to win.. now im kinda scared
  3. Curious to see how Marky performs. He needs to be on his game every night. We bailed him out in in Game 4, but knowing the Blues, they aren't going to give us the chances the Wild did. If Marky isn't dialed in, we'll have a very swift exit.
  4. Petey's been a Blues killer, think he has the most points against them than he has with other teams. Had like that crazy 5 point and a couple of multi point games after.
  5. I'm not really one to complain about officiating but that call was weak as &^@#.
  6. Post-season is post season, no matter what format. Any stats after the post-season should count.