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  1. We have the most goals scored on the powerplay, and 5th in the league PCT, yet when you watch our powerplay it looks bottom 5 in the league. So strange

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    2. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      Newell casts a long shadow 

    3. Patrick Jane

      Patrick Jane

      We also have the most PP in the league

    4. coastal.view


      give the kids some time

      we must have the youngest or close to youngest 1st pp grouping in the league

      it will take some time for them to gain consistency

      and the flair everyone clearly expects from this talent level


  2. Leivo's probably the 2nd best option to play with Petey and Boeser. If Virtanen plays with them he's going to start overthinking and play uncomfortable. Leivo's honestly a very underrated player. He had a couple of bad stretches in October but overall he's been a very useful and serviceable player. He had a very solid camp, and nothing about this guy makes me question his work ethic. Get's to work right away and rarely ever complains. Never have I seen him complain once about play time, even in Toronto. He finishes checks, he wins board battles, he's constantly moving, has a fantastic shot, and brings a solid two-way game. On pace for about 40 points. Honestly a great character guy.
  3. Roussel is not expected to play until late December. I'll try and find the link.
  4. Road trip to forget. Every team has their ups and downs. I’m not worried about us just yet. November is still young. Let’s turn it around on Sunday.
  5. Pearson needs to show up tonight. Buddy has been non existant. Also Gaudette out. Green is no good.