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  1. Our 1st round selection in the 2039 NHL draft, Baby Horvat.
  2. Why should I watch if they don't seem interested themselves? Why should I watch them play? Catch ya'll next game. &^@#ing pathetic, no urgency whatsoever.
  3. Put Virtanen on the first power play unit and demote Boeser to the 2nd. See if that changes anything. Virtanen has a shoot first mentality that may compliment the 1st group who pass way too much.
  4. Did not realize we were playing today. Saw GDT though didnt recognize the date, was like okay, kinda early, then i see it already at 6 pages. &^@# it, 4-0 shutout. Pearson line with a strong performance.
  5. When Sutter returns, Beagle's gotta be the odd man out. He's been playing poorly.
  6. Patience running thin on Beagle. Two very bad penalties this game lead to a goal.
  7. I feel like Boeser is developing a solid forechecking game. He's throwing the body out there a lot, and using his solid frame to his advantage.
  8. We've been fine this period, other than that power-play and the momentum gained by Buffalo after it. I mean that power-play they had was dominant, i think 3 or all 4 of our players had blocked some real hard shots. We've outplayed them most of the period. Lets close it out.
  9. Eichel's a different animal. Buddy guy is in charge