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  1. So who's gonna wake up 4:30am in the morning to watch the Canucks game on thursday? 

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    2. Green Goblin

      Green Goblin

      I'll probably just stay up to watch it.


      @J-23 According to the schedule, Sportsnet will play it. 

    3. Beary Sweet

      Beary Sweet

      A game this early I'll probably just wait and watch the highlights but the spotlights of the venue in China makes me want to think otherwise. I might tune in late 2nd and beginning of 3rd. Excited for this one

    4. J-23


      Sweet! If it's on TV I'll watch it. This reminds me of the Canada bs. Sweden gold medal game. It was early, I think it was at 3am. My mom ended up watching the 1st period herself because no one could get up lol.