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  1. MLS suspended their season for 30 days just now. NHL's very likely to be next. Welp, sucks the season has to end like this.
  2. It's also ironic how he shut down the league but couldn't defend the corona
  3. How the hell was this game entertaining? The game was frustrating, not entertaining to me. I mean look at the circumstances and whats a stake. We have lost 4-5 games? now and 10 losses in our last 15 games. I don't understand how anybody could find this last stretch of hockey from our club to be entertaining. Every single game, we have the same deficiencies and certain players as well as questionable moves from coaching staff the last several games that is hindering our chances of success. Our defense has been atrocious, we always play from behind to start off games, and we seem to not be able to close out games the last 10 minutes of the game. We have this very pathetic mindset to our team, where whenever we make mistakes, they are just allowed to go out there and make more of the same mistakes without punishment. We have injuries, sure, but good teams find ways to win games and we need certain players to step up in crucial times like these and we haven't had that enough. Miller and Virtanen have elevated their games, that's not enough. One player I'm truly waiting on to step up here is Pettersson. He has been very disappointing. These last couple of games made realize Petey may not quite be there yet. Also, Green, seriously, do a &^@#ing shake up with the roster or something, we've been trying the same thing for the last 15 or so games and it obviously hasn't been working. Baumer, introduce some new defensive structures for our defense, $&!#s not been working for the last couple of months. If we lose our next game, there has to be major changes to our coaching staff. I don't care what time of the year it is, we have not made the playoffs in 4 seasons, we are hungry for some playoff action, not just for the fans, but the players themselves. We need this roster to experience what it's like to play a full season of wear and tear hockey as well as playing in an intense, high stakes, physical environment of hockey, where you cannot afford to make mistakes and do everything that's necessary to stay alive. I'm tired of seeing this $&!# everyday.
  4. Well in this case I hope it was, cause if it wasn't and he benched his most valuable player, then clearly he's lost it. Ive defended him a lot, but Green's line making and his overall play to the perimeter approach is making it real hard.
  5. Yeah Green with a questionable coaching the last 10 minutes of the game. But holy &^@# Sutter and Roussel are &^@#ing useless
  6. Nah, he was supposed to be picked around our pick but Columbus at the time shocked everyone when they took him at 3 over Puljujarvi (many scouts believed he had 1st overall talent). I remember being so chocked when they took him from us
  7. Dubois reminds me of Getzlaf. Immovable around the boards
  8. We got no picks anyways, it doesnt matter if we can acquire picks, we would need to trade assets to get them. Point is, WE CANNOT miss the playoffs.
  9. Think Columbus lost like 9 or 10 of their last 13 or 14 games lol
  10. What's so frustrating is that we continually have these really bad defensive lapses. Myers is so &^@#ing inconsistent, one night I can see why people think he's a top 4 defenseman, and then other nights he's routinely our worst defenseman on the ice. So lost. Fantenberg, I don't know, maybe my expectations were a bit too high after his superb performances before his injury, but after he returned to the line-up, he's been crappy. But I mean what more can you expect from a 6th 7th defenseman. As for Petey, offensively, he's not doing jack all but what I like from him is that yes he's slumping big time, but he's not just out there being a liability like Eriksson or a few others on this team. He still finds ways to contribute defensively, and in times like these what is also truly standing out is his work ethic and his willingness to try. But we seriously need him to get back to his A game.
  11. My patience has been running thin on Demko. I know he's a rookie, but we cannot afford to lose games right now. Demko still needs to get over his learning curve phase As of riight now I have 0 confidence in our goaltending down the stretch. Domingue has more NHL experience, lets see what he can do.
  12. Do me a favor and quit the bull$&!# Our problem wasn't coaching. Demko played like ass. Myers played like ass. Petey played like ass. Fantenburg played like ass. That was our problem. Our team as a whole played like ass if we are being real here.
  13. Tanev needs to fight more. It clearly runs in the Tanev familly. At around 0:18 Tanev takes off the helmet and gives Ryan two very hard lefts, which clearly left Ryan hurting. Tanev's got a lot of pushback and isn't afraid to get into the mix with things. I can definitely see Chris developing a mean streak.
  14. Always suspected Vintage being the one and only Joey Kenward
  15. 2014 draft not looking too bad at all nowadays

    1. Squamfan


      we could have had pasta a 50 goal scorer 

    2. Tystick


      @Squamfan - we were so close too :sadno:

      Oh well, hindsight is 20/20.

    3. internationalhippy


      canucks hired benning while he still worked for bruins.  he probably knew about pastrnak but couldn't draft players he scouted  in bruins pick range

  16. Damn at this time of the year we would have probably around 60-70 pages of draft discussion