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  1. They have to cover the costs for all of the BS Liberal spending somehow .
  2. They shouldng be retiring and more jerseys any time soon. Too many already
  3. I think if JM only signed a 1 year deal they wouldnt have to expose him or Demko and could pickup some cannon fodder pro to have exposed. Could be wrong though
  4. If it was an extreme flu it would be an actual pandemic. The Flu has killed between 25 and 50 thousand people between Oct 1st and Feb 29th.
  5. IMO, he hasn't been the same since Bo was named Captain.. he didn't exactly look stoked that night maybe just me though
  6. Agree, the speed of Motte and Virtanen will help, but Sutter is a black hole right now
  7. At least one of my teams should make the playoffs. The same can't be said for Vancouver the way they have been playing.
  8. The next best part is Boston plays Calgary tuesday and will be fired up after a beating like that.