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  1. what are you talking about Bleak landscape, and staying dry do you ever go outdoors? Vancouver is just some rainy overpriced craphole
  2. Why on earth would anyone want to Vacation in Vancouver? Ew The perks of AB are a big plus, for sure.
  3. Northern BC is where it's at. Plenty to keep occupied.
  4. Welcome back Rooster!!! I feel like Gaudette is one of those 5th round gems every team hopes for come draft day.
  5. Would really love to see Burrows back in the Organization at some point, I think he is going to be a good Coach one day. He gets it
  6. Strong chance they can repeat. Fun to watch in the playoffs tbh
  7. I scrolled through the comments on that article and found this gem. Schneider is a stud. no doubt about it. Let’s re-visit this meaningless exercise when Horvat has been in the league as long as Schneids. Up to this point he LOOKS good to me. I’m willing to wait 5 years before saying this guy is worth giving up Schneider for. If you ask me, in 5 years time, we’ll be discussing, arguing and gloating about how we flipped Luongo’s back up for a solid Captain.
  8. Im hoping after getting their butts totally handed to them they can pick it up. That was a bad hockey game
  9. Gibson played well, Canucks did not. Stole a point at least, and that will help at the end of the regular season. Markstrom with a high risk move, whatever the guy has been outstanding. They will be hungry after that game.