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  1. Draft Lottery

    What is the logic behind the percentages? I'm sure there must be some logic to it; right?
  2. [Retirement] The Sedins to retire at the end of the season

    I've known since last week from someone on the inside and we bought tickets to the game on Saturday. Should be a great send off. Hoping for a loud roar every time they touch the puck! Thanks Daniel and Henrik for all the memories and amazing Sedinery and community contribution.
  3. Put Thy $ Where The Mouth Is! ('18-19, good, or bad?)

    I've known for a week about this announcement
  4. Wearing my 33 jersey today in the final hours before the announcement
  5. [PGT] Columbus Blue Jackets vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Demko getting a game in with Sedins before it's too late #mondayannouncement
  6. [PGT] Edmonton Oilers vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Get tickets for Thursdays game early. Gonna miss the Sedins! #mondayannouncement
  7. Put Thy $ Where The Mouth Is! ('18-19, good, or bad?)

    Sedins are done (Monday) and imagine having 14 mill extra to play with
  8. PREDICT THE SCORE CONTEST: Canucks vs Oilers March 29th 2018

    6 - 2 Oilers Sedins will announce their retirement on Monday
  9. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Anaheim Ducks

    In reality it hasn't been that bad this year as it had been very entertaining following Boes out there till he got hurt and Bo had been doing well since returning from injury. Goalies have been so consistently flaky that I've been quite entertained seeing all the first shot and first 5 minute goals; goalies will be gone soon enough. This past half dozen or so games have been what many have hoped for to help us plummet to the bottom and this 4 to 5 weeks of pain to finish the season is well worth it for a top 4 pick; plus we can legitimately blame a lot of these trials on injuries AND I can only see this terrible finish as confirmation for the Sedins to hang em up so we can turn the page. Things could be much worse (Edmonton) and this is what most had asked for/known needs to happen. Hang on and look to next year!
  10. [PGT] Arizona Coyotes vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Snooze fest Take the 2 points Arizona!
  11. PREDICT THE SCORE CONTEST: Canucks vs Coyotes March 7th 2018

    6-2 Vancouver
  12. PREDICT THE SCORE CONTEST: Canucks vs Islanders March 5th 2018

    7-4 Vancouver Dan Sedin
  13. Scr*w the Whiners and the Bandwagoners

    #screwthewhiners ?