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  1. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Dallas Stars

    I'd put my Silky Mitts all over that. Maybe It's grubby lil hands.
  2. The Eye-Test Vs. Corsi: Canucks Game 1

    Not going to pretend at all like I know analytics. I learn a lot from all who post here. I'd be curious to know what things could be tracked defensively. Physical contact, stick on puck, stick on stick?
  3. Poll on Final Roster Cuts

    What about trading Dorsett? For anything. Retained Salary etc.... just for the roster spot. Take an ECHL type player for Dorsett.
  4. Preseason GDT/PGT Oilers @ Canucks | Sept 30 | 7PM | SN

    I'm gonna say Biega is walking himself to Utica... Wieroch and Pedan 7/8.
  5. [Official] 2017 Training Camp Thread

    Assuming the players in tonight's lineup are having their last look. That would mean.... Biega Archie Wieroch are battling it out for last roster position? So we might be able to assume Pedan had made the team unless Biega or Wieroch shines tonight? Or do we assume Pedan to be put on Waivers and Biega Wieroch are fighting for last spot? In Archie case, we're looking for consistency.... can he bring the same elements from the flames game to the Oilers game?
  6. Scoring This Season

    Someone get this man a cookie!
  7. [Game] CDC Gambling - Rodin edition

    Claimed. Florida or Pittsburgh.
  8. [Official] 2017 Training Camp Thread

    Don't want a true #1 yet. Keeps the rest of the team more aware of defence. 65/35% Marky/Nillson.
  9. [Official] 2017 Training Camp Thread

    Sedin Sedin Eriksson Baertschi Horvat Boeser Vanek Gagner Virtanen Burmistov Granlund Archibald Dorsett Sutter Edler Stecher Del Zotto Tanev Hutton Gudbranson Wieroch Marky Nillson What I hope is Dorsett to be on Waivers or IR then Pedan slots in as 8th D. It's early in season and we could survive 1 game with 6 D (survive and lose). Biega as first call up regardless of position. The lines are arranged for playmaker, shooter, front of net garbage cleanup. D has defender and puck mover/shooter. Obviously, TG will switch the lines steady based on compete and work ethic. P.s. Dorsett & Sutter as extras. Just a reality check for them. Maybe elevates the compete for Vets and the Young. $ and experience will be sat and work horses will be worked. Thanks for listening?
  10. "ANTITHESIS" Word of the day, for sure!
  11. Drum roll.......... moment of truth! Was Jimbo working yesterday or putting more stuffing into gullet?
  12. Etem has what 170 nhl games now, across 3 teams. Ducks, Rangers, Nucks. Pulkkinen has 70 games with 1 team. Detroit. Whether AHL game can translate or not, Pulkkinen has way better numbers in the AHL. So right there Pulkkinen has more upside and has had half the chance Etem has had. Rodin hasnt proved anything yet. Grinders (Etem) are easy to find. Not as if we are jeapordizing a trip to the cup.
  13. This for sure or waive Etem. Not like Virtanen or Etem is gonna make the difference for us. So why not?
  14. Geez, as so many have stated check your facts. In the very same article. "If we’re going to win,” Henrik declares, “we’re going to win in Vancouver. That’s the only option. But who knows? We’re not going to stay if we can’t help the team, or if they don’t want us. Who knows what happens?” “If they don’t want us there, then we’ve got to make a decision,” Henrik reasoned. “We’re not going to retire because we don’t want to play for another team." Now statements like this seem to indicate a willingnes to stay. Doesn't it? Tsk, tsk, tsk. 2nd or 3rd post ever by the way.