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  1. I bet it was worth it though
  2. 6 IN 8?!?! Okay you were right. He is elite now!
  3. You should be our new gm! Really though don't brag after 7 games it's embarrassing. I'm not saying you're wrong but 7 games. Really?
  4. BUT WHAT IF HE DOESN'T!? We need to panic now its the only option
  5. They really taught him a lesson with that fine.
  6. Watched inception a while ago and WOW now it's one of my favourite movies. I put off watching it because i tried when i was 13 or 14 and got very confused. Makes sense now that i actually pay attention. 10/10 for me. If anyone has any lucid dreaming tips let me know Also watched interstellar, but didn't like it as much. It was a little boring for me, though it got me very interested in astronomy and trying to learn about the 4th, 5th etc dimension. Unfortunately i just ended up very confused. Anyway 7.5/10
  7. Forgot about this one for a couple years. Such a great performance
  8. Love this deal Glad to have a guy like Hutton on the team. I think if he stays healthy, he'll be our top point producing d-man
  9. To me it looks like he lost his balance but also gave a little extra swing. Probably meant to hit him on the shoulder but got his stick up a little high. Interesting to see everyone elses opinions though.
  10. Horvat ran over Fast while trying to score then 15 seconds later it looked like Fast elbowed Horvat right in the face. We need a replay on that
  11. Source on PK being a cancer? Do you actually have evidence or is it just your opinion
  12. Watched Southpaw last night. I wasn't as into it as i thought i would be, but still had some enjoyment in it. 6/10. Always enjoyed watching boxing so it was cool to see all of the training in the movie.