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  1. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    Memento - 6 / 10 I'm a huge Christopher Nolan fan but i just dont really get the love for this movie. Maybe it was just my mood when i watched it but i'll definetly have to see it again in a month or so to make sure.
  2. HAHA dorsetts elbow in the corner
  3. Lol we knock the net off and it's no goal? Wowww
  4. Preseason GDT/PGT Canucks vs Flames Sept. 20th 6:00pm

  5. What do you need to look at in real life? The only thing i usually dont buy online are shoes and clothes. I always just end up reading a bunch of reviews and watching videos on what im purchasing. And if i feel like i need to see it in real life first ill find it in store, then usually buy it online anyway cause it's cheaper.
  6. Gonna get rought quick get gudbranson on a plane to us
  7. Photography chat and shares

    Ahh okay makes sense thanks! Ive heard that what a grad filter does can be replicated with lightroom. Whereas cpl's are more necessary. What do you think?
  8. Photography chat and shares

    So the highlights are clearly blown out. Is a circular polarizer the way to go when shooting bright skies? I assume an nd filter would darken the whole image which you wouldn't want. Also ordering lightroom soon so will be able to edit
  9. I mean to be fair they gave up a first and prospect for reaves and a second.
  10. Photography chat and shares

    Amazing sunset from a few summers ago Just mountains in revelstoke Playing with aperture Quick shot from Penticton
  11. Photography chat and shares

    Just a nice sunset from a few months ago Little deer At big white. It was too cold to step out the door Sort of boring but i like it at the same time
  12. Photography chat and shares

    I shoot in both raw and jpeg. Problem is i don't have lightroom and I've just been putting off getting it. Is there any specific app that you recommend? Going to the interior soon so i'll be taking plenty of pics.
  13. Photography chat and shares

    Finally got some to post in decent quality. Jpeg just wasn't working. Shooting towards revelstoke, that's why there's more light on the mountains Lil chick Just a nice lake, somewhere near revelstoke i believe. Tadpoles everywhere and no people. Mom's picture of a dog we used to have
  14. Ghosts and other unexplainables

    The only unexplainable one for me was seeing a "ghost" when i was a kid. But i was so young i dont really remember too well. But about 6 months ago i just got home with my two sisters and went to take out the recycling. They were both in their rooms and i was outside. When i got back in they were annoyed at me because they thought i tapped on their window to scare them(ive done it before, you can reach their window with a pole from the deck) but i explained to them i was just taking out the recycling. My sister said there were a few taps on her window and something white hit it. My other sister heard it from the other room. They didnt believe it wasnt me at first but i convinced them. We searched around the entire house and i thought i heard something on the roof so i looked up there as best as i could but saw nothing. My sister is convinced it wasnt a bird but thats the only thing i can think of. Now its sort of an ongoing joke in my family