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  1. I like foote for our 2nd as well Zac mac instead of Schaller big upgrade
  2. Time will tell if he will ever be 100% if a guy cant fly in and out of a high altitude city after being cleared as you boldly state twice now being 100% I think he has some issues. Thats all Im saying. Not whinning that he isnt in this game.
  3. Spooner on the top line makes me feel a little fix auto'y lol
  4. So you don't think they are worried about him getting hurt again? I understand that he might not have symptoms but everyones thinking it. He was 100% back in Colorado earlier this season if you remember.
  5. Yeah he is obviously not 100% or there is a risk of a repeat again... Sad I lile the guy. Loved Bo Jake and Sven line since day one. And what ever the RW he and Bo made a pair and Im sure Bo liked having a consistent line mate
  6. Sam U El Jackson role right there. I gotcha Maw #!$=÷%r.
  7. Maybe Fedor's trip to Ukraine ended up being like one of those Hostel flicks...
  8. I'm not saying fire Green. But I cannot stand the line juggling. Absolute BS. Spooner does f all and gets the top LW spot! Why not Granny. Sure move jake down what ever. But this constant damn line blender has to stop. Its the 2nd last game not the game to make to playoffs. I do not like this coaching staff at all. Green needs to flex a bit in his ideals. Not much better than Willie D right now. Playing favorites and un dying line changes. If Im Benning I give this staff one more year tops before a serious change.
  9. If you French fry instead of pizza'ing " you're gonna have a bad time. " hi my name is Thumper, I'll be your instructor today." Lmao
  10. Heres to hoping Jake plays well and gets the full time chance to play the first stint of next year in the top 6 more than this year. The kid has played good. Imo.
  11. I know right. Some people are dumb. Ha ha ha. I was think the same. If we can move them one at a time during their respective final years sure. But a 1st so its all done now! Yikes.