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  1. I don’t know how that isn’t protocol there. If his head was more upright he’d be laying on the ice still
  2. Most exciting goal scoring era was when I was 14 watching that WCE line become what we speak of now, I said pages back how he could help our team in an assistant role. And now it snowballs
  3. I was thinking if Willie Mitchell earlier when that twitter post was shared, probably an upgrade on Bomber
  4. Is it maybe a situation where Canucks aren’t paying for showing pre start time? Does it cost more to switch early, I don’t get it either... now googly eye McGee from philly breaking a mirror. Great. No west coast respect.
  5. Doesn’t every game before a Canucks game go to OT? At least they switch over the channels now
  6. Not gonna miss anything important by the time my Sportsnet now kicks in at 7 I hope.... jersey on, beer in hand.. is it 7 yet??