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  1. YeH and he was in love with that greasy weasel too David Perron, pfft suck it Hrudey!
  2. For sure that’s what I saw too. Then he had to skate over to the guy after a quick look at the ref and take it back
  3. Motte gets its up in his face right in front of the ref then Hughes gets his stick held and taken away from him and has to skate over to the guy and take it back behind the net also right in front of the ref
  4. Why can’t the switch the damn feed, 20$ a month and I never get the warm up always missing the first 5 mins... pisses me off beyond my wits... ugh
  5. Toss Jake on Lw With Petey and Boeser and let Petey step I’m in the dot. Virtanen Petterson Boeser Pearson Horvat Ericksson Rousell Sutter Gaudette Motte Beagle Zac Mac
  6. Saw a different schedule yesterday posted and games 5-7 times were “TBD” that’s making more sense
  7. 11:00pm? Hmmm... 11:00am? Im confused I hope it’s not 11pm
  8. Anyone else gonna tune into the Dallas v St Louis game? probably leaning 60/40 towards Dallas.
  9. Bit long version off Twitter of the guys heading into the dressing room https://twitter.com/Canucks/status/1291980258258776065?s=20
  10. So cool to watch this game with my 5 year old son tonight. What a game had no choice but to let him stay up till the end. Cheers everyone! One to the playoffs!