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  1. Ah it’s as simple as ignoring it bud, we were wrong. Don’t be a drama queen.
  2. Clearly the one is at least a foot over to two feet, the other is under and changes direction! This is too funny
  3. That shot was in you loose sight of it when it goes under the bar, Sabrefan(zero) and others are wrong.. watched different angles a dozen times it’s in
  4. That was the wrong replay, correct one was just inside the post
  5. Aside from Hughes and Miller blowing my mind with what I could have even hoped for.. this seasons biggest plus is seeing Virtanen stapled in the top nine. Big improvements this year. I hope to see Bo play a little tougher, lead by example. I think him and Jake play harder together hit a little more and feed off each other. How about shake up the 2/3rd/4th lines as such? Pearson Bo Jake Rousell Gauds Motte Schaller Beagle Erickson would have liked to see Zac in a couple more games but that’s not gonna happen now
  6. Road hockey as a kid I was ALWAYS A. Moginly when playing forward, when in net Bryam Defoe for whatever reason..
  7. Agree completely this team has all the tools and they show it a lot more often now and there are improvements on a wide scale but there’s also something wrong here complete defensive breakdown serval times this year.
  8. Just as long as when it comes time to push they do. Not everyone has it in them the guys that do though have to. Worry about us playing Vegas 4 games in a row or more hopefully. I could see the injuries racking up.
  9. I agree there are young players on this team but also many have hundreds of games in experience and simply failing to even try is unacceptable. I’m okay with loosing I’ve watched the Canucks since I was 4 yrs old seeing the rise of the WCE and Sedin era with a lot of bad hockey in between. We have guys with toughness and when it’s a blow out you gotta throw hits, act mad that you’re loosing. I’m not seeing any of that. That’s one of my issues with this team as in the players and coaching staff. Not just one or the other. Benns first game back no big hit no pushing after the whistle Schaller in both blow outs no aggression, Bo doesn’t hit anymore, Jake had one brush by that was it. The list goes on and none of these guys are rookies or that young anymore. Aside from our best three guys Hughes Boeser and Petterson everyone has a fair amount of time in the league. Even Bo has 421 games now and Jake 254, had to google that of course but aside these five guys who’s young? (sorry Forgot Gaudette too) rookie year. We have a good middle age group with a young core maybe but the team isn’t that young overall past that.. Miller 26 and 479 games Pearson 27 and 432 games Rousell vet, Erickson vet, Schaller, Beagle, Motte(110% very night) our Dman outside Hughes all of Edler Tanev Myers Benn Stecher (100% every night) all these guys know what it takes. The lack of effort doesn’t just come from our six young guys “learning” it’s the whole team and staff behind them failing to compete. Not win just compete. To me something needs to change. Even if it’s next season. I don’t think firing Green is a good idea at all mid season still in the Playoff race. I agree completely with the bolded part though, it is invaluable exp being in the playoffs and just making it there and I see the progress as well. Just not happy with some things also.
  10. What bugged me was a month and a bit of bad hockey and how many people consistently said “ it’s one game..etc” there was maybe 5-7 good games in November and (part of) December till they turned it around after the first week. Sure Marky played GREAT and Demko too and stole a couple games but true good team games were few and far between.. I’m not happy either. It’s great they went on a tear and stayed in the race but I think there’s something that’s gotta change. We’re seeing two different teams. And this is the first season with “expectations” and it will only increase over time. I’m hoping we include those expectations with the coaching staff along with the players. Not just one or the other. Doubt this group makes it very far into the playoffs. Lack of effort like last night, in a seven game series results in embarrassment. Again.
  11. Plus wasn’t Matheson Scratched or injured (not playing) last time we met in Van?