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  1. I thought they had had awesome chemistry last game too! Burmi wasnt too bad either almost trying a little too hard to force plays once or twice but that guy has potential too.
  2. I hope so as well all three look great in their own ways. I think managment has a bit more of a green light with a lot of decisions this year.
  3. Yikes.... Ah we got this! Go Van! Hope jake Scores again Boeser as well. To me thats still a win.
  4. I wanted to hear that Mighty Quinn song in respect to Ol Patty boy.... That woulda been perfect last year.
  5. And a sign we still going down the same bumpy road of letting plugs play instead of kids who can play way better. Got enough vets aside from the Megans Shampoos and Skillets. Gagne Vanek can replace those idiots.
  6. I assumed sportnets 360 again.. My pops just said yeah same channel. Trust the old man so thats good enough for me.
  7. Exactly Jake is prob 12 lbs lighter this year at least
  8. So much excitement its keeping me up at night almost. To watch hockey games with my 2.5 year old son must take the cake, last year he was really into it but the last year he's become fully hockey addicted. 1. Replacing Megna with Vanek on the first pp unit 2. Chaput being replaced by Gagner 3. Del Zotto on the point doesnt hurt lol hope he has a good season 4. Boeser scoring 20+ goals and Bo cashing in on those assits 5. Virtanen proving the nay sayers wrong! 6. Fingers crossed for our two goalies kinda though 7. Sedins having the best season of their last 5 or so. Im calling it now 65+ points. CrCking 70 maybe even. 8. Bo being handed a new jersey after their last game, from two legends on ice infront of 20,000 screaming fans ... With an extra letter on it...:-)
  9. Makes my day! I'll be drinking Beer Bo jersey!!!! Wooooo! Awesome awesomeness! Que the begining of change! One more year of guidance under the Swedish wings if gods! I just got my Telus tv hooked up this morning too, no more hit and miss streaming for me and my son! Yes! thats how excited I am for this season. Big things from the young guys and finally competent veterans to help the sedins out. Hell yes! Hockey season is everything. Excited to share it with my 2 year old son. Cheers Boys! Go nucks go!
  10. 1st Virtanen. Horvat. Boeser. 2nd Sedin. Sedin. Vanek. 3rd Granlund. Sutter. Erickson. 4th Burmistrov. Gagner. Dorset. Extra = Gaunce First call-ups = Goldolbin, Rodin. I think jake shows up ready to bloody well go. I loved his level of intensity his first season. Scored some nice goals. Green works well with him. Finally I love what he will do to anyone who takes a run at Horvat and Boeser. When everyone in the league sees what kinda of game Bo and Boeser can bring people will be taking runs at them. Jakes provides speed toughness and skill. With proper guidance game in and game out on where Bo wants him to be when entering the zone and also providing exelent net presence I see him as a perfect fit and not a hindrance what so ever. Most line ups I see have Reid Boucher and Rodin ahead but I see it as quite the opposite. Reid is and has been a bubble guy on and off teams and Waivers. While Anton Rodin has not proven anything here in Vancouver. Injuries aside, he has yet to impress me and I feel everdealis expecting him to transfer his Swedish Elite league success to the nhl on nothing more than hope. Jake can play the physical end with ease and with a good coach and futhering his past chemistry with Bo he can learn quickly the positioning and play reading much better. He can shoot sk8 and hit so to me thats 3/4 of the way. And btw his conditioning isnt an issue this year so whats the deal then? Reid there vlows me away how much he looks like ol chipmunk champion kyle wellwood.. But everyone including Willie D had him on the team and lineupz but not Jake V. Hmm.. Makes sense.
  11. They should link it to the app. Im itching for the bo news
  12. Theres two Granlunds!!! Lmao. I caught that too.
  13. So excited for this season. I see a way more competitive team. Also see a stacked Utica team. Although with this years draft... I wish this was last year roster. But with that said I ALWAYS! Want my team to win. I am not a tanker! buti Do see the depth of this draft and fully understand how talented those top 10+ guys are. I think the lines go; Dank. Hank. Vanek. Baer. Boho. Boeser. Granny. Sutter. LouEricksons disease.. Dorset. Gagner. Virtanen. The 13th? Meh. Gaunce Goldy Reid Burmistrov etc all to Utica