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  1. How the the Mcallester girls line from Home Alone, les sa competant... (** terrible spelling of course**)
  2. Is there a difference in leadership?

    I agree completely Edler has been our best or top 3 for over a decade. And none of us hear what goes on in the dressing room. Just because Sweds are quite on the ice for the most part doesnt mean they dont have vocal advice in the DR.. Does he have experience and hockey wisdom? Simple, yes. Plus 1 bud!
  3. The problem with our outlook on our team

    My favourite part is the "18 or 19" year old comment... Lol who is exspecting that? Hughes sure maybe but I think the expectations for the most part are on Horvat, Boeser, and Jake to Improve! All of which not 19 or 18..
  4. Crack for Jack?

    Hmm sounds personal.. Although..
  5. [Waivers] Alex Burrows

    A lot of post arent talking a 2.5 x 2 yr bring him back contract. Most are wanting a cheap one year retire here deal.. So Herminie Gagner is better.. And half our other bottom 6. Not so sure..
  6. Trade our almost great almost has been for their almost great play in the shadows guy... Uh ... Huh? .... We need to unload these guys for future. Or we will be forever in a circle of unforgiving sh!t hawks Randy... Sh!t hawks.. Lets not trade for anyone.. And trade almost everyone.. Someone start that "#"... We wont slowly and eventually get better.. We are already are getting better.. "#" Dont trade our future for a guy with few good year and some left. Lets stick to the "plan" that way we can can see if it works.. I think it will IMO. We shall see.. # don't quite jump $&!#... My gf tells me "#" 's shouldn't have spaces.. Go canucks. Heres to a better year. Long shot Palmu makes the team by xmas! Petterson scores 45 pts. Dahlen 35. Virtanen 40+ Bo 55, Boeser 60, etc.... Who need Simmonds... Aka Smithers.... Get this degenarate out of my office...
  7. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Reid Boucher

    I think these are our stay competitive players.. Not the ones who win us a cup. Those guys have different names.. Such as Petterson, Horvat, Boeser, and Jolevie, Virtanen. 2018/2019picks. Maybe 2020. These small potatoe guys arent winning us a cup.. I dont thinknthe guy you quoted got the memo.... Cheers bud. Ps Id quote him but prob wasted words. Stupid is stupid does.
  8. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Reid Boucher

    If he pans out a steal of the decade could be in the mix. But his speed above all needs to be better. If he learns to make/find open ice in the key.. He can be an awesome chip in guy
  9. TheScore (proposal)

    How many games did Tanev miss before the last 3 seasons? .. I few bad stints the last 3 but not much comes to mind before that.. But damn. A puck to the face has nothing to do with the way he was playing.. Thats a freak thing. I dont think those games count against his ability to stay healthy.. So maybe a little less he cant stay healthy chat? .. Thats just me. But he still aint no Sami aka the glass man yet. Imo.
  10. TheScore (proposal)

    5th lowest 1st and a past 1st rounder.. That first one might as well be 32nd overall this year. When you say two first it sounds like your implying that they are both top end first rounders.. I like how you write though looks like a poem but doesn't rhyme..
  11. (Proposals) cap dump city

    I like all of this great post! Lucic would be a great add to protect petterson. Seabrook would be great guy to take high minutes till OJ becomes a key dman plus oir 1st rounders from this year.
  12. [Discussion] UFA targets for July 1

    Sign Kevin for a 1 year so he can retire a canuck as he should. This year is another building block year. Garentee he'd sign cheap and show up to play and teach Jake the ways of a good fight and how to stay classy doing it.
  13. [Proposal] VAN-EDM

    Exactly my thought as well..
  14. Van & NYI [proposal]

    What about just the variety package plus Tanev going to NYI for the later 1st plus another 2nd/ 3rd and maybe the missing 4th..? Up our end with a 2nd or 3rd next year. End up with ton 'o' picks on a deep year!.. Meh maybe over thinking this. But I swear load up this year. = van 2 . 1st 2. 2nds or 2. 3rds 1. 3rd 1. 4th Etc. Etc. (.)(.) ¥ ©mr.grey.
  15. Van & NYI [proposal]

    Also 5 in the KHL as well. Add on his gold medal run. He has been nothing short of spotty high-end talent. But none the less capable of high end performances..