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  1. Lol, yah blame the guy for playing the way he normally plays.. that's why he was brought to Vancouver. Unfortunate incident for sure, but dont be upset at the player for playing the way he knows how to play.
  2. 100% correct. The canucks cant afford to underestimate any opponent. This hot start to start the year is nice for sure. But I remember a few years ago when Montreal started 10-0 and missed the playoffs. Every game they need to play like they have something to prove. Which I have a feeling they will! Go nucks go baby! 4-2 win tonight
  3. He was injured for almost a whole year. Didnt have a full training camp. Give him a break for the first month or so. Hes just getting back into game shape and it's only been 4 games! OJ will be just fine
  4. He is still with the team. But I'm curious to see who you would scratch for him tonight? We had a very good game on Tuesday so Green stuck with the same lineup. Schaller has played great 4th line mins and motte was hustling all game! Go canucks go baby!
  5. Agree 100%. They are definitely back in because of that winning stretch. But Goldie is the fall man. He was playing as you say his best hockey in that 7 game stretch. Working hard away from the puck, battling in the corners more and playing D. You can obviously see the shaken confidence. Joke of asset management
  6. Lol I'm sorry, I'm gunna get flamed for this. But I'm sick of travis green and his lineup up decisions. I'm fed up with his constant line up juggling for the games. How are people supposed to develop chemistry when they have new linemates twice a period? I feel bad for Bo, even he has admitted it's been tough playing with so many different combos. But schaller and granlund in for goldobin? Comon Not saying he should be fired, but this lines in a blender method needs to be rectified
  7. This is the most noticable game I've seen goldobin play. Fighting hard on the back check, not floating. Playing with awareness. While looking very dangerous on offense. Hope he keeps it up. Very impressed!
  8. He might fight once every 20 games, because that's all that's required of him. Opposing agitators and tough guys are extremely quiet when hes on the ice.
  9. Good God. That was a filthy dangle by Hughes!
  10. Let's wait until Pettersson plays in the nhl a bit before making decisions on that. Very happy with pettersson. But hischier is having a great rookie season.
  11. 1 goal and 2 apples for nikolay today. Up to 4g 6a 10pts in 7 games!
  12. Canucks fans are the reason we suck and have no future hope Hey? Hmm interesting.. didn't know we controlled the roster