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  1. 4-3 nucks. 10 shots on goal. Go Canucks go baby!
  2. PREDICT THE SCORE CONTEST: Canucks at Arizona Coyotes October 25th 2018

    4-2 nucks, 20 shots
  3. 3-2 nucks baby! Goldobin breaks his slump for the game winner.
  4. [GDT] Vancouver Canucks @ Florida Panthers | October 13, 2018

    Side note. Any one ready for a shotgun Jake appearance? I got the beers on standby for tonight! Go Nucks baby!!
  5. [GDT] Vancouver Canucks @ Florida Panthers | October 13, 2018

    I knew it would be biega. Just made to much sense. Cant risk losing leipsic or motte yet. Plus I feel real good about our chances that biega will clear waivers. More so than the other 2
  6. [Official] 2018 Training Camp Thread

    For people ripping on Eriksson. I thought he was very noticable in a good way last game, on both ends of the ice. Yes the contract is terrible, but it's done with. Hopefully he pots a couple early season goals and gets some of his confidence back. Which I'm sure is at an all time low, with the injuries and under production, and the fans and media screaming for his head... not his fault he was offered that contract. Really pulling for Loui this year!! Go canucks go!!
  7. [GDT/PGT] Yotes @ Nucks 7:00pm from Kelowna - Watch on SNet

    I think gritty is hands down best mascot in the nhl
  8. [GDT/PGT] Canucks @ Oilers | Preseason Game #6 | 6:00pm | SN1

    Hell's yeah I'm pumped! Green giving leipsic a really good opportunity to show he belongs
  9. [GDT/PGT] Canucks @ Oilers | Preseason Game #6 | 6:00pm | SN1

    Only took till 30 mins prior to game time.. not bad haha
  10. [GDT/PGT] Canucks @ Oilers | Preseason Game #6 | 6:00pm | SN1

    Still no lineup posted hey? Bogus I tells ya!
  11. the play button wont even do anything for me, for petes peppers haha
  12. the stream wont even work for me...
  13. Gagner plays anything but a gritty game, and is notoriously known for weak boards play Not saying I love granlund. Won't be surprised if he got cut
  14. We have lots of vets. Beagle and granlund can play all three positions as well. Don't need gagner for that reason. Points per 60 last year Gagner 1.663 Goldobin 1.790 Leipsic 2.279 Gagner is too vanilla, slow and has terrible shot. I much rather give his spot to someone with more potential.