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  1. Bo Horvat | #53 | C

    Horvat looks like he's progressed since last year. He looks like the Canucks leader, he plays like it too. I think he'll destroy his best 22 goals and 32 assists this year. (70+ points)
  2. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    So, let's see.....3 assists in 2 games. If this was regular season, Elias would be on pace for 123 assists lol But no goals I think he'll be just fine. I did notice some Kings players taking liberties with him, cross checks to the back of the head etc. But that's the league now. Gone are the "Semenkos" to protect they stars. Players mostly have to fend for themselves, which is what makes the Sedins' careers so impressive. They were picked on and abused, but they kept getting back up. And to get back at them they would score, and make the other team look silly while doing so. I can see Elias with the same temperament. He'll take some abuse and handle it quietyly, but if he gets P'd off, payback will come in goals. Lots of goals. And he'll make them look silly while doing so.
  3. Flames unveil third jersey

    We've seen this jersey before when Peplinksi and McDonald etc. wore it 30 years ago lol, Not very original. Unveiling pfft.
  4. Adam Gaudette | #88 | C

    I thought Gaudette played very well, and seemed to fit right in. He was tenacious, battling, had a few chances, and he's got real good speed and size. He's also defensively responsible and coaches love that. Was he great in his one game? No, but I don't think any Canucks players have been great yet.
  5. [Waivers] 25 players - Sept. 21, 2018

    No kidding, wasn't he one of the bigger UFA names out there a few years ago?
  6. [Official] 2018 Training Camp Thread

    Still on the bubble, for remaining spots: Archibald Boucher Dahlen Gaudette Gaunce Goldobin Leipsic Motte Palmu Biega Chatfield Juolevi Pouliot Sautner Demko DiPietro Lots of competition yet to come.
  7. (Proposal) Virtanen for Sanheim

    Virtanen would actually fit in well with Philadelphia. Both drafted the same year in the first round. Canucks could sure use some help on D, and with more forward prospects up and coming, maybe Jake would also benefit from a new start. He's been dumped on here by a lot of people.
  8. Should the Canucks Go After Panarin?

    I don't get the "I want to play here or there" attitude of some players. Sure, players have preferences where they might want to play, but this is the NHL. Playing for any team is huge. Some veteran players might feel they want to go to a contender, but was there a lineup of players thinking Vegas was going all the way last year? No, they all seem to want to play for Pittsburgh, Tampa, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Jose, etc. If it's about wanting to play on a future contender in front of real hockey fans in a filled building on Hockey Night in Canada, in a beautiful city that has so much to offer, including decent winter tempts - then Vancouver would be the place to be. Because greedy players like Kane and Karlsson chose to play for San Jose, I hope they never win the Cup. I'm still miffed that Karlssson didn't have one Canadian team on his list. He wants to hide, out of the public eye and collect his multi-millions while his new team wins a Cup for him.
  9. Juolevi - Hughes Tryamkin - Stecher Brisebois - Woo Sautner - Chatfield Rathbone Future D looks pretty good to me
  10. Should the Canucks Go After Panarin?

    Add Panarin, and then make some trades? Well, Benning and the owners apparently were interested in acquiring Karlsson, Kane, Tavares or Subban etc. So, they aren't shy about going after a big name if it will help the team. It's whether or not this big name wants to play here. Panarin - Horvat - Boeser Dahlen - Pettersson - Goldobin Nice Top 6
  11. If Pettersson and Boeser don't improve the PP, I don't know what will. Can't wait to see their elite skill in action.
  12. Loui Eriksson | #21 | LW/RW

    Eriksson just hasn't performed like a $6 million man, in fact, hasn't performed like a $3 million man. I'm wondering if Benning will be able to trade him and his contract. He still has 4 years remaining? Bobby Ryan also has the same term remaining, earning $1.5/yr more than Eriksson, but he's 2 years younger than Loui. Still, they're both in their 30s. Maybe a change of scenery for both players would be beneficial? Perhaps OTT could throw in some extra, seeing as were taking Ryan's bigger contract off their hands. Loui could perhaps provide some leadership on a team that lacks leaders (especially with Karlsson gone). EDIT - you know what? I'm actually not sure this is a good idea lol. I forgot the Canucks will eventually have to pay Brock and Elias etc., and it would suck to have Ryan's contract taking up extra cap space. I'm not sure if they would have the available $ down the road.
  13. The D isn't very good right now. Hutton and Pouliot just aren't good enough D, with the suspect goaltending the Canucks have. But there is some relief coming (I think), when Juolevi finally begins his NHL career, and then Hughes next year. Possibly Rathbone turns out to be a real good player, we got Woo developing Brisebois could be good. I'm not holding my breath for Tryamkin.