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  1. This is the only reason Podkolzin concerns me. From what I've read, he's a complete player, strong on the puck, fierce competitor. But the Canucks have had little luck with Russians. Remember Shirokov? lol I thought he would become our next superstar. Then they drafted Zhukenov, I thought he would join the team soon. Tryamkin felt entitled and left, Goldobin has been underwhelming and rarely provides full effort. Assuming the Canucks don't get the #1 and Benning doesn't go after a C: Kakko Cozens Krebs Byram Boldy
  2. This is what they really have. They have a loooong way to go: _____ - Pettersson - Boeser _____ - Horvat - _____ Pearson - Gaudette - Leivo Roussel - Beagle - Virtanen Motte Edler - Stecher Hughes - Tanev Hutton - Woo Juolevi Markstrom Demko Tanev, Juolevi and Virtanen are also question marks. I put in Woo, as I think he's got NHL Player written all over him. He'll be good. I did not include Lockwood, Madden, Gadjovoch, Lind etc., because they might not even make the NHL. We don't know. I also didn't include several current players, because I don't think they make the team better and should be moved. (Sutter, Goldobin, Pouliot, Spooner, Baertschi, Schaller, Eriksson, Granlund)
  3. Some great picks by Benning (Pettersson, Boeser, Gaudette, Hughes, Woo) and one real good one from Gillis (Horvat) It helps a team when they pick high. But sometimes even high picks don't work out as expected (eg. Virtanen and Juolevi) Most of a the signings and trades haven't worked out either, but a few have: Stecher Motte Beagle Roussel Leivo Schenn MacEwen I give Benning a C+ so far. He still needs to really improve the team though. 2014/15 - 101 pts (made the playoffs) 2015/16 - 75 pts (missed the playoffs) 2016/17 - 69 pts (missed the playoffs) 2017/18 - 73 pts (missed the playoffs) 2018/19 - currently at 74 pts (will miss the playoffs) It appears they are slowly turning a corner, but it could still be years before they are contenders again.
  4. I think Baertschi is one hit away from taking a permanent vacation. I agree with the others mentioned that need to go. This is my hopeful forward group next year: Ferland - Pettersson - Boeser Krebs - Horvat - Leivo Pearson - Gaudette - Virtanen Roussel - Beagle - Motte MacEwen
  5. Demko is not that good (yet) Virtanen is a one-trick pony (speed up the side boards) and is not a playmaker Goldobin had one shot to prove himself, he was useless Schenn was great again Edler was great again They missed Leivo
  6. Any one of these guys and I'd be ecstatic Hughes Kakko Cozens Byram Boldy Krebs
  7. Considering players like Dach, Zegras and Turcotte are Cs, would they become 3rd line Cs on the Canucks? They've already got Gaudette (and Madden, Karlsson). Or would these players play wing?
  8. lol I wondered that too. If by miracle the Canucks did sneak in and Hughes is playing, do the playoff games count as part of the 10 games?
  9. Why not sit Brisebois or Sautner and put Teves in? Canucks only have him for the next few games. Seems like a good time to try him out, with the Canucks being on a back-to-back and the playoffs more of a dream than reality. What's happening with Goldobin? I'm a big fan of Benning, and I like Green, but I really feel that they aren't managing him well. Or is it possible that Goldobin is full of himself and it's affecting the room? Everyone on the team seems to be willing to go to war in a game, except for Goldobin. He had been getting better lately though, playing with a bit more grit. But maybe it was too little too late. But if they plan on trading him, shouldn't they just let him go wild and display his skills, showcase himself? Benching him for the rest of the season sure doesn't help his value. Bad asset management IMO.
  10. Great moments in the game, my favourite was probably Elder bodychecking Smith behind the net. It's about time someone did. Smith annoys me with his confident stick handling. Really wished Pettersson could've hammered Gaudreau in this game. The garden gnome was playing a feisty game (before he injured himself with his stick), but so was Elias. Loved seeing Pettersson play with a bit of grit and fearlessness. Damn impressive for a Swedish teenager in his first season. He's the perfect combination of Forsberg and Sedin IMO. I really like Schenn as well. He sticks up for team mates, he's physical and responsible. And he always seems to get a shot through from the point. Biega has been good too. Lots of speed and energy. Virtanen is a mystery to me. I think Leivo (for Carcone) has been one of Benning's best trades. I'm becoming more and more impressed with Boeser's grit/battle along the boards, and he's scoring a lot lately.
  11. They definitely won't give up until they're out. Tonight's game should be exciting - fast and physical. Would be a huge confidence boost to win their 4th in a row, and against a divisional Cup contender. Canucks can be a very good team when they're all motivated. Hope CGY is ready
  12. So, one loss and the dream is over? This should be a great game. CGY is a very good team this year, but the Canucks have shown they can beat any team. They will have full effort tonight. Really hoping Pettersson lights it up, and maybe Jake takes care of Tkachuk. Actually, I've been kind of impressed with Schenn lately. Not the fastest skater, but his positioning is real good. He also plays physical and protects his team mates. He doesn't let anyone mess with Markstrom.
  13. I believe Benning mentioned that they would address (improve) the D during the off-season. Maybe it's already in the works to have Tryamkin sign this off-season, and maybe Juolevi rehabs well and is ready by the fall? Possible Benning signs a UFA D as well. Edler - Tanev Tryamkin - Hughes Hutton - Stecher Juolevi
  14. I think if Heiskanen didn't go before Pettersson and wipe out, Pettersson would've given his all. I think he held back in that event, because he didn't want to wipe out around the corners like Miro. Pettersson is deceptively fast. I think once he puts on some muscle and is able to protect the puck even better, he could be unstoppable. I'd also like to see him work on how fast he gets a shot off. Sometimes he sizes things up before he shoots and that buys the opponent time to prepare a bit. Same with Boeser. Canucks could have two 40+-goal scorers.