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  1. Agreed, but they went to war for Quenneville. Will the Canucks go to war for Green?
  2. Miller - Pettersson - Boeser Pearson - Horvat - Leivo Roussel - Gaudette - Virtanen Ferland - Beagle - Sutter Eriksson Utica: Motte Schaller
  3. The Canucks have quite a few really good propsects. I was initially bummed out when Benning traded that 1st for Miller, but now that I've had some time to assess that trade, I have no issue with that deal at all. There is no guarantee a 1st round pick will make the NHL and have a good career. There's even less chance that 1st turns into a Miller. The only way this is a loss for the Canucks, is if TB wins a lottery pick with our 1st. Are the Hockey Gods really that cruel to the Canucks? The 1st may not even be needed. With the likes of Lind, MacEwen, Juolevi, Rafferty and Tryamkin developing and possibly coming in soon, and then behind them having Hoglander, Podkolzin, Madden, Focht, Rathbone, Utunen and Woo. The Canucks are set up for years. I also believe Benning can find gems in rounds 2-7, so I'm not concerned.
  4. Loui woke up at the right time, and I love that he's playing well and having success on Bo's line. I'm happy for him. It must've been tough for him to go to the rink every day, work hard and be blamed for making too much. Nice to see him contribute. The Canucks are fairly healthy at the AS break, (except for Leivo and Ferland), but they really haven't had Ferland's impact yet, really. I'm hoping all of the pieces fall into place the closer we get to April. Maybe a full compliment to the roster? Virtanen and Gaudette have been playing well too, just seems like a much different year than the past. With Hughes on this team, anything is possible. I want to see Loui hoist that Cup!
  5. What I see in Stecher is a player who seems to have to work twice as hard as anyone else, just to be effective. He isn't physical, but will take a beating and try to play physical. I think he's been lucky with the injury bug so far, but for how long? He's supposed to be an offensive Dman but he never seems to score. A lot of times he jumps in the play and gets caught up, then doesn't have the speed to get back, like Hughes.
  6. Trade Stecher to the Leafs (for ?) and then sign Schenn. He might be a little slower, but he brings size, smarts and truculence. He's cheap and it would make Hughes happy too. I think I'd rather have Schenn as an option going into the playoffs. Edler - Myers Hughes - Tanev Fantenberg - Benn Schenn Rafferty Brisebois Juolevi Tryamkin*
  7. I think this might be more realistic: to ? - Eriksson and 1st (2021) to VAN - 5th and 7th (2020)
  8. Vegas is a little spoiled, getting to the SCF in their first year, one of the top teams the year after. The first sign of the idea of missing the playoffs and they fire the coach. Are they afraid people won't show up if they're losing? C'mon! This is Vegas baby! People go to the games, go to the shows, go to have a good time... Not sure many who attend Knights games (tourists?) care much about a few losses. They built it, the people will go. Firing Gallant makes no sense to me. Maybe some internal conflicts in the Knights org?
  9. Oh Jesus, he would be a great Canucks coach
  10. Strange as it may sound, but the Canucks should've won this game. So many bad bounces, hitting posts, pucks lying in Helly's crease, flubbing shots on open net, etc. They just didn't have any puck luck, as they say. So frustrating to watch. The best part of the game was Green winning an offside challenge ffs. Edler was terrible. Oh well, next game is at home against ARI. Need to right this ship and get a win.
  11. I've noticed this season, they're selling a lot of the skate logo merch, coming out wtih new stuff, etc. I know that this is the 50th anniversary year, so they're wearing those unies, but I wonder if they're testing the reception of this logo again, and maybe they'll eventually use it again as the main jersey? I do hope so, everyone seems to love it.
  12. Perfect. By March 2021, the Canucks will be gearing up for a deep playoff run.