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  1. Speculation but I think Goldobin gets traded. I expect Schaller and Eriksson to be waived. Jake isn't going anywhere, unless the offer is too good to pass up. Who knows?
  2. The only player I noticed Goldy having any chemistry with was Pettersson, but highly unlikely he beats Ferland or Baertschi out for that LW spot. Sorry Goldy, you had plenty of chances over the last 2 years. This team is getting real good and they need everyone putting out the same "playoff type" effort.
  3. Utica could have a very good team this year. Goldobin - Gaudette - Lind Boucher - Graovac - Jasek Perron - Hamilton - MacEwen Gadjovich - Arseneau - Bailey Juolevi - Biega Brisebois - Rafferty Sautner - Chatfield Teves - Eliot Bachman/McIntyre DiPietro/Kielly
  4. D depth is looking real good Juolevi - Biega Brisebois - Rafferty Teves - Chatfield Sautner Tryamkin* (possibly for the playoffs?) Not a bad list of callups, when one of the Canucks regular D goes down. If they pair Tanev with Hughes as a second tandem, Tanev might actually stay relatively healthy this year (not having to block every shot against every teams' top line). With Hughes, my guess is the Canucks will retain puck possession. Don't need to block shots when you have the puck
  5. Loui is smarter than Goldy. He knows to go to the net to bang in garbage goals. Goldy seems to avoid physical contact. Bye Goldy.
  6. I love his attitude and battle, but I don't see DiPietro becoming a great NHL goalie, due to his small stature. I beleive Demko will be the new starter (within the next 2 years), with possibly Kielly or Silovs as the backup. Trade? (sorry Mikey)
  7. Luckily, the Canucks don't have to pay Virtanen, Hughes, Pettersson, Goldobin etc., big dollars yet. Yes, Loui is overpaid, but he could still be a pretty good 4th Line and PK player. Forget how much he's paid, like we try to forget where Jake was drafted.
  8. I have a feeling Benny Hutton will be wearing a Jets jersey this season. They might also take a run at Ristolainen. The Jets are in a heap of trouble, with losing half their D, and the possibility that Laine will bolt and Buf retiring. Their fans won't be impressed. Chevy and Maurice might be looking for new jobs. Time to tear it down and start over IMO. Re-sign Connor and rebuld arond Little, Connor, Sheifele and Wheeler. Re-sign Laine and trade him immediately for a top pairing Dman.
  9. They probably wouldn't get much in a trade, because Jake is a bit of an underacheiver. They are probably better off keeping him and hoping he gets it one day. At least he's not expensive.
  10. No, but he did get more assists than Sutter last year lol
  11. Funny you mentioned that, I did notice the players do looked pretty tanned from their off season.
  12. Great that he's signed and now training with the team. Nice to hear he's in great shape, unlike previous years with injury recovery, weight gain, etc. I'm expecting a real big year from Brock.
  13. Trudeau's getting hammered right now because he's the current leader. They're going to be extrra tough on him, but I thought he delivered a good message, owning up to his mistakes, basically calling himself a dumba**. Do people forget what the 90s and turn of the millenium was like? It was a politically incorrect time. It wasn't right, but that's the way it was. We as a society have come a long way since, but we're not there yet. I'll bet this Trudeau news leak was better than Viagra for Scheer lol