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  1. Stay in school kids, unless you live in Alberta where learnin' isn't as important
  2. ah ha! Idea! Let him spend some time with Tanev, who will show him how to block shots on the PK. Throw yourself in front of those pucks Loui! I can think of six million reasons why you should. He might save the Canucks a bunch of goals, and he might also end up on the LTIR. Both help the Canucks.
  3. Loui is still a Canuck, and if he didn't have any value, he wouldn't be playing. I know he gets a real hard time here, because he makes more than almost everyone else on the team. Not his fault though. He's still a good checker, and he had been in on some offence over the last couple of games. Just not going his way. The thing is, he's now one of the the old guys on the team, and the young stars are showing they are the future by providing a lot of the exciting offence. If Loui helps to stop one goal with his checking or helps the PK, then good job.
  4. Payback for the previous loss. Great to have Beagle back. I think the Canucks come out on fire and score lots of goals. A least 5 anyway.
  5. Babcock can fix the Leafs the same way CDC members think they can fix the Canucks.
  6. I don't mind the black and blue jersey, but I does remind me of SJ. The Aquilini's seem to want the Orca as the logo, but what if they had the '94 jerseys with the Orca logo? I really loved seeing them wear the throwbacks. They looked like a tougher team. Imagine PODKOLZIN #91 in the black skate jersey.
  7. I know these loser points matter and at least it`s something, but in reality the Canucks either win or lose the game. Yes, they got a point last night, but they still lost the game. They`re 2-4 in extra frames this year, not very good. My guess is player deployment. When you look at straight winning vs losing, the Canucks are 10-11 for the season and 2-7 for the month. Again, nice that they get a point here and there, but consistently losing can take a toll on the confidence. Hope they can get it together and win some games on this road trip.
  8. Green lost the game, again. In OT he put out Horvat and Tanev, who both had no points, didn't play their best. And on the bench he has Jake (speed) and Gaudette, who both had a really good game and could fly. As soon as it went to OT I knew COL would win it with MacKinnon flying the entire way to score. Predictable, but so effective. Speed kills, and Green had two of the fastest guys on the bench.
  9. My expectations have changed since the start of the season. I thought they would win the Pacific, make the playoffs and do some damage. But here we are at the quarter mark, and now I have a more realistic expectation. Injuries hurt this team, and possibly player management (too much ice time for Bo, Leivo and Pearson, not enough for Gaud and Jake, who he starts). I think they'll keep things interesting, be in the hunt for a wildcard spot right down to the last few games, but maybe they just miss out of the post season in 2020. Benning will have one more season (2020/21) to turn the Canucks into a playoff team. Maybe by then they figure out what to do with Loui, maybe make a couple of trades (Stecher and Sutter), maybe Tryamkin and Juolevi join the team. And maybe Hoglander makes the team out of camp too. IF, for whatever reason they miss the playoffs again in 2021, Green will be let go. Then, by some kind of magic, with a new (veteran) coach, the Canucks will make the playoffs in 2022 and win the Stanley Cup. They will have the players, they just need someone to methodically get them there.
  10. Maybe he meant toilet, like where this thread should be
  11. It sure is nice to hear some praise from other NHLers and media etc. about how good Pettersson and Hughes are. Horvat as well, I've heard good things. Surprisingly, I don't hear much about Boeser's impact, but that's okay too. It gives us hope anyway, the future is bright. This isn't the Cup winning team yet, and maybe not even the playoff roster, but there are also some really good support players on the team. I have high hopes for Virtanen and Gaudette to be key playoff performers down the road. Also really like Miller, Beagle, Roussel, Motte and even Schaller. I'm not certain about Pearson and Leivo, but I think they provide decent offence and seem like good team guys. Ferland, I worry about him. Have a feeling the goalie tandem to bring us to the promiseland will be Demko and Silovs.
  12. I think some Pacific teams are going to have to really screw up for the Canucks to make the playoffs. It will be great to get Roussel, Ferland and Motte etc back, but let's just hope we're not sending Petey, Brock, Bo or Hughes to the infirmary anytime soon. Those guys are having to play tough minutes against bigger, more experienced opponents. I just hope they can stay healthy.
  13. What are the chances Green gives Markstrom the start against COL on HNIC? If that happens and they lose that game, I may find myself on the Fire Green bandwagon. I think Markstrom needs some time to re-focus, get his head straight. Why wouldn't Green start his best goalie (Demko) against one of the better teams? I guess we'll see who starts tomorrow.
  14. And they were playing the 2nd game of a back-to-back (beat CGY the night before). No excuses for the Canucks not to win this game. I think that bad goal on DAL's 2nd shot put them behind the 8-ball early and they couldn't get any momentum.