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  1. Pettersson, Boeser, Virtanen, Gaudette, MacEwen, Hughes, Juolevi - all getting valuable playoff experience and on a winning streak. This (along with Horvat) is the future core of the team. They will always look back at this bubble experience, it'll make them even closer as a team moving forward. Not many are giving the Canucks a chance, the underdogs who I think will surprise. Fun Facts - Canucks are back, and they might have the best team yet - NJ (who had the Canucks #1), didn't get a Top 5 pick - EDM didn't get a Top 10 pick and are missing the real playoffs - in their building - TOR doesn't have a 1st and are missing the real playoffs - in their building - Lafreniere will play in the East
  2. Better the Rangers than the Leafs, Oilers or the Devils (our former pick for Miller), and even better Lafreniere will be playing in the east. Lafreniere and Kakko? Good luck with that TOR The Leafs picking #13 and the Oilers #14 doesn't concern me. Both of those teams failed big time in the Q rounds and the lottery.
  3. I keep hearing Carl Spackler (Caddyshack) in my head saying: Cinderella story
  4. VAN will come out fast with energy and catch STL sleeping. The Blues weren't really challenged in their round robin. The Canucks are young, fast, hungry and confident. Get that 1st goal, get in their heads.
  5. I never realized until they mentioned it, Leafs haven't won a playoff series since 2004 against OTT (16 years and counting). Plus they haven't won a cup in 53 years and counting, back when players never wore helmets, there were no Europeans in the NHL and there were only a handful of teams. They just might be the worst NHL team in the modern day NHL. One could argue that Florida and Arizona are worse, but they haven't been around nearly as long. The Leafs should've figured it out by now. Sure, the Canucks haven't won the Cup either, but at least they've been to the show 3 times since 1970 and have had better payoff success. I don't believe the Leafs have even been to a SCF since 1967. Marner is not a playoff guy. They need to trade him for a major upgrade(s) on D. Matthews was pretty good in this series, getting at least a hat trick and the game winner in OT to extend the series.
  6. Marner He looked like a spoiled brat during his presser. Angry glare, why not score a goal son? Overpaid, non-playoff wannabe. Anyway, can't stand him. They asked him if not having fans in the stands made a difference and he says "no, I never even noticed". Not really a nod to Leafs fans eh? Wonder if Leafs management wish they would've offered more for Tanev before? Their D sucks and their overpaid forwards can't score. Go Canucks!
  7. Pettersson and Boeser have had success against Binnington before. I'm sure he hasn't forgotten. The Canucks are fired up. I think some are giving CGY too much credit. Sure, they have super-pest who can score, good D and getting good goaltending. But without Schiefele and Laine, the Jets were a very beatable team. I'll predict a Tkachuk vs Pavelski tilt at some point, and the Stars to put out the Flames in 5 .
  8. Good point, it's really a win-win for the young guys. Valuable experience whatever happens. But if they win, that's a huge confidence boost. Guys like Roussel, Sutter, Eriksson and Beagle, this might be their last kick at the can. They're going to give it their all.
  9. A series built for Miller. If you want to be the best, you've got to beat the best. Bring 'em on!
  10. Feeling good about it, but I think it will go the distance. Canucks are on a mission of "us against them". Tarasenko didn't look too well on the bench at one point, coughing. Binnington is probably in his hotel room sweating it out, furiously throwing his tennis ball against the wall. Maybe he'll have Pettersson nightmares this evening
  11. WPG was a pretty easy test with Schiefele and Laine out of the lineup for most of that series. DAL is fast, have very good D and goaltending, and can snipe. DAL in 5
  12. If (or is it when?) the Canucks beat STL, I imagine the confidence would be huge. It's a very tough test, but I believe in them. They have that certain something during these games. They seem to be building momentum with each win (now 3 in a row). STL never really impressed me in that game against DAL. Their goaltending is great, but the Canucks are a Cinderella team. No one is giving them a chance to win the Cup, but if they can get past STL, they can do anything.