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  1. It'll be fricken exciting to see hockey again, and shooting out of the gate with meaningful games. Every team will be pretty much healthy, but i don't expect that to last long. All of the players (except maybe the Euros) haven't been skating. I'm guessing there will be a lot of groin pulls lol I think it's great that they're giving more teams a chance, the competition should be fierce. I don't care if there aren't fans in the stands, I'll be at home, head to toe in Canucks gear, cheering them on. Some feel they should put an asterisk next to who wins the Cup this year, but it could turn out to be one of the most exciting, challenging Cup wins ever. Just going to be so different. Will be a lot of very hungry NHL players.
  2. Love it, looks like a winner. Nice touch paying tribute to his Dad.
  3. Great comedic actor. He was the best part of King of Queens, and IMO, one of the best on Seinfeld: George Kramer Newman Frank
  4. IMO, both are generational players. I think they will be Top 10 within 2 years. And I'd rather trade Boeser than Podkolzin. Better return, and it buys a little time before Podz gets paid the big bucks. Canucks have a lot of forward depth right now.
  5. If the playoffs get extended to July/August/September etc., does that mean Benning can sign Tryamkin (in June) and he can play in those playoffs? I'm not very optimistic with completing the regular season and playoffs, but it sure would be nice.
  6. I like the idea of the off season (or break in season) being now, and then having hockey start again in July until the following June. Is that possible? I read in the paper the other day about the idea of having every team make the playoffs, except DET (DET is the only team mathematically eliminated), every other team still technically has a chance, so they would be in. Maybe they would have a best of 5 for the first few rounds, until the Conference Final and SCF where it's best of 7. That would be pretty wild. Having he playoffs start with: COL vs SJ TB vs OTT EDM vs ANA VAN vs NSH etc. The top team in each conference (BOS & STL) would get the bye. Maybe in this odd season, with it ending abruptly, some teams unsure if they're in or out. Maybe this is a good formula, with every team technically having a chance at this point in the season, being given the opportunity to play for the Cup. There would be no question who the best team is at the end. I imagine the owners in all of those cities would love a long playoffs. lol
  7. I guess the same lineup as now, except: exchange Eriksson for Podkolzin, and Stecher for Tryamkin Bring in some Russian grit
  8. I'm thinking if there's no hockey, maybe until fall, we'll have to come up with some ideas on topics. I suspect the Coronavirus Outbreak thread will eventually reach 1,000 pages. Will they have the NHL Draft? I'm expecting they will, but if the Canucks technically made the playoffs this season, then they have no 1st this year. Or 2nd. Kind of a boring Draft for the Canucks if that happens.
  9. I agree, had to laugh about shooting the virus, but that's concerning too. Panicked, desperate people who are armed. Scary.
  10. This could be anyone who works in an office building in Vancouver. This person has no contact with the team.
  11. My guess is they'll cancel the season, no playoffs or Cup awarded. I just can't see how life is supposed to resume normally in the next few months.
  12. The department I work in contacted employees at home last night and told us to stay home today. Only essential services need to continue working for now. In my 32 years I've never been told to stay home. I guess they'll be updating me as this goes on. The world is shutting down. Kind of feels like the beginning of an apocalypse.
  13. Canucks were good enough to win in 2011, but the poor reffing and injuries made it difficult. It can depend on matchups leading to the SCF as well. The Canucks had a tough road that year. BOS - beating MTL, PHI, TB VAN - beating CHI, NSH, SJ I don`t think they`re too far from being a contending team again. I would prefer a better, more experienced coach. I`d also like Horvat to step up to another level and stand out as the leader. I think they should replace Baumgartner with a better D coach (Mitchell?). Maybe it`s just a matter of time, the stars on this team (Pettersson, Hughes, Boeser) are all still really young. Virtanen, Gaudette, MacEwen and Demko are also quite young. They need a little more experience and confidence. Hoping for playoffs to see what they`ve got, but next year should be a great team.
  14. I`ve been home isolating the last few days. Only been out in my backyard or to the park down the street with my dog. Seems pretty scarce out there. Is it just my imagination? Inside, it`s been boring AF without hockey, or any sports really (except golf). Been playing RainbowSix on my PS4, when I`m not being flooded with COVID-19 news, making me more paranoid and fearful. At least the weather has been good.