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  1. 1. Kakko 2. Hughes 3. Byram 4. Turcotte 5. Dach 6. Cozens 7. Zegras 8. Krebs 9. Newhook 10. Soderstrom Caufield (too small), Boldy (too slow) and Podkolzin (too Russian) fall out of the Top 10.
  2. Don't forget Vilardi! Seemed like a whole lotta people wanted him too.
  3. I hear the interview with Zegras went very well. It almost sounds like he would really want to play here. I'm not sure he'll hang around until #10. Hope he is.
  4. Could be Benning's Top 3? (C/LW) Zegras (C/LW) Newhook (RD) Soderstrom would all be great additions
  5. I like your list. I agree that EDM will probably take one of the D. Hoping DET takes Podkolzin. So, the Canucks have met with Newhook as well, and he seems like a promising player. Perhaps if Zegras is gone, Newhook is the next choice?
  6. I saw this too, and I'm happy about that. I hope he falls to #10 and I think it's possible, depending where Podkolzin, Boldy, Caufield and a D are taken. I would rather have him than Boldy. By the sounds of it, the Boldy interview didn't come off as positive as Zegras'? Boldy was asked if there would be a second interview in VAN, and he said "No, not that I know of". Boldy is a power forward in development. They've already got Virtanen who's been developing for 5 years. I think they need more skill in the Top 6. Zegras has tonnes of that.
  7. True, the Euros seem to step up their game when they wear their country's colours.
  8. I agree, as long as we're not expecting Jake to become a Top 6 player. Sucks that we got a bottom 6 player 6th overall, but sometimes the top picks work out and sometimes they don't. Jake has the potential to become a tough player to play against, good on the PK, good in OT. He could learn some things from Roussel.
  9. I think it's going to happen #8 - Tanev traded #88 - Gaudette starts wearing #8 #88 - Tryamkin returns
  10. I guess it depends on who the other winger is? I don't see it being much different than having the Sedins on the top line. Two skilled Swedes who don't drop the gloves. Maybe if Pettersson and Nylander found a Burr.
  11. Eriksson needs to go, but not for Lucic, maybe the Canucks retain 50% of Eriksson's contract. I think Pettersson and Nylander would be great together. Maybe some here feel Baertschi on his wing will be just fine? I don't agree with that, and think they need to get Pettersson a better LW. He's on the top line for crying out loud. Maybe Jake will be his winger one day? lol Okay, no he won't. Virtanen doesn't have "the gift" of processing game at a high level. I think some people overvalue Tanev. He constantly puts himself in harm's way every time he blocks a shot, and sometimes he doesn't eve need to. Injuries have forced him to miss half a season every year. And he provides no offence. Smart player, except when he tries to block a shot he doesn't need to. He's not helping the Canucks from the IR.
  12. Did you watch the Worlds? He was probably Sweden's best player. He looked like a different player, more engaged, grittier. He apparently mentioned as well that the Worlds was like a springboard for this coming year, I think he'll have a big year.
  13. Tanev (29) - over last 3 season has missed 96 games Zaitsev (27) - over last 3 seasons has missed 22 games Virtanen (22) - In 210 games (32 goals 27 assists = 59 points) Nylander (23) - In 239 games (55 goals 107 assists = 162 points) Marleau's only got one year left. He would provide skill and a veteran presence for Pettersson's line this year. Seriously, how will this trade help TOR? It won't. Tanev will probably only play 40 games and Jake might be a healthy scratch on more than one occasion. Sure, Jake might improve and become a good NHLer, but I don't ever see him reaching Nylander's ceiling.
  14. Jake can take as many steps as he wants, but he won't be as good as Nylander IMO Benning said he wanted to upgrade the D and find a Top 6 winger. The trade scenario between TOR and VAN seems to make sense to me. to VAN - Zaitsev, Marleau and Nylander to TOR - Tanev and Virtanen It also sounds like they are very interested in Zucker, although, not sure Benning would need to give up for him. It sounds like they want to re-sign Boeser, so I don't see him being traded.
  15. NEWHOOK Cam Robinson - Dobber ProspectsMay 15th: "Speed for days and the disregard for safety to use it anywhere. Dangerous hands, good hockey sense and is equally deadly with the pass or the shot. Already a strong defensive player and effective penalty-killer." Effective penalty killer too? Even after producing 102 points in 53 games, and over a point-a-game at the U18? I'm actually not sure Newhook is my first choice, but I guess it would depend if Dach Cozens, Zegras and Krebs are taken. I also like York and Seider, but not sure I would want to pass up on Newhook to take the D. Benning has a tough choice to make. Maybe it comes down to - who has the best character?