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  1. D could look very different in a couple of years: Hughes - Tanev Juolevi - Myers Rathbone - Tryamkin Rafferty Woo
  2. How's Juolevi going to do? I really hope we get to see him in action during these rounds. I hope they don't trade Brock, but sometimes teams have to make tough decisions regarding the cap. My guess, Pettersson does the Swedish thing and agrees to a very reasonable contract in order to keep Brock in Vancouver. #bestfriends Maybe they trade Pearson? Won't get as much, but would Pearson and Stecher be a good trade for Severson?
  3. I think this year is different, because it's very different. The players are chomping at the bit, ready to race out of the gates. It's going to be fast. Who knows who will end up in the SCF though. The team with the least COVID cases?
  4. Has Domi decided yet? That would be a huge loss for MTL if he skips.
  5. I thought for sure he'd come back 100% healthy for the playoffs. But really, the Canucks never had him before, an they can still win, play with grit. I don't think there will be many of any fights, the playoffs will be about skill and speed.
  6. NUCKER67

    opting out

    Poor Baertschi, so much bad luck. Sadly for him, it will continue after the Canucks win the Cup this year, with Kole Lind in the lineup.
  7. I agree, MacKinnon and Makar, they'll be tough to beat
  8. Yea, MacKinnon is a beast, and he's rested
  9. I'm thinking if the Canucks can get past COL, they can win it all. These playoffs are going to be about speed and skill, and who stays healthy. With Pettersson, Hughes and Markstrom, I feel good about our chances.
  10. Slow news day. Even if they wanted to trade Boeser, they can't right now. So why write about it? Let's get excited for some Canucks hockey! We can beat MIN and get back into the playoffs, Boeser will be great! Tsk tsk Sekeres
  11. I like your observation and I also liked AV. I remember in 2011 the Bruins were a bigger, tougher team than the Canucks, who relied on the skilled Swedish twins. Today's game though, skill and speed rule. I can imagine two fast, skilled teams in the SC FInals this fall (weird to say). Maybe EDM, MTL or even VAN? Don't forget too, we may not see any fights in these playoffs or big scrums after the whistles. Contact would be too close, the game will be a bit different I think.
  12. I keep forgetting they still have Baertschi. Canucks have quite a bit of depth right now, but they'll eventually need to make some trades for cap reasons. I do like Pearson, but if I had to choose between keeping him or Toffoli, I'd have to go with Toffoli. Can they keep both if they can't trade Sutter and Eriksson?
  13. So...what are the chances Kassian gets the puck, I mean virus, and passes it to his team mates? He didn't look too good in that photo in today's paper, like he was wired on something. Must've been the coffee. But again, no mask, no physical distancing. What is it with some of these young power forward wannabes?
  14. Once the play-in round and the 1st round of the playoffs are done, and some Marriott teams are eliminated, do the Sutton teams move to the Marriott? (so they're all together and close to Rogers Place).
  15. They're all chicken, but not Benning. They will regret their poor decisions when Podz visits their arenas in a few years.