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  1. But, then all of the naked ladies wouldn't know it's Jake freakin Virtanen! lol jk... but not really. Me thinks he likes his celebrity status 'round town. It was irresponsible, but what do you do with the boy. It was great to see him at practice in that video, I have high hopes for Jake. If the Canucks make it past MIN, Jake in the playoffs could be fun to watch. Speed and grit!
  2. Mark the calendar! Finally something other than "Water Delivery" to get excited about.
  3. Canucks goal scored by number 91, his 3rd of the game, Vasily Paaaawwwd-KOLZIN! Assisted by number 88 Adam Gaudette, and number 43 Quinn Hughes WOO! pretending
  4. Jake had his best season yet, it was pretty good, that's fair, but I've always expected more from him. He's still a decent player and has a lot of potential, so we'll see. Looking forward to Podkolzin.
  5. I appreciate this guy's update on what's happening south of the border. It's sad that Trump refuses to head the advice of professionals. I say keep the border closed as long as there are active cases in the US. Could be a while. We'll see what happens now after their 4th of July celebrations.
  6. Jake Virtanen has a ton of potential, but its his off ice stuff that concerns me. Whether it's coming to camp overweight, or taking selfies while driving, or not protecting himself and others, while at a strip club during a pandemic. I think he's selfish. We never hear of local boy done good by donating a bunch of money to the Children's Hospital or lending his time for other charities. I'm not buying the "he's young" excuse anymore. Time to be a pro, Quinn and Petey making him look bad lol
  7. Canucks will be hard-pressed to re-sign everyone in a year or two, including Virtanen who is due for a raise. What kind of return could they get for Jake? 2nd and a prospect? I'd rather they re-sign Toffoli and Tanev, and give Markstrom what he deserves.
  8. Here's a wild prediction: The SC Finals will be between the two Canadian teams with the least amount of Americans on their rosters. MTL vs EDM enjoy lol
  9. I'm thinking all of the American players should get here asap, it's not safe in the US. I wonder how many players who are infected are Canadian? I miss hockey so much and I'm a little skeptical with it returning. It sounds like they're going ahead with it, but there's no real plan unveiled yet, I don't believe. How many players will have to miss these playoffs because of the virus? A bunch of Blues players have it, so maybe more will? Then what, STL can't ice an NHL team to defend their title? Just so weird. Y'know, maybe this year, the team with the most Canadians wins.
  10. Sometimes I get the feeling that Jake is like the black sheep of the Canucks. Maybe his team mates rib him a lot, think he's arrogant? Does he hang out with anyone else on the team? Does he have any real friends on the team? I know Miller was trying to keep Jake focused and acting like a mentor earlier in the season. Is Jake practicing with the team? I saw Miller out there, but no Jake. I have my opinion on Jake's behaviour. No need to go on about that. The boy will do what he does, just like O'Brien and Kassian did before him - Canucks legends.
  11. One day I hope Jake realize's he's not like us, where it's okay to go out for a drink during a pandemic. He's a professional athlete who needs to set a better example for the youth, the kids that look up to him. This does not look good. What's next with Jake? Drinking and driving while taking a selfie? Grow up dude, just do what the younger Hughes and Pettersson are doing. And if you can't, then get to a meeting.
  12. Can't see any Canucks opting out. They want playoffs, and a Cup.
  13. Monkey see monkey do. If Trump refuses to wear a mask and treats the virus like fake news, then sorry, no indoor contact sports for a long time yet. Too many Americans follow that Bozo's lead, and haven't listened to what Fauci's been trying to tell them. With already 26 players infected (and probably more), I think they'll end up calling off the season. Hate it. Saturday is July 4th, so we'll see what Americans do there I guess.
  14. If not the Canucks, I would be happy for the Winnipeg fans to get a player like Lafreniere. The Jets haven't had a winner since the WHA days in the 70s and the Avco Cup. They've never been to a Stanley Cup final. They need something good to happen. Least happy to get the 1st would be EDM for me. They've gotten too many 1sts already and they're in the Canucks division. My hope is that the Canucks get past MIN and keep the train-a-rollin'. Playoff hockey will be valuable for the youngens. As for the lottery format, I would be fine with it being the worst team getting the 1st and the best team picking last, like before. Except, after a team gets a 1st, they're no longer eligible for the 1st for 3 years.
  15. I would never wish not winning. There might not be a parade anytime soon, and some may suggest an * next to the team in the record books, but that shouldn't matter. If Vegas, for example, wins the Cup, no one is going to blame them for winning a non-traditional Stanley Cup. They will be celebrated. This could be a once in a lifetime tournament, unlike any other Stanley Cup tournament before it. Winning it could be very special. This year, if playoffs happen, it might end up being the toughest Cup run yet. Every team is on level ground and healthy. I think the only teams that may get ribbing if they win are TOR, VAN and EDM, but that ribbing comes from other Canadians. I'm not sure many Americans give a rat's a** about new formats in ICE HOCKEY lol But, Canadians live and breathe hockey and straying from tradition comes with a lot of criticizing. So what, let's get a banner in the rafters.
  16. A - Miller, Pettersson, Hughes, Markstrom B - Toffoli, Horvat, Boeser, Tanev C - Pearson, Gaudette, Virtanen, Motte, MacEwen, Edler, Myers, Stecher, Fantenberg, Demko D - Roussel, Leivo, Sutter, Eriksson, Beagle, Benn F - Ferland
  17. Thanks for the awesome video. So well done. Gotta be honest, watching that caused my eyes to leak a little bit. Damn I miss hockey. Well, that's it, after watching, I believe the Canucks are winning the Cup. They're fricken great.
  18. It'll be fricken exciting to see hockey again, and shooting out of the gate with meaningful games. Every team will be pretty much healthy, but i don't expect that to last long. All of the players (except maybe the Euros) haven't been skating. I'm guessing there will be a lot of groin pulls lol I think it's great that they're giving more teams a chance, the competition should be fierce. I don't care if there aren't fans in the stands, I'll be at home, head to toe in Canucks gear, cheering them on. Some feel they should put an asterisk next to who wins the Cup this year, but it could turn out to be one of the most exciting, challenging Cup wins ever. Just going to be so different. Will be a lot of very hungry NHL players.
  19. Love it, looks like a winner. Nice touch paying tribute to his Dad.
  20. Great comedic actor. He was the best part of King of Queens, and IMO, one of the best on Seinfeld: George Kramer Newman Frank
  21. IMO, both are generational players. I think they will be Top 10 within 2 years. And I'd rather trade Boeser than Podkolzin. Better return, and it buys a little time before Podz gets paid the big bucks. Canucks have a lot of forward depth right now.
  22. If the playoffs get extended to July/August/September etc., does that mean Benning can sign Tryamkin (in June) and he can play in those playoffs? I'm not very optimistic with completing the regular season and playoffs, but it sure would be nice.
  23. I like the idea of the off season (or break in season) being now, and then having hockey start again in July until the following June. Is that possible? I read in the paper the other day about the idea of having every team make the playoffs, except DET (DET is the only team mathematically eliminated), every other team still technically has a chance, so they would be in. Maybe they would have a best of 5 for the first few rounds, until the Conference Final and SCF where it's best of 7. That would be pretty wild. Having he playoffs start with: COL vs SJ TB vs OTT EDM vs ANA VAN vs NSH etc. The top team in each conference (BOS & STL) would get the bye. Maybe in this odd season, with it ending abruptly, some teams unsure if they're in or out. Maybe this is a good formula, with every team technically having a chance at this point in the season, being given the opportunity to play for the Cup. There would be no question who the best team is at the end. I imagine the owners in all of those cities would love a long playoffs. lol
  24. I guess the same lineup as now, except: exchange Eriksson for Podkolzin, and Stecher for Tryamkin Bring in some Russian grit