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  1. This is awful for Buffalo. Berglund and sobotka are pretty much cap dumps, it’d be like Sutter & Gagner
  2. First off, I think the Canucks are closer to compete then most and I think making the playoffs or coming close would be better for the rebuild then another high pick. ROR Juolevi + Sutter sign Jay Beagle Maybe it’s an overpayment, maybe it’s underpayment (flame away) but I think he’s a great fit. Baer Horvat Boeser EP ROR Virtanen Louie Beagle Granny leipsic Gaudette Gagner Edler Guddy Hughes Tanev MDZ Stetcher This might not be a Stanley Cup roster but it should be able to make some noise in the pacific division. The trade of course goes against the grain of the rebuild but ROR is only 27 and it would create more of a winning environment for the kids on the team now. Buffalos perspective OJ can slot into their future top 4 with Dahlin and Risto while in the short term Sutter can take some tough minutes away from eichel and Reinhardt/mittelstadt
  3. In theory you may be right. In another theory you may be giving TG another below average “glue” guy to fall in love with, in another theory they may be blocking a young player who would develop better in the show compared to the ahl, in another theory maybe nobody claims any of our guys we put on waiver or trades for them and next thing you know we can even sign our own prospects because our contract number is at max, in another theory we’re wasting cap space for next year (2019/2020) potentially when right now it looks like 2 maybe even 3 of Karlsson, OEL, Myers, Doughty are all slated to hit ufa
  4. How should the Sedins stay involved ?

    If they can convince their countrymen Karlsson and OEL to sign with the Nucks give them any title they want, blank cheque & first row on the float during the parade
  5. Don’t we have enough plugs on the back end? Why are we bringing in more d especially LHD? Another vet for green to overplay like MDZ or biega just blocking the likes of juolevi and Hughes?
  6. I think this is a big year for the “kids” and they’re mental makeup. I’ve read a few posters saying things like “try telling horvat it’s okay to lose”....he’s the only “kid” that’s had a taste of winning in a Canucks uniform. If ROR is really on the block I’m going after him. He will fill a huge hole in the middle and it would send a serious message to the boys “we believe in you” Not saying the rebuild is over or suggesting trading high draft picks or anything too crazy but a successful season on the big club could be as positive for the rebuild as another top 5 pick The Canucks 21 & under group to me looks very strong with some true blue chippers and a lot of intriguing maybes. If there was a deal around juolevi+Sutter for ROR+ I’d prolly do it even with giving up OJ. A competitive year with the likes of boeser petterson Hughes demko etc etc Vancouver might actually become a destination where free agents want to come again instead just settling for scrubs and overpaying plugs like erikson (UFA class next year should be stacked, lots of big names that prolly won’t resign)
  7. I would ask him what level of meddling with the owners. Draft, vision, free agents?
  8. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    Anyone watching? How’s boqvist looking?
  9. Equal to Matthews, less then mcdavid, more the eichel
  10. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    So EP has elite puck handling, elite shooting, elite passing and elite hockey iq but he’s slight so he’s going to get killed out there? If he’s so good in these other areas do you not believe his smarts and talent with the puck will allow him to avoid hits and adapt to the smaller ice surface? Once the NHL takes notice of his skillset they’re gonna be more hesitant when EP has the puck not more aggressive. Guys like mcdavid and Kane etc sure do get more time and space because of their own creation but just as often it’s the defender giving them respect and not wanting to get burned. Once EP gets his teeth into the league and gets some respect he’ll get less space without the puck and more space when he has the puck. Last I checked there’s no hitting on players without the puck so we shouldn’t be too worried
  11. Do you want Jim Benning re-signed? (Discussion/Poll)

    I like how you conveniently left out the part when I said “when were a contending team”
  12. Do you want Jim Benning re-signed? (Discussion/Poll)

    Benning love him or hate him is the perfect gm for a contending team (hopefully we’re there again sometime soon) the draft picks he’s made 20 overall and higher are arguably tops in the league since he’s taken over. He’s definitely a gm I would have confidence on the draft floor even if had traded his 1st for a rental for a playoff run
  13. Trevor Linden Interview TSN1040- January 30

    1040’s been a joke ever since they brought in that twat bro jake
  14. Adam Gaudette | #88 | C

    I don’t think that’s entirely accurate. We’re watching a lot of highlights of his big bomb on the powerplay and of course he’s getting set up, it’s the powerplay. He creates a lot for himself and his teammates with his speed off the rush and his relentless on the forecheck. Of course a few set up men would be great for AG but I don’t believe it’s as necessary as some may think. Havent watched JD at all tbh besides highlights so Iunno how they’ll gel on paper but goldobin I’m betting they never play a game together (goldy trade, calling it)
  15. Adam Gaudette | #88 | C

    Cmon guys enough of the will be sign crap. He’s pro ready, he’s taking an “athlete” degree, he’s come to prospects camp, the money, and what nobody’s saying that I think important......boeser and him are bros! You think he’s not looking at boeser and his success and saying “that’s gonna be me!”