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  1. I don't think I've had any issues with it since the pain subsided. I'd just ease back into things. For me, it was a pretty sudden and large increase in my daily walking that aggravated it I think. Body adjusted, ITB has been fine since.
  2. From what I can get on Google, there's 3 year-round rinks in the city of Las Vegas and 4 seasonal rinks. Keep in mind some of these are in hotels. I've no idea what the quality of the facilities is like. I just can't imagine there's enough NHL-quality facilities in Vegas, especially if they go with a 24 team format.
  3. I thought the same thing. Brand new arena, no shortage of high-end hotels with ample conference rooms and whatnot. The NHL and its teams can afford to build weight rooms no problem provided they have the space to do it. The one issue I'm thinking the city of Vegas might have would be providing enough high-quality ice surfaces for the teams to practice, especially if they go with the two hub city plan and have 8-12 teams in each city. How many ice rinks can there be in Vegas? How many of those are capable of providing what the NHL needs?
  4. ^^^ that looks like @kingofsurrey playing his co-ed league at Dell Lanes
  5. one of the weirder things Trump’s done in a while.
  6. As much as I respect your sense of community and goodwill, and feel I do my best to practice those same values, I also don't think there's anything wrong with sometimes just accepting someone's help for what it is and leaving it at that. From what we've all gathered on these forums, and from the accounts of people on here who've met you in real life, you've lived a long, selfless life and helped out countless other people along the way. I don't think you owe any sort of debt to anyone else. It's just the world paying you back for all you've done, Joe.
  7. Gave back $1500 of CERB money I had collected mistakenly. When the application asked for my last day of work, I put the last day I actually went to work rather than the last day I was paid for (had three weeks of a payment plan for being laid off). I probably could’ve gotten away with it but I’m such a good f***ing person I gave it back. You’re welcome, Canada. edit: should clarify that my putting the wrong day on the application was a mistake and was never meant to rip off the feds.
  8. That guy’s a helluva lot more motivated than I am lol. I was hoping to take the vest and suspension trainer to the park behind my house and get some stuff done there. Might have to work around the weather now.
  9. My suspension trainer and weight vest I ordered this morning are already ready for pickup. That’s great. The forecast for the next week, however, looks like it’s ready to take a big dump on my outdoor workout plans.
  10. You can make those weights feel much heavier, even with stronger muscle groups like the legs. Change the tempo with a slow negative and/or a pause on the isometric, do high reps, etc. Circuit-style training would probably be the best bang for your buck. You can find countless different circuit workouts online. Tinker with the templates and do the ones you like. My favourite circuit looks something like this: 1 minute AMRAP squats 1 minute AMRAP pushups 1 minute AMRAP rows 3 minutes max effort cardio 1 minute AMRAP military press 1 minute AMRAP split squats 1 minute Plank 3 minutes max effort cardio 1 minute AMRAP lunges 1 minute AMRAP pull-ups 1 minute AMRAP pushups 3 minutes max effort cardio 1 minute AMRAP sit-ups 1 minute plank That’s 20 minutes flat right there and you’ll be pretty dam wiped after it. You can modify or add to/subtract from it however you’d like.
  11. You're limited only by your imagination there. How much weight do you have in the dumbbells?
  12. Managed to buy a 40lb weighted vest and a suspension training set from Fitness Depot for $210 after tax. I should be able to get a lot done with that for a while as I don't plan on going back to a public gym until there's a vaccine. How long it takes Fitness Depot to fill the order may be a separate issue, however...
  13. That's the thing. Whether it's watching him now or in the 2015 WJC game, you see these super tantalizing flashes. He'll use a combination of strength, skill, and speed to make a great play on the rush, maybe driving to the net or whatever, then the next time down he'll take the puck behind and up the halfboards just to fire a soft shot on net. That said, he's improved so much. He was struggling to make and receive passes here in 2015 and now you'll see him plays that would've never been possible for him back then. His positioning on the ice is much better too. Watching him in 2015, once his line was set up in the offensive zone he never seems to know what to do. Spends most of the shift sitting on a teammates' hip.
  14. NSAID's will be your friend in the meantime.
  15. I don't seem to recall the ITB syndrome bothering too much while lifting but I could be misremembering. I'd probably avoid lateral stuff like side lunges, Kossack squats, etc though.