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  1. The video I see on YouTube shows a guy with the band under his feet. I set it up a few feet in front of me, stuck under a couple 45’s. Having the bar out front makes the band want to pull the bar up, which forces you to work to keep your shoulders down (not shrugging the upper trap, which a lot of people do when rowing) and makes your lats work hard to keep the bar from being pulled away.
  2. Now, a PSA for my fellow CDC’ers banded barbell rows are easily the best back exercise I’ve ever done That’s all, carry on.
  3. I could be mistaken but I thought you and @BoKnows had been discussing how Twitter was an echo chamber of liberal voices and didn’t allow for dissenting opinions.
  4. Are we forgetting that the POTUS is a borderline alt-right troll who regularly posts on Twitter?
  5. I can’t say I’ve seen much of that narrative. All I’ve seen is people calling it grossly incompetent and negligent, which I’d say it was.
  6. What about the cops who killed Breonna Taylor?
  7. The NHL should allow fans to pay for an all-access, miked up broadcast. I’d buy it for sure.
  8. I just see people making comments like “free Jake” and I can’t help but think that it’s not simply a matter of a coach not liking a player. It’s a player shooting himself in the foot.
  9. I’m not saying it’s the only reason but I imagine it’s part of it. The fact he was outplayed at camp after it just made it worse.
  10. Am I the only one who thinks Jake being on the outside looking in right now might have something to do with his going to Celebrities right before rejoining the team?
  11. Haha, depends where the DOMS are I guess. Love a good back or abs soreness. Hammies and quads, not so much.
  12. @Monty @Chicken. bodysaws are great too. Sort of the opposite of a rollout- put your feet on a pair of sliders or paper towel while in a plank position and push to slide your feet back as far as you can maintain spinal position. They gave me probably the most intense ab DOMS I’ve ever experienced, aside from maybe my first time doing heavier front squats.
  13. See this is where my issue with Boeser comes in. We haven’t really seen that 1 shot scoring ability the last two seasons. Whether it’s his wrist or back or goalies reading his release after seeing him a bit, we just haven’t seen that much the last two years. Certainly not with the same consistency we did in his rookie season. His goal totals have lessened each of the last two years while actually taking more shots in 2018-19 (as compared to his rookie year of 2017-18) and similar totals this season. His shooting percentage went down to 12 and 9% respectively the last two years. Much more “normal” numbers that aren’t typical of a 1 shot scorer/sniper type. Now this could very well be a result of his injuries but then that begs the question- will he ever get it back? To me, if he has another season of <25 goals and maybe another injury that has him out for 10-15+ games then I think his trade value takes a serious hit.