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  1. Timo Meier. Pretty smart move by his agent. His contract ends one year away from UFA, but the final year is $10 million in salary with zero bonus. A qualifying offer would be a one year, $10 million contract so by structuring it this way he forces the Sharks to pay him out the arse for that final year or not qualify him and let him hit free agency a year sooner.
  2. Players on NHL contracts have to agree to be sent to the ECHL.
  3. But Miller’s numbers were better playing big minutes in NY against top competition. His production dipped in the scenario you’ve described.
  4. How’d you come up with that number? Also, if Goldobin is back at all I can’t see him getting much more than ~$1 million.
  5. I think you kinda answered this at the end of your post but I think it’s also due to the availability of players. If Kadri is the guy they think they want and he’s available now, you just go ahead and make that deal. Strengthen your team for the whole season. There’s no telling what might be available come March.
  6. The cap will be going up right after he signs his deal though. Muzzin’s not a Norris candidate but he’s a very legitimate top 2-3 d man. I think he’ll get paid pretty well, certainly more than he’s currently getting.
  7. I imagine Muzzin will most definitely be getting a raise from his $4 million, whether it’s from the Leafs or somebody else. I see him getting at least 6.
  8. Players on an NHL contract have to agree to report to the ECHL. This is why Binnington played for Providence last year- the Blues wanted him to go to the ECHL but he refused so other AHL options were explored.
  9. How does this have absolutely anything to do at all with what @Horvat is a Boss said?
  10. A (probably latter half) first, second, and third would be s very impressive haul for an elite young player?