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  1. confessions

    Not sure they frequent this thread but if I’m not mistaken @RUPERTKBD plays, maybe he could help you. I can’t help but assume @IbanezRG plays too.
  2. The World Events Thread Alfred and Wilbert Peterson were born joined at the waist and facing each other, and spent their entire life this way. They have two sets of arms and legs and their own hearts and stomachs but share a lower digestive tract and a penis. This shared penis has become a major source of conflict between the twins over recent years, and Alfred is now going to court to keep his brother from masturbating.
  3. [Speculation] William Nylander to Vancouver?

    Athletes should maximize their dollar at every chance they get. Their careers could be ended anytime they step on the ice.
  4. [Speculation] William Nylander to Vancouver?

    As a competitor, don’t you think that he’d rather play for a winning team? Probably one with a chance at the cup. Given the choice I think 100% of NHL players would prefer to play for a competitive team.
  5. Ranking Primary Jerseys around the NHL

    I believe it stands for "habitantes", hence the nickname "habs".
  6. [Waivers] Adam Clendening

    To be honest I was pretty young when that happened and don’t remember much more than him dressing for that one game lol
  7. [Waivers] Adam Clendening

    A nice little piece in the hockey history trivia books.
  8. Marky’s been playing pretty well but sweet Jesus was that a bad goal. That’ll be on some misplay countdowns for a while.
  9. [Waivers] Adam Clendening

    Evaluate the trade on the asset given up that day, which was a second round pick and not Rasmus Andersson. He’s exceeding the average value of his draft slot. Using your logic we (IIRC) also traded Wayne Simmonds for Brent Sopel and Matt Niskanen for Johan Hedberg. That’s not how it shook out- we traded draft picks for those players.
  10. The Workout Thread

    You can still get very, very strong doing unilateral work. It’ll be a little humbling at first but it’ll come along. I’ve read that you “should” be able to single leg squat (split squat) about 70% of your back squat. That’s pretty lofty but it is possible and shows that you can still get really strong doing unilateral stuff. Brings more value to stability, balance, etc as well. Bulgarian split squats are probably my favourite lower body exercise, period.
  11. The Workout Thread

    The balance and stability required for unilateral work is a whole new ballgame. Any new or unfamiliar stimulus is gonna cause you some trouble, even if it’s relatively lighter than what you usually do. Like if you always do RDL’s and then try good mornings, you’ll probably be pretty sore the next day even though it’s a lighter load than the RDL’s.
  12. The Workout Thread

    Could be why you feel that way. New stimulus on the CNS.
  13. The Workout Thread

    How often do you do unilateral movements?
  14. This guy doesn’t know how to Tinder
  15. The Workout Thread

    Physio told me this morning that the movement of my scap has actually improved pretty significantly since last week. I expect it’ll still be a while before my shoulder’s all good, considering I’m trying to undo a few years of neglect, but it was encouraging nonetheless.