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  1. Like I said I thought it was definitely worthy of a hooking call but I thought Petey went down a little easy there.
  2. Definitely should’ve been a hooking call but it did look like Petey tried to sell.
  3. Dominated with a team that consisted of a few HOF’ers, including the league’s best d man and probably the best two way centre in the game at the time. Once Lidstrom left he didn’t accomplish much at all.
  4. He used to chirp his fellow pitchers in Pittsburgh for “only” throwing 95.
  5. I’d wager that the strike two call to Zimmerman was the ump giving him the bird for showing him up on the first strike.
  6. I could be wrong but I think I saw somebody with a “veterans for impeachment” sign behind the plate.
  7. Mounties now have carbines. I believe it was this incident in Moncton that led to that.
  8. Meh, that happens. I didn’t know anything about her until today but her academic accomplishments in particular are impressive. it is cool to see Jimmy van Ostrand get a gig with the Jays. He’s an alumnus of the high school team I coach. His brother was a very good player too, may have played a bit of pro ball.
  9. Bahaha if you thought it was bad then you’d hate it now. Check out “Richmond learns to park” on Facebook. Some people call it racist, some people call it hilarious.
  10. Langley is very much it’s own place. It’s growing rapidly with so many people moving out there due to real estate prices. Some people get a little fuzzy about where Surrey ends and Langley begins but as far as I know Langley begins at 200th st and continues easy to 264th or something like that. Some people call the eastern area of Surrey (Clayton heights, around 180th eastward) Langley but it’s still Surrey. White Rock is still its own separate city with its own city hall and whatnot. White Rock proper only begins from 16th ave south to the beach, north of that is just south surrey. People in south surrey say they live in White Rock to avoid the stigma of living in Surrey, or at the very least make sure to specify that they live in SOUTH Surrey . Delta is still its own city with its own city hall and whatnot but one of the three parts of Delta, North Delta (where I live), is becoming sort of a de facto Surrey. It’s divided by 120th street but if you crossed 120th street, north of 72nd ave, and drove west until 112th street you’d have no clue it wasn’t Surrey. Looks the same. However, Ladner and Tsawwassen (the other two parts of Delta) are very much separate from Surrey.
  11. @Ryan Strome it’s a nit-picky thing but Cloverdale is part of Surrey. Just wanted to mention that. Now, resume the cage match.
  12. Good for her. She’s got some pretty impressive accomplishments academically and in the field.