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  1. Sure everybody has those players but if they make it who gives a crap? They made it. That’s literally the point of drafting. Benning’s had 5 drafts which have already produced 4 surefire players for the Canucks (EP, Hughes, Boeser, Virtanen), 5 who have a very good shot (McCann, forsling, Demko, Gaudette, and Try), a few good prospects with excellent chances at a career (Juolevi, Woo, and Brisebois), and a few lottery tickets. That group right there will produce at least 10 NHL players with is st least on par with NHL average with a good shot at being better. And you’re moving the goal posts here. You said high picks, now you’re slamming him for hitting on high second rounders too. Like **** right off with that. How can you call yourself objective with this kind of stuff.
  2. Gaudette, Demko, Tryamkin, McCann, and Forsling all look like they’ll have NHL careers with varying degrees of success. Brisebois, Rathbone, Dipietro, Jasek, Lind, Woo, and Madden all look like they have decent shots. At least one or two of them should make it. He’s doing just fine.
  3. That’s what I wonder and I’d like to see a player poll on it. It’s frustrating as a fan but I bet it’s something we care about more than players do. Regardless of where they sign they’re still pretty dam rich.
  4. Wouldn’t a player signing that contract with the NMC at least want to know that they’ll have stability? Rather than being uprooted and sent to another place, potentially with high tax rates as well, and having to settle in once again. To me it’s just a way of getting a little more peace of mind.
  5. That makes sense. It’s jusr frustrating from a fan perspective. I wonder how much it really factors in to a UFA’s decision.
  6. Fair point, but could that be because Florida ownership doesn’t want to get stuck with bigger money contracts and players are willing to make concessions to stay there? I see the clauses as working against the argument. It’s the player wanting more positives to their deal in order to sign in that city.
  7. Which to me says they should do more to level playing field. If there’s a hundred other reasons Florida would be preferable, why not so something about this one.
  8. It’s like everybody’s completely ignored my post above