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  1. Can’t remember where but I remember reading sometime shortly after the trade that another team had offered up a first. The NYI are coming to mind.
  2. So then why is it now or never ?
  3. I don’t think you can say there’s a cut and dry template for when he should or shouldn’t be ready.
  4. Which would mean he wasn’t a starter until his late 20’s. So why is it now or never for Demko?
  5. Ironic seeing as the current starting goaltender we’re discussing didn’t come into form himself until his late 20’s.
  6. Woo slides I believe yes. Utunen (sp?) maybe? Focht? Next year would be an overage year for him in junior if I’m not mistaken, perhaps they think it would serve him best to play pro hockey instead. I’m only throwing Try’s name out there because management has openly said they’re exploring the possibility of bringing him back and maybe Benning just grouped him in with young prospects to avoid saying “a few young prospects plus another sorta young guy whose prospect status is debatable” or something along those lines.
  7. More of a dark horse possibility than anything, especially considering Woo is already signed to a contract.
  8. Relatively speaking he’s young and by some definitions still a prospect. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was one of the five Jim was referring to.
  9. Tough to say that when neither one of em has ever done it.
  10. I believe we’d be stuck with his cap hit and salary prorated for the remainder of the season.
  11. Possible. I still think steroids are more widespread than failed drug tests would have you believe. I think the same is true in the NFL. I also think the change in approach to hitting is a significant factor in the increased home run output. Hitters are more inclined to sacrifice some average for more bombs.
  12. Who knows the league’s motivations behind it but yeah, I’d agree, the league probably knew and had done nothing about it. Not unheard of. Look at Ray Rice and the NFL. I could see it being that Houston is a big market that had been relatively unsuccessful for the last number of years so they figured it was for their own benefit to see the team succeed. It’s possible. I also don’t believe that the league has cracked down on steroids to the extent it appears to. Players are better at hiding it and know better than to juice themselves to the point of looking like bodybuilders and making it totally obvious. Steroids make the game better, integrity be damned.
  13. But the numbers still showed that they hit significantly better when they were proven to have cheated. Again, have you played? I’ll say it again- timing is huge. Timing is the difference between bombs and rolling over.