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  1. Nah, I'm not absolutely certain about this but I think he's right. Trades can happen after the deadline but those players aren't eligible for playoffs so nobody bothers making them.
  2. Yeah, he was always a little out there but he definitely crossed the threshold of eccentric to mentally ill.
  3. He said he was diagnosed, I think maybe two or three years ago. If you read the interview he did with Forbes that was released yesterday about his presidential “walk” you can kinda get a glimpse of it.
  4. It’s outrageous to think cops in Vancouver (a relatively safe city as compared to many cities south of the border) can make close to $200K after overtime while cops in some of the most dangerous cities in the US (looking at you, Flint) are being paid like $15-20 per hour. Who the hell would sign up for that?
  5. I’ve always thought “the law” was kind of complicated and convoluted but after seeing it explained in layman’s terms by common folk during this pandemic I totally understand it now.
  6. I generally think Don Lemon’s an idiot but I think in this instance he was referring to the separation between the BLM movement and the BLM organization. The two are not one and the same. I didn’t see the bit you’re referring to though so I’m just spitballing.
  7. When you get your kicks from bullying people on an online forum, that’s a bigger problem.
  8. Oh yes, you were certainly eviscerated in that thread. A brutal, merciless display of superior intellect.
  9. Pretty sure it was just the white noise clique (the self-anointed “cool kids” of CDC) thinking it would be funny to troll him on that thread with all the confused reactions.
  10. Luongo wanted to work for the Panthers and couldn’t if he was on LTIR. Trading for him wouldn’t have changed anything.
  11. Every municipality in the GVA laid off hundreds of employees in April for several weeks. The municipality I work for still has probably a few dozen employees laid off. People I know who work for the federal government saw lay offs or reduced hours. Property taxes were deferred and the rates were reduced as well.
  12. Meh, when you look at the remainder of the first round after Janko it really wasn’t that bad of a pick.
  13. Weisbrod also has a long history in the NE. It’s entirely possible he was as much an influence on our picks in that region as Brackett was.
  14. The issue to me is that Jake has a history of partying and not taking his career serious enough (showing up to camp out of shape...twice, if I’m not mistaken). Yet again it ends up on social media- he just doesn’t seem to be getting it. And what’s with the #worstcrewever hat? Just screams immaturity to me. Who gives a crap what Leipsic said- you’re in the league and he’s not. Grow up and get over it. I like Jake, always have. I’ve pulled for him since the day we drafted for him and will continue to, but like @King Heffy said, I don’t know if it’s ever going to work for him in Vancouver.
  15. You can hardly blame the guy. JT really forced his hand.
  16. Stromer drives a Super Duty. He made that very clear.
  17. To me, anybody who thinks Trump personifies the “tough guy” leadership they seem to be clamouring for in the video is just an absolute moron. He’s the biggest snowflake going, and a fat slob to boot.
  18. Cause he’s gonna drain the swamp and build a wall. He didn’t do it in his first term cause he was too busy owning the libs but he will in his second term. I’m sure of it.
  19. Watching the 2011 WCF Game 5 right now. Just showed the moment in the second period where he first hurt his hip going for a puck on the PK. It was kinda sad thinking I’d just witnessed the beginning of the end for Kes. 

  20. Sabre should come back cause he was just a solid member of CDC but we need desi, Harvey, La Bamba, and clam just for entertainment purposes.
  21. Dammit. I wish I’d seen what got him banned.