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  1. [PGT] Canucks @ Oilers

    3 stars of New Year's Eve according to NHL.com 1. Cam Atkinson 2 goals 2. Henrik Lundquist 2 goals on 27 shots 3. Jaromir Jagr 1 PPG, 1 assist SERIOUSLY, WHERE IS MARKY'S 2 GA ON 45 SHOTS?
  2. Like seriously WTF refs. Have some fing consistency in the very least. THE PUCK WAS IN THE NET BEFORE THERE WAS EVEN CONTACT!!!!! This really pisses me off especially with the Miller call last night.
  3. Has Stecher been on the ice all period? Because it really seems like it.
  4. Should have won. Hawks don't know how to defend and Darling bailed them out.
  5. What are the refs doing this game. Show up for the Canucks in the first half and the Hawks in the second.
  6. [GDT] Sens vs Canucks @ 7 pm, SNET V, TSN 5, RDS 2

    I can't watch this anymore. All blue sweaters seem to be standing.
  7. [GDT] Sens vs Canucks @ 7 pm, SNET V, TSN 5, RDS 2

    Stecher and Edler look like the best Canucks on the ice right now.
  8. [PGT] Canucks @ Ducks

    California still the black spot on the continent for the Canucks.
  9. Well, good night. California still the black spot of the continent for the Canucks.
  10. First time we have possession in the offensive zone and Larssen's stick shatters...
  11. The ducks will go ahead 3-0 by the end of the first period with our top line going -3. Perry, Getzlaf, Perry. By the end of the second, it'll be 3-2 with goals from Granlund and Hansen. We'll tie it up with less than 5 minutes to go, and it will be a goal FINALLY by Erikkson. In OT, Kesler flips the puck over the glass for a delay of game penalty and we win on the ensuing power play.