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  1. ? he does perfectly. prime age player with a lot of great hockey yet to be played. he also had POISE.
  2. ??? you're &^@#ing soft op.
  3. Jesus Adolf, a little excessive? why not just exterminate them while we're at t it? it's retarded to expect every user to be totally educated in all the subtle politics of the team like the hardcore minority. didnt know we had such lunatics here.
  4. Bs. Stat out your ass. It all depends on how you play.
  5. When did "don't even think about pulling me" happen then? I can't remember... was it round 1 against the hawks when he allowed 8?
  6. They should get him to agree to 10 mill on salary but under the table him the other 4 mil. Lol
  7. Canucks not going for it? Too bad... I'd pick him up, he's free (we'll not for the Aqua man...) and possesses a lot of talent, could be a steal, I can think of a few lines he may work on, Yakupov-Horvat-Boeser
  8. I don't see it at the moment... although one Gm season I traded for kyle Connor from the jets and put him on a line with Erickson and Horvat and simmed the entire year, Horvat had 55 goals and 45 assists and wound up being 89 overall. Lololol
  9. Hope we get Miller back, but if he gets an offer for a more competitive team, I couldn't hold it against him for signing elsewhere, he was criminally underrated for his time here. (Not by paycheques obviously... but effort and skill wise)
  10. Ahl is the best developmental league there is imo. Keeping him farther away just keeps his focus on winning where he is and not cracking the NHL.. again, just my opinion, but for development I say get him with the big leagues.
  11. Just my opinion but imo get him in Utica, get him with the Canucks diet and training staff, he'll easily put on 20 lbs in a year and not lose his speed and agility.
  12. So how's it work? I know Peterson is a bit young, is he gonna play overseas this year? Or is he Utica eligible? (I'm also assuming he doesn't crack our roster, which is still a slight possibility)
  13. Pettersson does need to put on at least 20lbs, 185 is about minimum. However, the fact that he's effective against pros at 160 is actually a good stat FYI... year of training with the Canucks org, he could be the forward we all dreamed of
  14. Wouldnt be good for creating relqtionships with other GMS for future trades.