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  1. [Proposal] Trade up to 1OA?

    I do ponder why everyone seems to give him such a high pedigree despite not having played an nhl game yet.
  2. [Proposal] Trade up to 1OA?

    Brainfart on my part, updated to buffalo
  3. If this is the wrong section, I apologize, please redirect it to the correct area. Hey CDC, I don’t think I’m being overzealous if I state that most of us were hoping to come up a little better in the draft, I personally felt like the idea of Dahlin on a team with Pettersson was too good to be true, but I had my hopes. All is not lost yet though... there is such a thing as trades, and within trades, you can actually do crazy things, like exchange your draft pick (and other assets) for a different asset. I was pondering what CDC felt about the possibility of making a deal for 1st overall, and in turn, what everyone would be comfortable giving up? Ill start, if buffalo was to give up 1OA, id start by offering them our 7th overall pick, and to compensate for the lack of Dahlin, offer Juolevi as well. 1ST OA, for 7th, Juolevi Now I doubt this would be enough to get the deal done, (considering Juolevi is not exactly tracking as we had hoped). But I wouldn’t want to give up much more.
  4. Its still the right thing to do. He is a POS on the ice, we all know it, but truth be told this gives me some closure on the fiasco, idk if he’s ever publically stated ANYTHING positive about the Sedins post 2011. Good move on him, it’s finally over with in my heart now. The past is the past. He was either going to say nothing, or say something kind... glad he went this route. On another note, I know Kes actually was good pals with Hank and Danny (despite having polar opposite personalities) has Kesler made a statement?
  5. Poll : Tavares , Karlsson or Save the dough ?

    You guys wanna see brock hit 40-50 goals next year? Sign Tavares
  6. Poll : Tavares , Karlsson or Save the dough ?

    We may be in a unique position here to actually get Tavares... karllson I’ll pass. Tavares, who knows, maybe if we get Dahlin and commit to being competitive, it can’t be worse then the islanders. otherwise he’s gotta take an insane pay cut to slot into a contender.
  7. Put Thy $ Where The Mouth Is! ('18-19, good, or bad?)

    Fewer injuries and a Bonafide #1 Goalie man make us a wild card contender next season. only question mark remains the defense
  8. [PGT] Anaheim Ducks vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Great game, lots of fun, I can’t help but wonder if some of the older guys are pulling it together in order to help give a more positive impression to the FNG (Gaudette) as for the draft... tankers, we get what we get, the lotto is rigged anyways, if we’re getting first overall this year then it’s already decided, it doesn’t matter if we win or lose the the rest of the games this year. my fingers are crossed that the nhl let’s us have dahlin because he’s Swedish and they don’t really care that much if he goes to a us team...
  9. Temper Expectations

    I could not agree more... Gaudette kicked ass in college, but I hope fans aren’t expecting him to be as good as brock was when he came into the league, brock is a first round talent, Gaudette will likely need to adjust and grow into the role more like Horvat did (but I’d love him to prove me wrong!) Everything I’ve seen of Gaudette screams mature young man, he’s gonna do whatever it takes to play here even if he has a slow start. Brock was a big deal this year so I’m sure Gaudette is aware and is going to try and meet the same expectations... I just hope he doesn’t get disappointed IF it doesn’t work out that way.
  10. Boeser and Buble at the Junos....

    If your name is Alex Edler, you run off to the tropics for 5 weeks then show back up for the end of season interviews. But no, he’s not forced to stay, he will have to do the EOS interview however.
  11. [Signing] Canucks sign Adam Gaudette

    Gaudette seems to like Brocks office for a lot of his goals. Hope Adam comes in and lights it up... puts some pressure on Brock to come in next year and re earn his spot light. Internal competition is good.
  12. THIS IS THE DAY, Canucks get #7

    This is the most depressing end to a canucks season I’ve ever experienced. for the record, all these losses are NOT good for the continued growth as players of Horvat, Stetcher, Leipsiec... anybody who may be on the team for years to come, For a small chance at 1st OA? FYI if the league wants us to have 1st, then we already do no matter what place we finish as long as it’s out of the playoffs. seeing as Van is a reasonable money maker for the league, and dahlin is a Swede, the fact that Pettersson is making headlines and the two played together in the WJC, they may just let us have him to generate some hype for next season. They also lives Brock because he’s American, so they may throw us a bone this draft. But seriously; all this losing makes me want to vomit.
  13. [Signing] Canucks sign Kole Lind

    Is he gonna get the brock treatment? finish the season with the nucks? did wonders for Brock’s development.
  14. Sure guys. situarion 1) at the keg while I was there, he showed up with his GF and was seated near me, he racked up a bill nearly around $1000, was extremely rude and condescending to the waitress and WALKED OUT on the bill. His gf came back 40 mins later claiming she “didn’t know” he did that and paid the bill. from what I heard afterwards, he was notorious for doing this everywhere and was actually not even seated at aom establishments anymore. at whiskey dix (a night club) he was hitting on this girl who’s boyfriend was there, the girl was trying to get away from him clearly and he grabbed her, her boyfriend actually knocked him out with a sucker punch. This one I didn’t witness but it was big news when it happened, he was also regularly late for practises, meetings, buff exclaimed this by throwing his track suit in the cold water tank one day. Does he sound like a jb/tg kind of guy?