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  1. If you could choose any former Canucks coach...

    This is true but it was easier than saying, “Choose your fantasy Canucks coach that was a former coach or also you could pick the current coach”. Bill LaForge falls into the “other” category and if you want to vote for him then why don’t you plead your case for that rather than nitpicking my thread.
  2. If you could choose any former Canucks coach...

    Well that’s no fun. Torts already got a vote and there’s probably a decent argument to be made that Torts could do quite well with this young upcoming roster. As for Keenan, he would be the guy to pick if somebody wanted to clean house.
  3. If you could choose any former Canucks coach...

    You make some valid points which could sway my vote actually. In fact, A.V. was a good coach on a very mediocre team at one point. There were a couple of years where the only way Canucks could win was by playing a very defensive game and with Luongo in net, they stole games. It shows that AV was able to coach with whatever strengths the team had. It sure would be interesting to see him coach this roster. But I wonder, would you take Green out right now if A.V. wanted in?
  4. Just for fun. Imagine you had the power to choose any past or current Canuck coach to man the helm of the upcoming season and beyond, who would you choose and why? Who would work out better with our current and future roster? Would you pick Travis Green, or would you go to a former coach like Alain Vigneault or perhaps Marc Crawford? Maybe Pat Quinn? What about Torts or Iron Mike? Roger Neilson? Vote, then explain your case!
  5. Do we give Bo the "C"? POLL

    After listening to Pettersson address the media with not cocky but super confident manner, I actually think that it’s Petterson who will be named captain eventually. He is extremely self aware and can talk about what needs to improve in his game but at the same time, you better not tell him what he can’t do or is not ready for because he will shut you down with all the poise of a battle hardened vet. Perhaps Bo will get the C in the meantime but watching Pettersson deal with the media, he controls the narrative completely and seems to understand the game and himself well beyond his years. I imagine him talking to a frenzied media about the team as a whole and and him calming everyone down with well considered opinions and matter of factness.
  6. Could this be the end of the Killer Bs?

    Well let’s see, if you are a Canucks fan which I assume most people that hang out on CDC are, then I’m pretty sure you care about which players make up the number 1 line on your team. Duh.
  7. Could this be the end of the Killer Bs?

    Can’t disagree but when playing on a line with Boeser and Horvat, you would rather the puck end up on their stick in front of the net as opposed to Edler. The point was that the feeds were very good but circumstances as they were, nothing came of them.
  8. Could this be the end of the Killer Bs?

    Geez relax bro! I’m not hating on Edler. I’m just stating the obvious that he’s not a finisher. Had Brock or Bo gotten those two glorious feeds I’m confident at least one of them finds the back of the net. My point was that even though no goal came of the two passes to Edler, they were still great set ups!
  9. Could this be the end of the Killer Bs?

    Goldobin sure looked like the playmaker in the Nashville game. Aside from the sweet play for the Boeser goal, he handed Edler two golden opportunities earlier in the game but alas, it was Edler so nothing came of it.
  10. Could this be the end of the Killer Bs?

    Well, here ya go! Introducing the Bee Gees line!
  11. After the performance by the team against Nashville tonight, it would seem there are some lineup decisions to be made. I believe Travis Green is a coach who likes to stick with what is working for the most part (goaltending decisions aside). I am willing to bet we see the same line configurations for Saturday’s game vs. the Leafs. So, with the possibility of another strong game from the top line of Bo, Boeser and Goldy, is this the end of the Killer Bs?
  12. The younger the better. They have been practicing that for years.
  13. Burrows sacrificed himself on purpose by turning into the boards to get checked head first into the boards. Gotta hand it to him, he knew he was responsible for a nearly impossible hill to climb and he sacrificed himself to make up for it. That's heart.
  14. Bodog had Canucks at 10 -1 after they went down 3-0.