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  1. Happy Birthday you big dope! Have fun in Utica!
  2. I understand the excitement, believe me I'm excited that we have some guys that will stand up, but it's getting a tad ridiculous IMO.
  3. Yeah, fair. I'm just talking about people who are straight up analysing just the fighting ability of Ferland and not his hockey ability as much. And putting him in matchups with Gudbranson? It's not a productive conversation. I love what Ferland brings, he's a deterrent, a fighter when he needs to be, and a big hitter. But most important is his talent, and it irritates me that we're talking about his impact with his fists instead of his impact on the scoreboard.
  4. God, shut up about fighting. What I'm excited about is that we signed a guy who plays a power game and produces, we did not sign him to go headhunting or fighting all the time. Unnecessary fighting will lead to more concussions and do not make an impact at any point in the game. Guddy was a good fighter but a terrible HOCKEY PLAYER, stop talking about this useless BS, it's hockey, not ****ing boxing.
  5. I know it's very early, it's not even halfway through July, but I can see the Canucks winning a round or two if they make it to the playoffs this upcoming season.

    1. J-23


      I can see us winning the cup.

    2. milk and honey

      milk and honey

      Same! Amazing what a month can do to a team!


      Hopefully the guys stay healthy, build chemistry, and play for the team.


      also Boeser signed to a reasonable deal.


      GMJB gonna bring a cup home soon! 

  6. LeBron and AD look like a supervillain duo from a Disney movie.

    1. Alflives



      Make Lakers Great Again :lol:

  7. I'd rather have Gardiner than Myers. From what I've read from Jets fans, he isn't worth it, Gardiner at least provides offense.
  8. This OP is so bad. It's like an unintentional parody of itself.
  9. Imagine cheering for the Warriors... 

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    2. 6string


      @NewbieCanuckFan...Granville St.Theatres/Commodore and Arcades on the weekend were nights I didn't recall the next day lol....

    3. 18W-40C-6W


      @Twilight Sparkle they didn't choke, it was an even game and to be fair they outplayed the warriors again and really could have won all 5 games. Game 2 they have away, this game, the Warriors just kept hitting 3's. They won't win the series that way, it was absurd how many they were hitting. Its the raps series. If they lose in 7 I'll call it a choke, but there was some awful calls / non calls too that would have made the difference for the raps.

    4. J-23


      @18W-40C-6W Warriors entire 5 year dynasty has been about hitting 3's. They have the two best 3 point shooters in NBA history. If they're going to win this series that's the only way they are going to win...if KD didn't get injured they hitting a lot more 3's

  10. hi

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      Hi! My name is (what?)
      My name is (who?)
      My name is
      Elias Pettersson
      Hi! My name is (huh?)
      My name is (what?)
      My name is
      Elias Pettersson

  11. I ****ing love these playoffs. I say Canes in 7, I think it's going to be a very interesting series.
  12. Lou Lamoriello hasn't been the Devils' GM in 5 years. lol
  13. Tampa...


    Image result for certified bruh moment