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  1. NBA officiating is awful, I'd say it's worse than NHL officiating. :sadno:

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    2. Toews



      It doesn't help that an NBA official got caught betting on games a little over a decade ago.  It makes you wonder how many other officials in the NBA never were or have yet to be caught fixing games for their own benefit.


      Fortunately I lost any major interest in pro basketball 20 years or so ago.


      These days, the players basically run the friggin' league.

      @SabreFan1 The current system only really works for the superstars. Don't get me wrong, the way the NBA revenues are even bench players get paid a crap ton of money. But the reality as a bench player is that you know you are commodity and the team feels zero obligation towards you. Its quite likely you are going to bounce around in 5 different teams in like 8 seasons so you have no continuity and the constant movement makes it harder to develop your game.


      Superstars can choose where they want to play but about 90% of the league will basically have little to no control over their future unless they want to intentionally take a haircut to play in a big city on a contender. Its basically become a system where no one feels any loyalty towards anyone, GMs trade guys without much of a thought and players do the same. If a superstar like Anthony Davis doesn't feel that he needs to honour his contract then no GM feels they need to show any loyalty towards a player even if they signed him like a week ago. 


      Combine this all with how boring the game has become with little to no defense played and constant chucking up 3s and it has made the sport borderline unwatchable. The regular season is basically the pre-season and the playoffs don't usually start until the 2nd round is over. The NBA used to be hands-down IMO the most entertaining league in the world. Now to me its easily the most boring. 

    3. Ghostsof1915


      NCAA basketball is far more entertaining. 

    4. SabreFan1


      @Toews The star angle is my point.  Two or three stars talk to one another and decide that they want to play for one certain team to get an easy/cheap championship ring or two, and there goes any kind of intrigue until they move on to a bigger paycheque once they have their rings. 


      Can you imagine if all of a sudden several of the NHL's best players decided that they wanted to go to Edmonton and win a couple of cups with McDavid?