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  1. In the past year I have stopped caring about the business and management side of hockey. I noticed that I was getting too caught up in what will the Canucks do with their cap issues and how will they make this team competitive. As I watched this team this season I stopped caring about that and just wanted to support this team and watch hockey. I have to say, getting out of that mindset really helped me find joy in supporting this team again, since I let my mind off of what management will do and what this team will look like in 2-3 years. I remembered that all these issues are not my problem and that it is up to the guys who actually are paid to do their job. What I see on these forums, even if everybody here is passionate about this team, seem too caught up in the business of hockey that they forget to just simply sit back and enjoy this team and for what it is this season.

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      but the cost of beer

      to enjoy with the experience of watching hockey

      still haunts me

      and my pocket book