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  1. I like how you incorporated "back end" into the diarrhea bit. Well played
  2. It's almost like a race to see who in the media can ask the most dumbass question(s)
  3. Amen to that.I'll be waiting for the day when we can draft hughs-son
  4. And he won't this stature when he is in the NHL
  5. Jim Sandlak comes to mind
  6. shrimp koolaid sounds kinda gross.
  7. If he goes to training camp he loses his college eligibility, no?
  8. amen to that. Crusty old MF.
  9. And he's got room on that frame for a few pounds. Might end up playing at 180-190
  10. Could be our future 3rd line center.
  11. I Can't believe Hughes fell to us. Thank you hockey gods
  12. I thought Petterrson wasn't a great skater?
  13. As long as the plumbing still works I know I'm alive