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  1. You know what, It's horrendous but it's kind of awesome. There's beauty in the bizarre, and luckily for them it's just for a one-off game. Fair play.
  2. To now know what Markstrom has been dealing with.. to be playing through those thoughts. Man, that's rough. RIP Mr. Markstrom.
  3. Such a crummy way to lose, but guys, that was a game where we were the better team for the majority of the game. We managed to show a ton of heart, and we were right there with one of the best, heaviest, teams around. Let's take the point and move on. & Honestly as pissed as I was, I legitimately laughed at what happened. Life goes on, lads
  4. Since they have them made and numbered, I don't see why they wouldn't opt to wear those jerseys for this one game, given it's 70's night.
  5. Can't say enough how awesome it is to have such strong characters on our team. Even though I loved our 2011 team, part of me was always annoyed at certain antics some of our guys would partake in. I've heard from a lot of fans of other teams that our team is really likable and hard working, which warms my cockles.
  6. This is a team that is having fun and playing for each other. You can’t tell me these guys wouldn’t go to war for each other right now.
  7. That was a direct result of Millsy being a beauty for the entirety of that shift
  8. Has anyone been listening to the things J Pat has had to say this season on 1040? I've disliked him as much as anyone over the years, but to me it seems like he's been overwhelmingly positive and honest this season. He hasn't been digging for negativity as much and I give him credit for that.
  9. iMac saying that the leave of absence Marky took was encouraged by the management.. well done by them. Family first.
  10. Amazed me how many bad luck plays and odd bounces happened against us.. couldn't believe it. PP was frustrating to watch. Sucks to lose via Hughes goal. Sucks to lose a streak like that. But, game on tomorrow. Let's get this one back, lads.
  11. Me & my cousin coming back to the family dinner from a "walk"
  12. Loved seeing (and hearing) Tony sticking up for himself at the end there. The guy can drop an F bomb!