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  1. FWIW a ton of Bruins fans are really upset that he isn’t a Bruin anymore. Equally stings for them that he is now a Canuck haha. I’m a fan of these signings today, paving the way! I’ll leave this here for everyone..
  2. You sound like such a &^@#in twat good god
  3. Quinn Hughes | D

    I know it’s a little thing, but him calling Lockwood “a great human being” kind of showed some insight into the character he has. It’s great.
  4. [GDT] 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    It makes me happy seeing JB so happy
  5. Okay. I managed to make it throughout this whole ordeal without full on crying, but this had me going. We've all seen the video of them giving the puck to Dorsett, but in this one you can actually see the guy crying. That's where I LOST IT.
  6. [PGT] Arizona Coyotes vs. Vancouver Canucks

    2 things: 1: With all of the hate we've experienced since 2011, all the chirps, just the overall negativity that seemed to follow us around, this week has felt really good, having the league say such nice things about our legends. 2: Imagine the goosebumps the guys must've felt when they were waiting to head out for the third in the tunnel and heard the viking clap going?!
  7. [PGT] Vegas Golden Knights vs. Vancouver Canucks

    There was a moment, I don't remember when exactly, it was either after the 3rd goal or the tying goal, the arena was still buzzing and the sedins lead the rush over the blue line and shorty went "and here come the sedins!" And everyone was losing it. For those two seconds I was literally brought back to the days when not only were they they one of the most dominant pairs in the league, but we were one of the most dominant teams in the league too. If anything, it only made me more excited for the bright future we have ahead of us.
  8. [PGT] Vegas Golden Knights vs. Vancouver Canucks

    What a game. Some moments there where you just had to stop and think:
  9. I wonder if either for their last home game vs Arizona or their last game overall against Edmonton anyone will start a handshake line for them like they did for Smyth? Still processing this, looked up to them ever since I was a kid. Wish nothing but the best for the twins.
  10. Brendan Gaunce | #50 | C/LW

    If it means anything to anyone, I worked on a video shoot last November with Hutton and Gaunce and Brendan was incredibly polite and was more than willing to converse with anyone on set. Not that he's Gretzky or anything but he still treated everybody as if they were all equal, and he wasn't afraid to have a laugh and mess around. We had one of those prank shocker things on set and he and Ben both took turns trying it to see how long they could go. It was hilarious. He and Ben also brought their own sticks from practice and signed them for whoever wanted them.
  11. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    Ferraro is great, I really enjoy him when he's on 1040! Sometimes he says things I'll disagree with, but that's just the reality of life isn't it.
  12. Jonah Gadjovich | LW

    It looks like after that goal he was telling his boys not to celly. Classy fella.
  13. [PGT] Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Wow, that photo is from a post on Hockey Chirps that I did when I first started working for theCHIVE haha.
  14. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Anaheim Ducks

    It was a bad game, but we need to rally around our boys. I don't buy that anyone on our team doesn't want to be here. From what I've seen and heard, Guddy loves it here. Let's keep the positive vibe that these boards have had for most of the season so far. I like it.