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  1. NJD seems to be going full youth movement and it doesn't sound like they are willing to take a veteran with term in return. Will be hard for the Canucks to make something work. Fitzgerald says his strategy is to build around Hischier/Hughes and have a bunch of players in that age range grow together.
  2. And none for NJD either. They have Blackwood in goal who they really like. They have Brodeur who is pretty well positioned to evaluate goalies. No reason to add Demko and block Blackwood. Fitzgerald says he's building around Hischier/Hughes - both are rather slight. Madden is not going to dislodge them at C1/C2. If Madden is C3 it makes them so light down the middle.
  3. NJD going full youth movement under Fitzgerald. He says he wants to build around Hischier/Hughes and have a bunch of players in that age range just grow together. Coleman is signed for another year at 1.8M. Has 21 goals and is 28 years old. Not the right age group.
  4. 1.8M for another year. 28 years old. Top penalty killer and already 21 goals on the season. Fitzgerald talks of building around Hischier/Hughes. He wants to have a bunch of players in that age range who can grow together. Looks like the Devils are looking to open up spots and limit the number of veterans.
  5. Howard is UFA. Zetterberg doesn't use a roster spot. Baertschi has 1 more year and Eriksson 2 and they use up 2 roster spots. Detroit has no upcoming UFAs at forward - only RFAs. If they add 2 veterans at F - it reduces the spots for their young forwards and limits the cap to sign them. They already have Adbdelkader, Nielsen, Helm, Filppula, Glendening. They are rebuilding and trying to get younger. They also have to keep cap flexibility as their RFAs need new deals.
  6. They believe in Kaprisov and have Fiala. David Poile made the bet that Fiala will become a 30 goal scorer when he traded him. He's had no one to set him up this season and had to create the goals himself. Boeser has mostly played with elite playmaker Pettersson.
  7. That's the ask though per Friedman - see below. Pretty much guaranteed that he is not going anywhere. The Wild have plenty of wingers and their wing prospects are doing really well. They are missing high end Cs. They have Khovanov and it seems like Boldy played some C but that's pretty much it. They have no C2 and have been forcing wingers to play C. Staal has slowed down and his age is showing. Getting a C1 is a desperate need. Getting a winger like Boeser is an unnecessary luxury - in a few years it would be different. They are stuck with Parise, Zuccarello, are really high on Fiala and Guerin thought so much of Kaprisov that he traded Zucker to create a spot for him. Guerin wouldn’t discuss specifics, but, according to industry buzz, the most asked-about player on his roster is Jonas Brodin, followed by Mathew Dumba. (I’d bet there’s a bit for Marcus Foligno, too.) I don’t get the sense he’s inclined to do anything with either, unless it involves an elite centre, or maybe a No. 2 centre, providing that includes something extra — like a couple of first-rounders or something along those lines. Whatever the case, Guerin could have made several moves already, but showed patience. The biggest beneficiary may be the Wild itself, because it would have been easy to give up on Kevin Fiala, now on a tear. “Big difference,” Guerin said. “He’s driven.”
  8. Guerin wants a C1 in return for Dumba. They have too many wingers and no playmaking Cs. Boeser's scoring ability would be wasted in Minnesota with how they are set up. Vanek was a Gopher hero and fans turned on him in Minnesota because he couldn't maintain his production with how they were set up.
  9. Not Guerin though. It was Fenton that wanted Boeser for Zucker. He's no longer in charge. Guerin is looking for a C1.
  10. Minnesota is the best team in the league at limiting quality chances against. Their goals against is about very poor goal tending but personnel wise they are excellent on D. They have no use for Stecher - too limited offence and no physical nastiness. Friedman says elite C1 or C2 + 2x 1st round picks for Dumba - it's pretty much guaranteed that Guerin won't find what he is looking for. They are going to have to draft that C1. Boeser's scoring ability would be wasted in Minnesota for now. In a few years maybe but in the immediate it just doesn't make sense. He wouldn't make their team better. The Wild are trying to rebuild. Why do you think they traded a veteran in Zucker for futures?
  11. Fiala is worth more to the Wild than Boeser.
  12. Khovanov - Kaprisov for the Wild.
  13. Boeser would have trouble succeeding in Minnesota. They have no playmaking Cs to set him up and have very limited speed - he's not one that can create separation with his skating.
  14. Fiala is a RW. He has no C to play with - there's no one to set him up. Koivu (demoted to 4th line), Rask (buyout candidate and regular healthy scratch) or Donato (winger moved to C and often scratched) have been his Cs - they don't come anywhere close to Pettersson. Since 1 November he is 0.82 (14 goals) to Boeser's 0.70 (9 goals). Fiala was on PP2 until recently vs PP1 for Boeser. This trade really makes no sense for the Wild. Soucy has emerged as a top-4 D that allows Guerin to trade Dumba to get a C1. Khovanov is one of their best prospects that also projects as a top 6C which is a major area of weakness. Here's the latest title on Fiala: