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  1. Lars Eller is normally their C3 but he is not yet back with the team and didn't play this game. His wife just gave birth.
  2. Chris Lee and Francis Charron and linesmen Michel Cormier and David Brisebois
  3. The Coyle goal stood and Canes got penalised because Brin d'Amour challenged the wrong play on a ref screw up.
  4. They have Nilsson signed for another year at 2.6M. Don't see them demoting him or going with 3 goalies. They might prefer to wait until after the expansion draft and make a trade then.
  5. NYI wouldn't want Demko. They've just signed their future number 1 goalie in Sorokin. They've brought in Varlamov to mentor him. NYI is in cap trouble and only have 10M to extend Barzal, Pulock and Toews. They are most certainly not parting ways with Dobson on an ELC. He has also been playing well according to Trotz. Montreal are looking to add young Ds too. Teams need cap space too and ELC players allow them to keep higher paid players.
  6. Holland was not willing to trade him back then. Don't see him doing it now that the door for a return has opened.
  7. Virtanen's trade value might have just tanked. He was not even able to make games 1 of the play-ins and it took injury to get him into the lineup. He also didn't even reach the 10 minute mark in the games he played. The executives in the Edmonton bubble got to see him play and how he was not particularly trusted by Green. He will be 24 this month and has played close to 300 NHL games. He's not a young player with untapped potential anymore. He has arbitration rights also. Drance thinks he could have a case to ask for 3-3.5M through arbitration. Not many teams, if any, will be willing to take that risk. The arbitration award is several weeks after free agency and teams could be forced to clear cap space late in the off-season to sign him. Teams are not allowed to walk away if an award is under a certain amount - it was around 4.4M last year.
  8. Holtby just had a poor season. Minnesota fired their goaltending coach and are looking for improvements. They also have Kakhonen who was just voted AHL goalie of the year. They might only be looking for a stop-gap goalie rather than a starter with term. Guerin might just look at his former team with Rutherford looking to move one of Murray/Jarry.
  9. Puljujarvi talked of a possible return to Edmonton back in June. Holland has been in contact with him too. “You can never say no," Puljujarvi told Finnish news outlet Tampere Iltalehti. "I have grown and I see things a little differently. There’s now a different GM and head coach out there. Build a winning team in Edmonton. It may be possible that I will still be playing there.”
  10. Hughes was injured. He signed on 10 March when there was 13 games left to the season but was only able to play 5 of them due to injury. As of 10 he would have become expansion draft eligible and could sign an offer sheet. Benning when asked said he wasn't worried about the 10 game limit.