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  1. Who is CJ? PL is Pierre LeBrun? Ferland will want at least Niederreiter money. Niederreiter is 5.25M and is lower in the lineup.
  2. Duchene is discussing 8-9M with Ottawa according to LeBrun/McKenzie. Stone is going to get more than that.
  3. mll

    [GDT] Around the NHL | January (13-19) 2019

    Rask left the game with a concussion after Chytil was sent flying into him by McAvoy.
  4. The quote: "Samuel Girard and Ellis have insane IQ as smaller Ds drafted by Nashville." That's why "drafted". Samuel Girard was drafted by Nashville who was then traded to Colorado as part of the trade that got them Turris. Fabbro and Girard were drafted the same year. Ahead of the draft Poile said he hoped to draft Ds in the 1st and 2nd round because of how long it takes to develop them and how weak they are at the position in their prospect pool. Girard has been dealt and it leaves them Fabbro.
  5. They have weaknesses but Poile says his biggest mistake in the past has been giving up assets and forgetting that chemistry is so hard to find. Players told Poile that they didn't want changes to the roster because they feel they have something special and he agreed. He talks about how they have the opportunity to keep their window open for a very long time. There's the expansion draft coming so Fabbro is critical as they will likely not be able to protect 4 Ds this time. They have no other high end D prospect. Their whole system is around the high end mobility and offensive skills of their top-4. Nashville's game is defend by pushing for offence. They want to maximise the time spent in the other team's end. That's why they moved on from Weber. They felt they were spending more time defending - he's great at that but they think in terms of goal differential. Create more and lose a bit on defence but they think it's better than have a bit less offence and better defence. As it is, their GF went up and their GA went down because they spend less time defending so the goal differential increased. Adding Sutter to be a shutdown C would change their structure and I don't think that's what they want to do. Sissons-Bonino-Watson was their best line in the 1st round vs Colorado. They produced while playing against the MacKinnon line. Laviolette says there is no one he trusts more with 30 seconds to go to protect the lead. The F that disappeared in the playoffs was Turris - so if anything he's the guy to be replaced. High o-zone starts and the only line that is not a matchup line. Fiala is having a frustrating season but he is from the same draft class as Virtanen - so maybe not one to replace quite yet but that's where they need the upgrade. Jarnkrok can play in his spot though. Their 2nd line is weak but that's not Sutter. Weber is 650K to play 10min a night and there's no reason to bring in Stecher. Stecher is pretty limited offensively - there's a reason why Green doesn't have him on the PP, in OT or when they are trying to score. He doesn't work all that well with the Fs. Samuel Girard and Ellis have insane IQ as smaller Ds drafted by Nashville.
  6. All 3 of Virtanen, Leivo and Granlund are 0.35 ppg. Neither has really detached himself from the other production wise granted Leivo has played with better offensive players. Goldobin is a better offensive option and it's showing that the trust is not there. Last game Green felt that half the team was not playing well.
  7. Why would they want Sutter when they already have Bonino, Sissons, Jarnkrok - who are all Cs and have the same role as his. Also Weber has a significantly better shot than Stecher. Also Stecher takes too many weak shots on net when he has Fs wide open - it makes for an easy save and stops the play. It doesn't work for Nashville.
  8. or switch Sutter and Horvat. Roussel-Horvat-Virtanen works too.
  9. mll

    [GDT] Around the NHL | January (13-19) 2019

    That's in contradiction to what Hitch told media in Edmonton. He asked Chiarelli to recall him because he wanted to develop him personally: “I’ve had a lot of success, quite frankly, taking players like Jesse and having quick turns. And probably some days he’s going to get tired of my voice because it’s going to be during practice like it was today, and he caught himself, and away he goes. But when you see something that good and that much, as a coach you want to take responsibility for the growth of the player. You don’t want to sit there and watch him play in the American Hockey League and think, ‘Ah, he’s going to score a few goals and that’s going to fix everything. Or he’s going to do this.’ There’s elements of is game, it doesn’t matter what league he’s playing in, have to get better and I want that responsibility because the top end is awful, awful high and I want to work with that.”
  10. mll

    [GDT] Around the NHL | January (13-19) 2019

    Standing ovation for Trotz in his return to Washington.
  11. mll

    [Waivers] Dale Weise

    He has not been assigned and is still part of the 23 player roster.
  12. They haven't managed to be fully healthy this season. Turris is now on IR and before him Forsberg and Arvidsson but this would be a plausible lineup. Bonino is their shutdown line with Jarnkrok also a strong two-way F that can play C2. Their top-6 is set although Fiala is struggling and has at times played lower in the lineup. There's not even room for Tolvanen other than maybe replacing Grimaldi. Forsberg Johansen Arvidsson Fiala Turris Smith Sissons Bonino Watson Hartman Jarnkrok Grimaldi Fabbro is the only D that could replace one of their top-4. It seems unlikely that Subban extends with Nashville. They won't pay him market value. Ellis took a discount and so did Rinne. Josi already said what Ellis did was the right thing suggesting he'll do the same. Poile argues that Nashville's cost of living is advantageous re the tax situation. He also doesn't want to give NTC/NMCs - Rinne is the only exception. At the end of last season Poile said that it hardly ever happens, but the players told him they don't want changes - they like the group they have. He agrees that the group is special. UFAs will obviously be replaced and they would like to add Tolvanen and Fabbro. Fabbro will have a year or 2 overlapping with Subban. They'll bring him along like they did Jones.