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  1. They rank on point percentage and use wins in regular time as tie-breaker. After the play-ins they'll just rank 8-15 the 8 teams that have lost. Each of those teams have an equal chance (1/8th ie 12.5%) of moving up if the standard lottery on June 26 is won by placeholders 8-15th rather than the 7 teams already eliminated. Other than that possible 2nd lottery, the Calgary-Winnipeg play-ins is the outcome that won't impact the Canucks' ranking. TOR-CBJ and FLA-NYI will pick after the Canucks save for a lottery win. All the other play-ins could see Vancouver move up a spot if the better ranked team lost. Canucks are picking 13th if the order is respected. MTL CHI ARI WPG/CGY NYR and then Vancouver. One of those teams win (other than WPG/CGY) and Canucks move up. Match-ups shown by colour: Montreal Canadiens 12 .500 Pittsburgh Chicago Blackhawks 12 .514 Edmonton Arizona Coyotes 11 .529 Nashville Minnesota Wild 10 .558 Vancouver Winnipeg Jets 9 .563 Calgary Calgary Flames 8 .564 Winnipeg New York Rangers 11 .564 Carolina Vancouver Canucks 7 .565 Minnesota Nashville Predators 6 .565 Arizona Florida Panthers 10 .565 NYI Columbus Blue Jackets 9 .579 Toronto Toronto Maple Leafs 8 .579 Columbus Edmonton Oilers 5 .585 Chicago New York Islanders 7 .588 Florida Carolina Hurricanes 6 .596 NYR Pittsburgh Penguins 5 .623 Montreal
  2. This quote by Daly is about new ELCs - Boeser, Hughes, Makar, Tolvanen (KHL) would not be allowed to sign this season. It's about 1s time ELCs - Rathbone for the Canucks, Sorokin for NYI, Romanov for Montreal, Scott Perunovich for STL, Kaprisov for Minnesota but not Tryamkin who is RFA and already cannot play. The league does not want to allow new ELCs for this season while in the past those players were allowed to sign.
  3. Every player that belongs to the Canucks is on the reserve list. Horvat, Miller are on the reserve list as players under contract. Rathbone, Podkolzin as unsigned draftees. Tryamkin as a RFA. It's limited to 90 players. CBA - Article 1 Definitions: "Reserve List" means the list of all Players to whom a Club has rights including all Unsigned Draft Choices, all Players signed to an SPC (whether or not currently playing in the NHL), and all Players who have signed an SPC but who have subsequently been returned to Juniors. A Club may have on its Reserve List, at any one time, not more than 90 Players, which shall include the following: (a) Not more than 50 Players signed to an SPC and not less than 24 Players and 3 goalkeepers under an SPC. Age 18 and age 19 Players who were returned to Juniors, and who have not played 11 NHL Games in one season, shall be exempt from inclusion in the 50 Player limit.
  4. 1/8th. Revenue is split 50/50 between players / owners. It's a 5 billion dollar league. Rough proxy 31 teams x salary cap x 2 Compliance buyouts have a cost and owners are already losing money. Per Friedman more and more executives are saying that owners don't want compliance buyouts as they don't want the extra cost. Compliance buyouts increase escrow - don't see players wanting them either. They'll probably operate on an artificial cap and find a mechanism to make up for the losses over time.
  5. He signed his ELC with Vegas and burned that 1st year - he never played a game but he was an option to play. It was a 1 year ELC because of his age. Like Boeser, Makar etc he was a 1st time ELC and not a RFA as he had never ever played in the NHL before. Vegas then traded his rights to NJD in the off-season and NJD signed him to his 2nd contract - 2 years at 4.5M.
  6. Friedman in his 31 thoughts: 5. Nothing is certain, but I do think there’s a decent chance re-seeding becomes the playoff setup as opposed to bracketing.
  7. Gusev signed his ELC - ie his 1st ever NHL contract. Tolvanen also signed at the end of the season with Nashville coming from the KHL. Gusev and Tolvanen were on new ELCs like Boeser, Makar, Hughes. Tryamkin is a RFA and will sign his 2nd NHL contract. They are not in the same category of players. New ELCs have always been allowed to sign but this year the league does not want to authorise it. That's what they are talking about in media because it's a change from previous years and the NHLPA is fighting it. Tryamkin is trying to sign his 2nd contract. He is a RFA and not a new ELC player.
  8. Justin Williams was a UFA and was not on any teams reserve list. He could have signed with any team. UFAs can be signed up to the TDL to participate in the playoffs. Nashville did that with Mike Fisher. There are several different category of players and each are treated differently. Tryamkin is a group 2 RFA and that category of player cannot play if they are not signed by 1 December. Current media is talking about new ELC players like Romanov, Scott Perunovich, Ian Mitchell, Rathbone etc. Tryamkin does not fall in that category of players. Boeser and Hughes signed once their season was over - Canucks did not make the playoffs that year. Makar signed during the playoffs. Dreger talks of entry level players - ie new ELCs.
  9. Benning talks of signing him for next year. He can't sign this year. He's a RFA and had to be signed by 1 December to be allowed to play this season. Even his agent isn't talking of him signing this season but next. Diamond added, however, that the two sides will likely have to wait to reach a deal until the fate of the current season is decided and next year's salary cap is set. “Things are obviously stuck because of the uncertainty of the near future and what affect it’s going to have on the numbers,” Diamond said. “We have to see what the cap is going to look like and if we can march this thing forward, or if we can’t.”
  10. mll

    Judd Brackett

    This article is from a couple of years ago by Daniel Wagner from Pass It To Bullis but is possibly worth another read. Brackett talks of how scouting / drafting is a collaborative effort and provides some insight on their process. He credits different scouts for finding Pettersson/Boeser and talks of what they saw in Gaudette, DiPietro.
  11. For the NHL he was a RFA. The reserve list includes the players whose rights the team owns - RFAs as well as prospects who have yet to sign an ELC. Puljujarvi was a signed player in Liiga on the Oilers reserve list. He too is a RFA and had to be signed by 1 December had he wished to play this season.
  12. Tryamkin is on the reserve list as group 2 RFA. He has already played on his ELC and will not be signing an ELC but a normal contract. The reserve list if for all players whose rights belong to the Canucks but who are not under contract. It's RFAs as well as prospects who have yet to sign their first contract. As a group 2 RFA he cannot sign or play this season. From the CBA: 11.4 Signing Deadline for Group 2 Free Agent. An SPC for a Group 2 Free Agent will be rejected and will be null and void ab initio (i.e., the Player's Free Agency and contractual status shall revert to the status he held prior to signing his SPC), if it is not signed and filed with Central Registry by 5:00 p.m. New York time on December 1 in the then current NHL Season.
  13. Not the same situations. RFAs have to be signed by 1 December to be allowed to play. Makar was a 1st time ELC. Those players were allowed to sign in the past. The league does not want to allow it this season. The NHLPA is fghting the league against that decision. It affects Romanov, Sorokin, Rathbone for the Canucks but not Tryamkin. Radulov was under contract - he was still on his ELC when he left for the KHL and returned for the playoffs on his ELC. It was not a new contract.