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  1. Their Ds are that good when all 4 are healthy. A year ago they had 200pts from their Ds which was 2nd just behind Nashville. With Dumba injured they dropped down to 150pts last season. League average is around 160pts. Canucks by comparison had 122pts 2 seasons ago and 135pts last season. This was the Wild's heat map of shots against - it shows were shots against are coming from. You want it to be as blue as possible from the scoring areas. The Wild are good at keeping shots against from the perimeter. Goaltending has been shaky but defensively they have been sound and Spurgeon was a big reason for that. Last year Suter was struggling all season with his ankle. They lost Dumba in November. Spurgeon was holding the fort together.
  2. Morrow got to play 40 games last season because of injuries. 21:40 over the past 5 years. Over those years Trouba and Morrissey gradually earned more ice time. They were deeper back then with Enstrom also in the mix. Four season ago Morrissey was 6th playing under 16 minutes now Morissey plays over 22 minutes.
  3. Hutton played over 22 minutes a night for the Canucks mostly due to injuries. Byfuglien only played 42 games last season and averaged over 24min a night - they had to spread his minutes around. Myers was 4th with 20:20. In the playoffs with Byfuglien healthy he was 5th with 18:30.
  4. Spurgeon is a legit top pairing D. He plays in any situation and goes up against every teams best lines. Boudreau last week was asked who is his favourite player on the team and answered that for him Spurgeon is the perfect athlete. He talked of how he just protects any D he plays with. Boudreau was very skeptical of Spurgeon when he took the job but changed his mind quickly and talked of how he plays so much bigger than his size and how incredibly smart he is. He says Spurgeon doesn't play with a lot of fanfare but he never puts himself in a position to be in a bad position. He called him a Suter on the right side. Over the past 5 season in over 360 games and 8'500 minutes he has only had 34 minor penalties - it's all smart positioning where he doesn't need to hook or grab to defend. From Custance ahead of the draft when there were rumours that he could be available despite Fenton saying their priority was to extend him: “Spurgeon is the guy we need,” said one executive from a team looking to add defense this summer. “I’m a big fan. A huge fan,” said an NHL scout. Said another executive: “I don’t know how you’d replace him. That doesn’t make sense to me. He’s terrific for them.”
  5. They were stuck in no man's land under Fletcher - good enough to make the playoffs but not good enough to go deep. He also traded so many draft picks. They were missing game breakers. Fenton believed Fiala is one and so does Poile but he's not there yet. Kaprisov could be another - he should join at the end of the season once his contract is up. Dumba is on his way to become one. All summer they've been saying that their success will depend on their young players taking the next step. Boudreau shared his tentative lines for the season - they are giving increased roles to their young players. For this season I think they are better than they are given credit for. Their top-4 is really good and a healthy Dumba is going to give them a real boost. Dubnyk needs to be better. Parise and Zuccarello can still play. Zucker has to rebound. ErikssonEk has to push Koivu to C4. Zucker Staal Fiala Parise Donato Zuccarello Greenway Koivu Kunin Foligno ErikssonEk Hartman
  6. The Wild are very good defensively but need to be better in net. They were the team that allowed the least shots against from the inner slot last season according to SportslogIQ video tracking software. They were also the team that allowed the least mid-to-high scoring chances against according to MSG' Network's Valiquette's tracking company. That's a large part thanks to Spurgeon who carried the team defensively. Suter was playing on a hurt ankle and they lost Dumba in November. The year before with all 4Ds healthy - they had 200pts from their blue line. That was 2nd behind Nashville that season.
  7. He wasn't going to play with them just train with them - there's the risk of injury. The season is already underway - not sure they even had a spot open for him. In the Swiss league there's a limit on players with foreign licences for each team so they might not want to use one on a player that is there only temporarily. Athanasiou went to train in Switzerland as he waited for Detroit but was not a roster player. Nylander trained also with teams in Austria and Sweden.
  8. They will likely operate with a roster of under 23 players. The Marlies are in Toronto so they could go easily down to 20 when at home. They have so many contracts at 700-800K that should help them build an opening roster that allows them to get full LTIR relief and still bank some cap space - will need to see who they move around on opening night. Start at 23 players to get right at the cap to obtain max LTIR relief and then go down to 20 to bank cap space. LTIR doesn't create cap space - it allows to get relief for the portion needed to be cap compliant. They had to add Clarkson's LTIR in case Marner was not signed for the start of the season. With Marner unsigned they would have not been able to get full relief for the Horton contract because they would have been unable to build a roster close enough to the cap without Marner - they kept space for him. Leafs AGM Brandon Pridham is their cap guru. He used to be senior director of the NHL's central registry. He apparently played a key role in writing the rules on the salary cap in the CBA. They certainly already have a plan in how to maximise LTIR relief and bank cap space to cover part of Hyman's salary once healthy. As long as Hyman is on LTIR they will have someone to replace him on the roster. Once he is back healthy that player has to get demoted - it's going to cover part of Hyman's cap hit. They'll likely cover the remaining portion by banked cap space.
  9. You have to copy only this portion and it should embed automatically
  10. All the NHLers from last season have been in either group A or B.
  11. Per Heika they've been trying to trade him all summer.
  12. The Canucks had been warned ahead of time by Luongo's camp. LeBrun says it even played a factor in not qualifying Hutton.