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  1. Jim Benning Mic'd Up at the Draft

    Montreal was discussing swapping picks with Arizona - but they were apparently both targeting Kotkaniemi. Montreal had no choice but to pick him at 3 as Arizona was picking 5.
  2. Trouba's arbitration hearing is tomorrow. Danault, Tierney and Shore have already signed new deals. The Flames have put Brett Kulak on waivers ahead of Monday's hearing - probably to show him that he doesn't have a lot of leverage and expecting he won't get claimed. Minnesota did that with Schroeder when he asked for a one-way deal.
  3. His production was mostly while playing wing to Barkov. Their Cs are Barkov, Trocheck, McCann.
  4. [Signing] Rangers re-sign Jimmy Vesey

    The Predators understood that he wanted to finish his studies. There's a video of Poile reassuring fans about Vesey not turning pro after year 3. He was saying that it's Harvard and that they had a very good relationship with him and his family. They had no issue with him doing the full 4 years. See Vesey's quotes below too. Scott Nichol (player development at the time) had regular contacts with him - sometimes daily. They gave him advice on how to improve, broke down games for him and sent him video detailing what he should work on. He used all those resources and then decided to leave. He attended all their development camps - on his own dime. There was no indication that he wouldn't sign. It's understandable that the Predators felt blindsided and thought he got influenced.
  5. Benning, Goldobin, and a logjam of forwards?

    Apparently they are thinking Baertschi with Pettersson - see latest posts in thread 'Battle at camp' for more details. Benning wants the scoring to come from the younger players - he says Horvat, Baertschi and the likes need to continue to get better.
  6. Benning, Goldobin, and a logjam of forwards?

    Etem finished the 2015/16 season with 7 pts incl. 4 goals in 8 games. The following season he never made it out of training camp and was placed on waivers. Don't see Benning trading any of the excess players before training camp - there is too much uncertainty. With Etem he also showed that he wouldn't hesitate to put a player on waivers despite signs of progress.
  7. [Signing] Predators re-sign Juuse Saros

    That's a really good deal. Rinne is UFA in a year and Rinne himself says that Saros is deserving of more and that one day the net will be his. Rinne is just a great mentor for Saros.
  8. It's a nuisance to have a player on LTIR. To maximise cap space - either be under the cap and as close as possible to the maximum cap before putting the player on LTIR and then adding his replacements - or be above the cap and as close as possible to the maximum cap + LTIR cap hit before putting the player on LTIR and get back under the cap Mathematically it doesn't always work out and teams can't always get the full relief. Players have different cap hits, there's the roster limits and those who can be papered down temporarily waiver free are on ELCs (ie under 1M cap hits). It also limits teams in accruing cap space for roster adjustments.
  9. Or they can go above the cap up up to the LTIR amount with his replacements already on the roster before putting the player on LTIR to become cap compliant.
  10. Battles at camp

    Fwiw Brough got a similar lineup after discussing with Benning.
  11. Battles at camp

    Botchford has an article up in the Province with quotes by Green. Sounds like Pettersson is going to get the opportunity to be C2. Goldobin/Leipsic will battle for LW1 and Baertschi is likely playing with Pettersson. See extract below. If Pettersson starts at wing instead of C, I could see Sutter at C2 between Baer-Pettersson. It would be close to the Portland/Utica set-up Green used with Baertschi. His combo with Rattie was viewed by many as the best in the WHL. Their C was pretty much anyone but in the playoffs they worked well with defensive Cs. Their last C explained that his role was to get them the puck as quickly as possible and just let them go - i.e. stay out of their way and cover for them. Green replicated that set-up in Utica and had Friesen as Baer's C. Friesen was a checking C that didn't handle the puck particularly well. Green wanted Baer with the puck re his creativity saying that's how he knows he's playing well. Baer-Sutter-Pettersson would be the same kind of idea.
  12. Battles at camp

    Leipsic/Goldobin Horvat Boeser Baertschi Pettersson Eriksson Roussel Sutter Virtanen x Beagle x I'm not convinced that Green likes Baer with Horvat - too remote from how Baer played in Portland/Utica for Green. He pretty much broke up that line already in November once Goldobin got recalled. That LW spot besides Horvat is probably between Goldobin, Leipsic. My guess is that Baer plays with Pettersson. If he's at C probably Eriksson on the other wing. If Pettersson starts at wing I wouldn't be surprised if it's Sutter at C. It would be a similar set-up to Portland/Utica.
  13. In March 2014, the Hockey News polled a panel of NHL scouts and they ranked them 29th - one spot lower than the Canucks. Their top prospects were 1. Frederik Gauthier 2. Matthew Finn 3. Andreas Johnson 4. Connor Brown 5. Petter Granberg 6. Andrew MacWilliam 7. Greg McKegg 8. Josh Leivo 9. Tyler Biggs 10. Stuart Percy Connor Brown is now a regular and Andreas Johnson is expected to make the team next year. Greg McKegg was traded to Florida by Shanahan for the rights to Zach Hyman - he was unwilling to sign in Florida as NCAA player. Others are not in the league at this point.
  14. [Proposal] PHI VAN

    Hextall repeated that he has no interest in moving any of their promising prospects. He talks of a slow and steady rebuild and how deviating from the plan would set them back. Don't see Philadelphia as trading partner unless it's to swap prospects (or if the Canucks are interested in the likes of Weise, Weal, etc).
  15. Chayka's reasoning: "You get the question a million times, 'What have you learned from [the] Vegas [Golden Knights]? What have you learned from Vegas?'" Arizona general manager John Chayka said. "It's obvious there are a lot of players in this league, when given greater opportunity, can really perform and make an impact. As a staff, we tried to evaluate the most undervalued players in the League. These two guys that we got are guys that we spent a lot of time talking about in scouting meetings, really breaking them down, analyzing them and researching them. "... [Hinostroza] is a right shot, he's got some versatility, he's got a ton of speed and skill to fit in with our system and what we're trying to do. ... Getting Oesterle, a pick swap, those are the things that add up and make sense for our group."