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  1. During the regular season Poile said he was concerned with their 2nd line. He never expected his 1st line to be shutdown. Arvidsson went scoreless. Forsberg, Johansen both have 1 goal and 1 assist. Turris continued to struggle and ended up on the 4th line. Poile says he is convinced that Fiala will be a 30 goal scorer but that Granlund fit their window better. He had 5pts in 16 games to finish the year and 1 goal / 1 assist in the playoff. Nashville kept the same core since they went to the finals in 2017 and last summer told Poile to keep the group intact because they felt they had something special going on. Don't see Poile keeping the status quo this time around. They just didn't look like a strong contender in the regular season already. Wonder how he's going to move out of the Turris contract but I expect him to do all he can to try and sign Duchene. He really wanted Duchene but then settled for Turris. In hindsight that was a mistake. Girard would have looked good right now.
  2. Worst PP in the league and only team to not have scored a PP goal in the post-season.
  3. Kadri is out and has been replaced by Nylander at C3 - so probably also some adjustments because of that. Babcock has been looking for the Tavares vs Bergeron matchup and Bergeron has zone starts of 66%. Toronto has more scoring depth than Boston. If the Tavares line and the Bergeron line can cancel each other out - then Toronto is going to theoretically have the advantage over the 3 other lines. Cassidy in game 1 matched up Bergeron vs Tavares. Bergeron's line did not do too well so he switched things up for game 2. Babcock went back to that Bergeron vs Tavares matchup for games 3 and 4 in Toronto but for Game 4 Cassidy had moved Pastrnak to the Krejci line as the Bergeron line again went scoreless vs the Tavares line.
  4. Carolina already has 6 Ds signed through next season and have a 7th in Fleury who is a RFA. Hutton would make it 8 and he doesn't seem to be a good fit for Carolina who plays a high pace offensive system. Hutton's offensive game is pretty limited. He also costs 3.2M to qualify and has arbitration rights. Word is that Fox wants to stay in a large metropolitan area on the east coast with NY being his region of choice.
  5. Poor Nashville too. Turris since last playoffs has not been very good and he has 5 more years at 6M to go. Girard would also be really useful now.
  6. It's their lack of speed that is hurting them and not the physicality. They are playing sloppy and pretty much like the regular season they are only showing up for short stretches. It's still the same core that went to the finals back in 2017. Calgary was clueless in front of Colorado's speed. They threw way more hits but just couldn't keep up with how fast the Avalanche were in transition.
  7. Simmonds has been injured since game 2 and is week to week. Not that he has done anything. They've dropped him to the 4th line before his injury. Turris has been missing ever since last playoffs. He even was a healthy scratch this season and started this game on the 4th line. He was dealing with a foot injury for part of the season so that didn't help either. Granlund can't seem to find his game. He was already not playing all that well in Minnesota for a while before the trade but saddling him with Turris was not going to get him going.
  8. The 1st 2 games of the season were vs the Canucks. He was playing with rookie Dubé. Lindholm was playing with Gaudreau/Monahan. Might have been tried with them after those games - wouldn't know.
  9. Also he's playing in a role that he's not used to play. Neal is a goal scorer - he gets open and waits for someone to feed him. There's no one setting him up in Calgary.
  10. Was it Holland's decision though. Was he pushed aside like Tallon in Florida (before he was brought back) or did he want a change in role.
  11. Detroit probably wasn't allowed to talk to Yzerman before Tampa got eliminated. Now with Yzerman hired Holland could be made available to talk to other teams.
  12. Philadelphia. Fletcher has identified 3 areas where they would like to add either through trade or free agency. - a veteran goalie to play alongside Carter Hart who is going to be their starter for years to come - a two-way C that is good at both ends of the ice - a veteran D to stabilise the pairings Fletcher says "The best teams in the league defensively, often don’t defend. They’re playing in the offensive zone, they have the puck". He says play driving rather than defensive oriented. He also suggests that Nolan Patrick is not quite ready to be C2 and they would like to keep Giroux on wing. It sounds more like a matchup C2 à la Koivu that he had in Minnesota. Fletcher really likes their young Ds but questions whether they are experienced enough on the backend. Although some have played both sides their young Ds are nearly all left shots, save for Myers. So it seems more likely that he is trying to add a veteran RHD. Canucks seem to want to go with both Markstrom/Demko next season and either would block Carter Hart which is what they want to avoid. Sutter doesn't fit Fletcher's definition of the type of C he wants. Not sure Tanev does either on D. There are also the injury concerns and he's a free agent in one season. I wonder about Spurgeon if the Wild can't extend him this summer.
  13. Markstrom would also block Carter Hart and they see him as their starter for years to come. Fletcher has no previous ties to Philadelphia so he's unlikely to follow past patterns. He acquired Dubnyk for a 3rd round pick the season he got named for the Vezina. Vigneault's system of wanting the Ds jump into the play should fit Gostisbehere. Don't think they'll move a young D that is just one season remote from 65pts and signed to a very reasonable contract, before seeing if he can get back on track under Vigneault.
  14. He felt they would be making a mistake by replacing him. That's why he was listing his past accomplishments. The Flyers want to compete now. Hextall was fired mostly because the brass felt he was too cautious with his development from within approach. Fletcher was hired because he wants to strike a better balance between developing from within and competing immediately. He says you want to compete in the present while also making sure that you have a strong team for the future. They think they are close. When he was introduced Vigneault said: “First thing, I was looking for was an opportunity to win. An opportunity in the short term to win a Stanley Cup.”
  15. They tied the NHL record of having 7 goalies play for them this season. Vigneault had Luongo in Vancouver, Lundqvist with NYR and now a question mark in Philadelphia. At their end of the season presser Fletcher said he'd like to add a veteran D. He really likes their young Ds but questions whether they are experienced enough on the backend. The Wild are going to try and sign Spurgeon this summer (one year ahead of free agency) but if they can't I wouldn't be all that surprised if Fletcher tries to bring him over.
  16. Juuso Valimaki makes his playoff debut replacing Fantenberg. Peters after last game said their number one priority is to find a way to handle Colorado's transition game. The Ds jumping into the play is causing them trouble.