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  1. Russo was surprised it blew up like that. As it happens he was just a guest on Zucker's wife podcast today. In here he says Zucker went to apologise to Boudreau on the plane. Boudreau didn't see anything wrong with the quote and didn't feel targeted. It was just a quote saying everyone needs to be better. Zucker had criticised himself too. Russo insists that there was no malice and that Zucker was not calling out Boudreau. He is also positive that Boudreau sees no wrong with the quote.
  2. Green has mentioned pace several times when talking of Goldobin - wants him to play faster. There's more time to make plays/take decisions in the AHL.
  3. It's Fenton that wanted to move Zucker - Guerin is now in charge. Guerin was even quoted saying that Zucker is safe. Zucker is one of their few players who can skate. Their team is far too slow. With how their roster is constructed a few trades is not going to turn their season around. They've wasted the returns for Niederreiter, Coyle and Granlund - Fiala, Donato, Rask don't look to be a solution in Minnesota. They need Zucker more than ever. If anything Zucker should be traded for picks and prospects so they can do a proper rebuild rather than this failed re-tooling tried by Fenton. LeBrun just had a lengthy Q&A with Guerin:
  4. Upper body injury. He was ruled out for their last game vs NYR but they say day-to-day.
  5. Positive. Taylor Hall said he hopes to play every game this season on a line with Hischier. Hall credited him for winning the Hart and commented that if he played in a Canadian market there would be far more awareness on how good he is. Hynes says he doesn't shelter Hischier - he plays in every situation and even kills penalties. They already had him wearing the A at times. He has already been involved in several scrums - he notably jumped Troy Brouwer after he bumped Blackwood. He's one of the most active Fs at making plays in the high danger areas. His game is around the net.
  6. Richard Panik is week-to-week and on LTIR (min 10 games / 24 days) after this collision with teammate Siegenthaler who will be a game time decision for tonight's game.
  7. NJD have several young goalies in the system who have done well to date. Schneider needs to provide better goaltending to bridge the gap until they are ready. There's Blackwood too. Minnesota has always been soft. They used to beat teams by being fast - not anymore. Fenton brought in Hartman for more "grizzle" as he says but he has trouble controlling his nerves and can become a liability. Foligno is solid in his role. Ottawa is rebuilding and they seem to be really good in drafting. They've hoarded draft picks. NJD also has prospects coming up - Shero started their rebuild as soon as he took the job in May 2015. Minnesota has close to nothing though. Fletcher traded so many draft picks including a 1st and a 2nd for Hanzal for a 1st round exit. They then gave up Tuch for Vegas to take Haula. They could use both right now. The Wild was using Haula as a C4 only for him to break out in Vegas as C2. He has tonnes of speed and the Wild have no top-6 Cs.
  8. Kaprisov confirmed that he is coming over - he's their only hope of top end talent in the near future. Guerin is flying over to meet him in November - he is that important to them. Defence used to be a strength but they've all started slow this season. They are just not playing the right way and are constantly cheating on offence - probably in part because of their lack of speed where they need a head start. They desperately need more speed. They have become so slow. Pretty much the only guys that can skate are Zucker, Fiala, Dumba, Brodin and Spurgeon. It made sense to trade Coyle, Niederreiter Granlund but the return has been so underwhelming. Rask just cannot skate at the NHL level. Donato's skating is also an issue. Fiala is so skilled but so soft on the puck. It's turnovers after turnovers and just kills any momentum they can get. Again last night to avoid getting hit, he pokes the puck with one hand and it goes to Montreal for a quick pass and the 1st goal. He wants to make the fancy play but most of the time it fails - it was already an issue with HV71 over 5 years ago and he still doesn't understand efficiency vs fancy. Kaprisov, Dumba and Boldy is their starting point for a better future. There's ways to go. The system is just empty and who knows how those later picks are going to develop.
  9. Any contract signed under the new CBA is not subject to recapture penalties. There are very few recapture contracts left Chicago - Keith (Hossa) Detroit - (Franzen, Zetterberg) LA - Carter, Quick Pittsburgh - Crosby Minnesota - Parise, Suter Montreal / Nashville - Weber
  10. Things not going well in Minnesota. It's not on Boudreau though. The roster is weirdly constructed and they are far too slow.
  11. His WHL coach Mike Johnston compares him to Johansen who he also had in Portland.
  12. IR is at least 7 days of unavailability but a player might miss less than a week with illness - he wouldn't go on IR. If a team has no cap space - a zero cap hit emergency recall can be evoked as soon as a team has less than 18 healthy skaters but they first need to play 1 game short-handed. The recalled player cannot have a cap hit of more than 800K this season.
  13. Last time Vegas stood by Schmidt and strongly disagreed with the suspension - not this time. His own statement: “I’ve been informed that I am being suspended for 20 games under the NHL/NHLPA Performance Enhancing Substances Program. While I haven’t been able to discover how I tested positive, I understand that I am responsible for what is in my body and will accept this penalty. I want to apologize to my family, my teammates, and the Golden Knights organization and fans. I will work hard during my suspension to ensure that I put myself in the best possible position to contribute to my team when my suspension is over.”
  14. Can't see NJD having interest in Benn either. He has slowed down a fair bit. Also if Hall leaves they will build even more around Hischier-Hughes. Benn is 30 and still has 6 years at 9.5M.
  15. Nashville has no use for Sutter when they already have Bonino who in the same role has been more productive - he was a +27 last year with his line outscoring opponents at 5v5 (I know the limitation of plus / minus but a +27 in a checking role is still noteworthy). Sissons or Jarnkrok can also play that C shutdown role. They want 3 scoring lines and Poile was talking about how they have that with Johansen, Duchene and Turris. Turris has also been playing well for them this year now that he is finally healthy. Nashville talks of P60 and Leivo ranks 294th among Fs with 40 games and more for his time in Vancouver. He hasn't been particularly efficient in the offensive role he received. He was playing top-6 with the team's best players and PP1 and his production just matched Virtanen's who did not get the same advantageous deployment. Nashville is a pretty soft team and Watson brings needed toughness. Laviolette trusts him in key defensive situations and he can produce in that role. Eriksson/Sutter don't bring any physicality and meanness. There's also a lack of speed and Poile thinks speed is the most important skill. Nashville will also be trying to clear cap space as they want to sign Josi - they would be adding more than 4M over what they are moving out. They also have prospects pushing for spots and are an ageing team that needs to also bring in some youth and not add +30 year old players.
  16. Dallas not looking too good right now. Not sure there's a team willing to take Benn off their hands at his cap hit. NJD has a lot of promising prospects coming - but it will take a year or two. Shero is apparently very transparent with Hall on what the plan is. He called him up before the Subban trade. It will depend on how long he thinks it will take for NJD to become contenders and the progress of their young players/prospects. I think he'll look at window length too. Maybe it's better to be patient and have a longer window then commit to a win now team who might have to go in rebuild mid-way through his contract.
  17. Those contracts are insured. Ottawa was even looking to acquire more LTIR contracts for picks/prospects. They might want to sign their key young players long term and their contracts will be up before Eriksson is off the books - see the recent deals they gave to Chabot and White. Also don't see them wanting to block a roster spot when they want to add their prospects as soon as they are ready.
  18. Hall and Hischier have special chemistry and Hall says he hopes to play every game with him. Hischier is very responsible defensively - he's not sheltered and plays in every situation. Hughes still has work to do on the d-side and now playing with Hall they can't shelter him as much but at least it's a home game.
  19. With Hischier injured, Hughes practiced today at C1 between Hall and Palmieri - they play NYR tomorrow.
  20. Pettersson, Gaudette and Hughes have performance bonuses of 850K each - so potentially 2.55M that needs to be accounted for either this season or next. Unless a trade happens it's likely that the Canucks will have a bonus overage on their books next season. Pettersson has an additional 2M but it's dependent on him winning a major award or being a top-10 player in the league - probably not attainable this season. There are discussions to keep the cap somewhat flat for a few years, even after the TV deal to allow revenue to catch up to the cap. Right now the league is operating on an artificially increased cap, so players are getting less than what is in their contracts - it's the escrow issue.