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  1. Just guessing but to know which of the 2 to bring back up after the TDL until Edler or Tanev are healthy. The TDL is on Monday. After that date teams are only allowed 4 regular recalls (emergency recalls are not limited). Players have to be on the AHL roster that day to be eligible for the AHL playoffs. They'll paper down the players but need to decide who to use their 4 recalls on. For now they have 4 players from Utica on the roster - Gaudette, MacEwen, Sautner and Schenn. They might also want Demko to play in the AHL playoffs as he's barely played recently. Not sure they'll paper Schenn down. Roster limits are lifted at the TDL so they could keep him up for the rest of the season and have him skip the AHL playoffs.
  2. mll

    Avalanche and the draft lottery

    Was never expected to be great already now. Colorado are still in the middle of their rebuild. They are waiting on their prospects to mature - Makar, Timmins, Bowers,... will all be key parts of their team going forward but they aren't ready just yet.
  3. New Jersey. He is a UFA at the end of the season.
  4. For him to require waivers means that he got a NHL deal. CapFriendly likely doesn't have the salary information yet and that's why he's marked as UFA. They simply know that the Canucks have signed him.
  5. Jaskin was initially the player that was supposed to go on waivers.
  6. It kicks in this season - he was on waivers to go to the AHL.
  7. LeBrun, Friedman are all saying that they are more players available than buyers. Schaller also has 1 more year to his deal at a 1.9M cap hit for someone that has been regularly healthy scratched. As for contracts isn't it 47. CapFriendly is down but it looked like they didn't count Leighton because he is marked as UFA with no salary for this season. Canucks will want to add Hughes.
  8. A buyout cannot happen mid-season. Unconditional waivers is to get out of the contract - the player has to agree to go on unconditional waivers as it's giving up the remaining amount that he signed for. Unconditional waivers happens when someone refuses to report to the AHL or wants to leave for Europe. Teams don't want to add contracts at this time of the year as it limits their flexibility. Canucks would need to add an incentive.
  9. Waiving a player still counts towards the 50 contract limit (unless he gets claimed) and Hughes will also use up a spot. Teams like to keep flexibility to be in the bidding for college or junior free agents - burning a year of their ELC could be a deciding factor. Last year trading Vanek meant taking Jokinen's contract back with Motte.
  10. DSP took a pay-cut to stay in Washington after his playoffs and now he gets waived.
  11. Anaheim and Silfverberg have agreed on a 5 year extension per LeBrun. They can't sign the deal yet (tagging rule) but any team calling is told he is not available.
  12. Colorado is still in rebuild and earlier this month Sakic made it crystal clear that he is not trading either of their 1st round picks or top prospects because it would set their rebuild back. They are looking to add but not at the cost of their future - sounds more like hockey trade.
  13. Nashville has Ds with big shots - their PP is the worst in the league. Teams use the 1-3-1 formation and no longer rely on a point shot to be effective. It's too far out. A point shot has only a 4% conversion rate - it takes 25 shots from the point to get one goal. It's about quick puck movement. Florida and Philadelphia have even tried units with 5 forwards and no Ds.
  14. His skating has been an issue this season. It might be lingering injuries or just time catching up.
  15. mll

    [REPORT] Canucks Recall Ashton Sautner

    Injuries give them the opportunity to have a look at the different prospects. After the TDL teams are only allowed 4 regular recalls. To play in the AHL playoffs players have to be on the AHL roster at the TDL. Gaudette and MacEwen will be papered down at the TDL using 2 of the 4 regular recalls to bring them back up. They will have to do the same with Sautner if Edler is still unavailable by Monday. Maybe even Demko.
  16. Draisaitl is already signed long term at 8x 8.5M.
  17. Zajac has 2 more year to his deal and the Canucks are not going to take Zajac back.
  18. They already have Zajac that fills the same role. Devils are rebuilding and aiming to be competitive in a couple of years. They don't need another vet but young assets.
  19. mll

    [Signing] Canucks sign Michael Leighton

    Canucks are now at 47 contracts. They are going to use one on Hughes putting them at 48. It does limit flexibility to sign potential UFAs out of college or juniors as burning a year can sway their decision. Last time to deal Vanek they took 2 contracts back.
  20. Fwiw NJDs beat writer Corey Masisak thinks that NJD would be happy with a 2nd round pick but could settle for a 3rd.
  21. They have no use for Sutter when they already have Zajac.
  22. Illness and injuries. Only played 2 games last season and 7 this season (and 5 in the AHL).