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  1. So I guess our new french back-up Dominge (sp) gets the mile high city.
  2. So I guess our new french back-up Dominge (sp) gets the mile high city.
  3. The most boring Canucks OT I have witnessed. Mostly due to our inability to win a face-off and then maintaining a low percentage shot mentality. But what a SO finish, so happy for demer.
  4. I guess you missed the San Jose playoffs sweep. Another level of corruption altogether.
  5. This team, the fans, all really need the postseason. I will continue to dream. The Nucks need to keep pushing, even harder.
  6. So sad, but those 3 posts were a sign that this game would not go our way tonight. Draft pick and new coach vs. Playoffs. It's going to be interesting.
  7. Awesome to be part of the stretch drive. Hopefully big Mac will keep on Truck'in with a hot line 3. GCG. Pettey with more shots and the winner.
  8. He's bang on to point out the inconsistency with the retaliation/instigator penalty. The league is all over the map as to when it's called. It's essentially another game management tool for Bettman's business agenda and it leaves players confused. He also points out the issue of team justice vs. officiating. It appears he feels that teams should be free to police dirty plays; well, Boston gets away with it, why not his team. We all know only some teams get to do it and others are penalized when they try. That cali swing with Sestito [sp?] comes to mind. Lastly, he gives the Nucks credit for a good game.
  9. Unless he takes MacKinnon with him. They were wrapped around each other during that scrum and I was hoping he would throw-down.
  10. Comes back after re-stitching and gets an assist on the ON. True warrior. But still wish he would hit more.
  11. I turned my wife away for this game, and I still feel relieved, thank you Nucks!