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  1. Finally! Game Day GCG, let's get beyond Alberta. It starts today.
  2. Play-offs this year would really gel the team and I suspect Bo would be a beast. Here's hoping!
  3. This team is due. I'm so pumped for the game and really hope the team and new Captain sets a new standard for home games. Don't take any crap from teams, stick up for each other and pedal to the metal throughout. GCG 3 - 1 for the good guys
  4. I don't think Edler is dynamic enough to QB PP1. Really need to add a D with better hands and movement; e.g. QH. Chemistry will come. It's the softness that troubles me--need a wolf pack mentality and Calgary schools the Nucks on the point.
  5. I don't mind the sloppiness so much but the softness has to stop now.
  6. When only some readers know it's sarcasm and the rest think you're being a baby.