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  1. Other teams knew Pouliot was going on waivers and wanted to take a chance to pick him up for nothing. We offered Pittsburgh something, which is a lot better than losing him for nothing.
  2. Things that make you feel good

    A good meal, a roof over my head, a safe neighbourhood, peace and quiet.
  3. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

    "Welcome to the Boeser Show" -John Garrett
  4. Derrick Pouliot | #5 | D

    Brutal giveaway in the game today vs Vegas in the 3rd. I don't blame him though. Live and learn. Still, brutal giveaway in own end resulting in a goal.
  5. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    I wonder if we can acquire Burrows after his contract ends? Either as a player or an assistant coach, or something.
  6. [PGT] Vegas Golden Knights vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Sit the following: Markstrom - Looking shaky. "just" 1-2 bad goals in a night means Canucks lose. Nilsson deserves a chance to start for the next few weeks. Ericksson - take the lead out of his boots Gaunce - too slow, not enough passing, not enough offense. Canucks problem is scoring, not having big bodies plugging up the center and not getting points of any sort.
  7. Get his sig because he's gonna be a star one day!
  8. Loui Eriksson do we really need him?

    Ouch! Good catch. Ok no buyout then. Until his last year, then we can save 2.5 million. Before then, just 500K, it's not worth it.
  9. Canucks starting goalie- Nilsson VS Markstrom?!

    Nilsson should play until he loses. Or we get back to back games. That's simple enough. There's no 'gifting' of #1 spot here, especially considering their records including SV%.
  10. Boeser 50 points, 25 G 25 A Canucks 85-90 point season. Finishing out of playoff spot by 2 teams. Bo Horvat mini slump, worse stats than last year. Biega sent down to minors (not a stretch now considering Pouliot trade). Green is great in his first year.
  11. Favourite NHL Team (not named Vancouver Canucks)

    Winnipeg Jets and Nashville Predators. Laine and PK. Awesome.
  12. [Game] CDC Gambling - Rodin edition

    I'm expecting him to clear. This is the best time of year to waive. If other teams were hurting they might claim him. As it is, other teams are already struggling to make cuts to their roster.
  13. No wonder Benning wanted him. He took one look and said "this is Markstrom in his Final Form. Why wait?!"
  14. Gaudreau expressed desire to play for Flyers

    Mentioning the number means he's open to moving. I'm sure Calgary's management staff is watching this very closely.
  15. [Signing] Avalanche sign Yakupov

    If they sign him for 875k and he plays with MacKinnon on the first line... then not only Benning but the whole rest of league was wrong about him. I will say the games I saw at Rogers with him, he has a hard shot but he couldn't hit the broadside of a barn with it. I saw him wind up with an uncontested slap shot (the Canucks D we leaving him exposed, go figure) and he slapped it as hard as he could, from the faceoff dot, the net was to the left, and he slapped it hard to the upper right of the glass. I mean how do you expect to score when your shot is 10m off target? A mega-deflection?