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  1. Lovely New Face

    Chip Kelly I would have given u at least 3 likes. I agree with everything you've said so far.
  2. Jonathan Dahlén | C/LW

    Id prefer this guy at LW just like Nylander. I wanna draft a centreman this year in either Patrick hischier vilardi or Mittelstadt. He's definitely top 6 potential IMO we still need that 1st line centre and LW LW C Boeser Dahlen Horvat virtanen Baertschi gaudette Granlund
  3. (Proposal) hansen to chicago

    Fun fact: Dahlen is 6th in his league scoring and he's the youngest by 2 years. Higher point per game ratio that filip Forsberg had in that league at the same age too
  4. (Proposal) hansen to chicago

    More like too small for centre. I've not heard about being too small for left wing. Gaudreau and Nylander both play LW and they're great. Id rather play dahlen at LW and then our top 6 centres be Horvat and who ever we draft in the top 5 this year whether it be Patrick hischier vilardi or mittelstadt. Future centres could be Horvat Mittelstadt Gaudette Hell Hutton for schmaltz would be cool too
  5. How do u think the canucks unis would look without the strips on the arms and bottom of the Jersey. I think it looks sexy and like an international Jersey
  6. If Burrows can get us dahlen, this is magical market this year. To chicago Hansen To canucks Dylan sikura Chicago hasn't made any significant moves yet and I think this could be the move that pushes them further in the playoffs. Sikura plays with gaudette and they play with Zach Aston Reese If we have gaudette and sikura, Aston-Reese will sign with us. Man this next young stars tourney canucks are gonna slaughter (2017 pick dahlen boeser Aston-Reese gaudette sikura LW zhukenov jasek Labate C RW Juolevi subban Brisbois Neill Mceneny Demko Btw I just wanna say that I am totally comfortable with benning as gm if we choose to rebuild this team. With his scouting talent he could trade our vets for quality prospects and flip this team in a couple years. #inbenningwetrust So far future down the middle looks like Horvat Dahlen Gaudette Gaunce Unless we get hischier
  7. (proposal) Van-Clb (Hansen TDL move)

    Yes plz but I doubt Hansen picked Columbus bcuz of torts
  8. What R we getting for Hansen now LOL
  9. This is a great trade by benning. Jonathan dahlin has B+ rating and they say he could but up 60 points at the nhl level. IMO he's a super skilled forward putting up almost point per game in Finland. In gonna miss Burrows tho he was my hero
  10. Id do it in a hartbeat, drouin will be a superstar one day. Hutton won't be a superstar but he'll be top 4. If we can swing a trade maybe... Drouin 4th For Hutton Edler 3rd Our future first line Drouin horvat boeser Future d core Juolevi Tanev Tryamkin Stecher Prospect Gudbranson
  11. [Proposal] Montreal - Vancouver

    Ppl treat him like he's top 4 tho. I'm my opinion he's behind Tanev Stecher Edler Tryamkin. He'll get better but I feel like he's in a slump, like last game he didn't wanna pass to mceneny and got caught in 2 goals. He shows his age a lot but there is upside
  12. [Proposal] Montreal - Vancouver

    So two thirty year olds and an overrated defenceman for galchenyuk who's a 1-2 centre? And then it's not enough so u bend them over and take their 4th? Where do I sign?
  13. (Proposal) rebuild my way

    Sooooo true willies stupid
  14. (Proposal) rebuild my way

    He's 5'10 they're between 6'2-6'5 that's not ten inches. And Stecher is 195 pounds they r heavier but sometimes that means they're slower and this case they are. Plus Hutton doesn't use his size. Stecher IMO works harder than Edler gud and Hutton. And is better, fans from other teams are always amazed by his work ethic and pick control
  15. (Proposal) rebuild my way

    LOL I like it prospects that are forwards D could look like Liljegren dahlin Tryamkin Stecher Juolevi Gudbranson Hutton That's sexy we have two 1-2 defencemans and a bright future