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  1. Only 28 too. Not a great trend for the NFL. Stars retiring early.
  2. Congrats Quinn!
  4. 13 rockets hit US military bases...  Knowing Trump he's going to do something only to escalate things.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Nuxfanabroad


      We mustn't allow potential horrendous wars to interfere with important hockey discourse?!

    3. Dazzle


      @48MPHSlapShot I think we as a society have become "numb" to the idea of military attacks overseas, that is, until it comes. The fact that the US bases are being physically attacked by a KNOWN power is unprecedented I think. We've heard about Palestinian/Israeli attacks. We've heard about attacks against Syria. They affected other people. But now, the US is in deep doodoo.

    4. NewbieCanuckFan


      No worries.  Urine man Jr. will don the Captain America uniform and save us all.


  5. Was looking forward to being able to watch a Canucks game but apparently it's blacked out
  6. It feels weird that Sundin played for us.

    1. NewbieCanuckFan


      $’s and cap space.


      Good thing we’ve got Loui E locked up.

    2. Ghostsof1915


      Be curious to see if Brady stays in New England, or tries elsewhere? 

  7. It felt weird weird putting them last. It just seems that most fans have been disengaged for a while, plus the arena issues. It's not a great combo to have.
  8. That's true, but an unsuccessful Canadiens team will be more popular than a successful Panthers team 9 times out of ten.
  9. False consciousness, getting people upset over things that don't really matter. Mainstream media is too sensationalized by both right/left leaning agendas.
  10. I wanted to make this list for fun. It's obviously subjective, and I purposely left the Canucks out cause of bias. These rankings are based off of a couple factors (Attendance, tradition, etc). Feel free to discuss and criticize my rankings below! Attendance based off of this: 30: New York Islanders A historic team, but in the last few years have struggled to bring fans to games despite some success. 29: Florida Panthers At this point I think it's safe to say that Miami is not a hockey market. Seems to be always in the basement when it comes to Attendance. 28: Arizona Coyotes Arena problems, non-traditional market, and empty seats. Would like to see them relocate to Houston, or Milwaukee(?). 27: Carolina Hurricanes Trending upwards with success. Can a successful decade make Carolina a bonafide hockey market? In previous seasons finished last in attendance. 26: Ottawa Senators Poor ownership, poor arena location, poor attendance. Sad to see a Canadian market struggle like Ottawa. 25: New Jersey Devils Lack of fan support in recent years. No longer a powerhouse team. 24: Colorado Avalanche For over ten years now have been at the bottom of the league for home attendance percentage. 23: Columbus Blue Jackets Have struggled with attendance. With last years success they still struggle to sell tickets. 22: Anaheim Ducks Have had some attendance success over the last ten years. There is no real hockey tradition in Anaheim though. 21: Buffalo Sabres Football town first, hockey second. Have been horrible for almost a decade, fans are losing interest. 20: Vegas Golden Knights Too new to put any higher, too successful to put any lower. Will the fans stick around once the team is no longer wildly successful? 19: San Jose Have been quite successful this past decade. Fans do show up, San Jose as a market is trending up. 18: Dallas Stars Dallas fans consistently show up. This past Winter Classic shows that there are hockey fans in Texas, and a lot of them. 17: Nashville Predators Not too long ago they would be last on this list. Hockey seems to be growing rapidly in Tennessee. Bonus points for Smashville! Definitely trending upwards rapidly. 16: St. Louis Blues A historic team. Will winning the Stanley Cup help build a strong hockey culture in Missouri? Will always be a baseball city first. 15: Los Angeles Kings The best out of the three California teams. Have consistently sold out this previous decade. Will hockey become popular in Cali? 14: Philadelphia Flyers Another historic franchise. Philadelphia is definitely a hockey town. 13: Calgary Flames Second Canadian team to appear on the list. Strong hockey culture, needs a new arena though. 12: Minnesota Wild The hockey state. Hockey is in their DNA. 11: Edmonton Oilers One of the most historic teams in the league. With their recent struggles attendance has dipped a little. 10: Tampa Bay Lightning One the NHL's success stories. We can safely say that Tampa is now a hockey town. The Lighting have worked hard to grow their brand and become a bonafide hockey market. 9: New York Rangers Original 6 team. New York is one of the best hockey markets. 8: Washington Capitals People in DC have been hockey crazy as a long as I can remember. I believe this will be a hockey market long after Ovi retires. 7: Boston Bruins A sports-crazy city. They love their Bruins. Boston has always been an excellent hockey market and always will be. 6: Pittsburgh Penguins They have been spoiled with the likes of Jagr, Lemieux, Crosby, and Malkin. Excellent hockey culture. Pittsburgh is a hockey hotbed. 5: Winnipeg Jets They love hockey in Winnipeg. Sell out every game, and have tradition. The Jets are here to stay. 4: Chicago Blackhawks Sellout every game, original 6 team, and successful. 3: Detroit Red Wings Hockey Town. They're successful, and have tradition. There's an unbelievable hockey culture in Detroit. 2: Toronto Maple Leafs Original six, Canadian, and hockey crazy. It seems like not one day passes without Canadian media mentioning the Maple Leafs. 1: Montreal Canadiens This one is self explanatory. Where would you guys place the Canucks on the list?
  11. Just found out that Gillis is from my hometown, turns out there's a handful of notable people from here.