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  1. Got the itch to ski Corbet's Couloir.  Gotta book a trip to Jackson's Hole sometime.

  2. At least this virus isn't overly deadly. Still sucks to end up sick.
  3. How does the loser point affect our magic number? Is it only a .5 of a point, and is a win a full point? Do other teams losing help lower our magic number as well (Flames, Oilers, Blackhawks, etc).
  4. Why is that every time I am actually able to watch a Canucks game there has to be a regional restriction...

  5. Blues better blow the Oilers out of the water tonight!

  6. Love this. Always fun to watch the number inch closer to 0!
  7. I guess some people forgot that intellectually diversity exists? Diversity doesn't always have to be intrinsic...
  8. I'm pretty sure this is fake, but it's the Simpsons so you never know.
  9. Just gotta finish a research paper on MIS, and finish making a powerpoint on econometrics.  Then I can celebrate turning 20 on Saturday :)

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    2. KristoffWixenschon
    3. kingofsurrey


      University is the best time of your life....


      Just kidding...


      Well actually it was pretty sweet.....   working full time has its own downsides.....


      NIghts at the Pit pub at UBC were legendary.... so . were the residence parties at Totem park back in the day....

    4. BoKnows


      Management Information Systems.  I feel like UBC's nightlife is way better than Laurentian's.  

      Downtown Sudbury isn't horrible though

  10. This is the most fun proposal that I've read. I would do this trade, not sure if the Preds would.
  11. · 51m BREAKING: Coronavirus has been confirmed in Maricopa County. The ADHS says the patient is an ASU student. FULL DETAILS: #ABC15 #Coronavirus #MaricopaCounty