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  1. Anyone got any ideas on how I can convince my parents to let me transfer Universities?

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    2. 5Fivehole0


      Shiznak definitely has the right idea here.

    3. Tystick


      Are you switching degrees?

    4. Curmudgeon


      Big question: Who is paying for your tuition, books, computer, transportation, meals, shoes, clothing, toothpaste, shampoo, soap and other incidental items that parents typically pay for?


      If the answer is "me", then leave home, find a place to live and join the ranks of poor students everywhere.


      If the answer is "them", then they are obviously interested in keeping costs reasonable and would likely prefer the cheaper option, especially if your preference is to go to a school far from where you live.


      If money is no object, maybe a well-placed bribe? (Too soon?????)

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