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  1. I don't understand how many people are quick to dismiss something because it's "right wing" but consume anything "left-wing" journalist tells them. Just because something doesn't fit your narrative doesn't make it any less factual. Personally I think you should challenge your own views, only way to grow.
  2. Life comes at you quick.
  3. GoodLife is starting to reopen soon is some provinces. I doubt my club in Ontario will be open anytime soon. Looks like I'll be stuck with pushups and my 10lb weights for a couple more months.
  4. The title is click bait. Tim did bring up some good points here.
  5. I get most of my news from independent journalist. I watch both Liberal and Conservative (They're all relatively moderate). I like it because they're trying tell you what happened straight up, and not push from underlying agenda.
  6. I don't understand how violence and arson are going to solve any problems.  Don't distract the masses away from what you're fighting for by burning down a city block.

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    2. Coconuts


      It's def possible


      And no, we're not in the same realm, but we could be doing so much better and I hope we do 



    3. Ghostsof1915


      Things are getting nuts. 

    4. BoKnows


      This is a real long stretch but I wonder if a civil war can break out of this.

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    2. apollo


      @canuktravella talent wise you could definitely make the case for that... especially if you're saying based on their Canucks #s which Luongo's are phenomenal. Miller does have a Vezina (that being said I think Lui was robbed of a Vezina himself when he was here)


      Character and being a good kind hearted guy off the ice though? Luongo doesn't come remotely close to Kirk or Ryan.


      Roy Brodeur were great goalies on the ice too... not kind guys off the ice though. Lui is certainly no degenerate like Marty and Roy though... he'd never beat up his wife or steal his brothers wife. So I have Luongo waaaaaaaay ahead of Roy and Marty but Miller overall is very close

    3. TNucks1


      lol where you basing those facts from on Louongo? @apollo

    4. J-23


      @drummer4now Maybe not but he did body Turco that one game.

  7. Here's the Family Guy clip. Video that OP had wouldn't work for me.
  8. Quarantine is dumbing me down.  I was just thinking the NHL should expand to Denver... :picard:

    1. goalie13


      Denver Rockies?  Imagine the rivalry with the Avalanche!  ::D

  9. Does anyone on here swing trade by chance?

    1. Aladeen


      Depends how hot is your wife?

  10. Voted bert nominating salo
  11. Wal-mart would be my best bet. I imagine that there will be a lot of competition, considering there's only 2 where I live and thousands of students.
  12. I'm wondering if schools will lower tuition next year. I'm a student and recently got laid off from my part-time job, all my friends have as well. I was just informed this morning that my summer employment is going to be delayed by who knows how long because of this. I'm sure that I am not the only student who's in the same boat. In this economy it would be hard for us to find part-time gigs for the summer. I hope that the universities offer some financial relief for us students. We are already broke and now the one chance we get to make some decent change (during the year) is slipping away. The banks will be happy to offer us loans (). Hopefully I can afford to pay my tuition with cash when the time comes.