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  1. Really put into perspective how powerful big banks are.
  2. That first deal would never happen. In what world does Ottawa give us a second for taking on a bad contract? Miller, and Pearson have been great for us too. That trade will send us back a year or two.
  3. Good game guys! you're about the last person I'd suspect as being a deep wolf.
  4. Went golfing with the old man yesterday. Gave me a tip for my swing, right after words I hit 3 great drives in a row. Now I have to work on not hooking the ball left, I feel like my angle of attack is off and I hit the ball left 30% when I'm on the fairway.
  5. Anyone have tips for when to start thinking of closing on a position?
  6. Hopefully they switch to being more fiscally conservative once the Silent Generation passes.
  7. BoKnows

    NBA Discussion

    Different game but should still be entertaining!
  8. I can’t believe it’s already past 1. Last I checked my phone it was 11 then next time I checked I was dead, crazy what drinks can do to you!
  9. GG guys, look forward to playing again! Hopefully I don’t get mislynched next game! PS. Im hoping to play eradicate every game
  10. Well I’m dead, if anyone who isn’t alive after the twinblade good luck on finding the twin blade! I look forward to playing with you guys again
  11. If anyone here has quit smoking let me know.

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    2. lmm


      Bring licorice or gum or toothpicks. Something to do when the buds are smoking.

      Also, smack the buddies that offer.


    3. drummer4now


      I would say try nicorette or temporarily transition to nicotine free vaping and then push yourself to stop completely. 


      I am so glad I never got into smoking; but I have buddies that have successfully quit after many tries. 


    4. CBH1926


      I quit in 2006, cold turkey, it was hard first few days.

      Haven't had one since, but after all this years, I still sometimes get the urge after nice meal.
      It is easier nowadays to quit imo, because you can’t smoke at work, bars, restaurants, casinos etc. like you could back when I started.

  12. Kurisu I honestly feel like he’s the deep wolf. With the amount of times he’s “joked” around about being a wolf he’s almost taunting us.
  13. okay for one last time im town, and you guys are about to have the worst read of your life. Anyways this is my all time favourite song, so please enjoy this part of me.
  14. But my beer is so cold it’s sitting sideways on the table. So cold that’s literally on 30 angle
  15. I seem pretty dumb but I took an IQ test and it surprised my whole family
  16. I can’t wait until 1 tonight I’ll be awake for my unjust death