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  1. Excited to see what kind of season demko has, guys gunna be a stud
  2. I never usually sign in, as the app never keeps me signed in, however I enjoyed this comment too much to not acknowledge it and give a +1, so here I am signed in and eligible to give you my good sir a +1
  3. Horvat -Nishkunin how bow tha
  4. Willie is 60? What a crusty ol' b**tard
  5. Baers, cheese, battlestar galactica!
  6. prospects yo!
  7. I'm really hoping we sign Pirri, he had like 22 goals in 40 or so games one year, i'm surpirsed he hasn't signed yet, I like his playing style and will be a decntly cheap option
  8. Although it hurts looking back to 2011, It brings back such great memories and brings shivers down my spine. I live and went to school in the okanagan and there was so much energy walking through halls and wearing team colours it was awesome, it'll be a memory i'll cherish for a long time and it will make it all that much better when we finally get to see our boys hoist lord stanley!
  9. Stop losing, we can't beat Toronto in the tank race or else I have to get a damn leafs tattoo on my arse because of a stupid drunk bet at the start of the season. Thought I had this one in the bag
  10. All the hockey players I grew up with were cocky and had bad attitudes (except Curtis Lazar real class act and all around good guy) it is what it is but I think once they reach the NHL or grow up they'll grow out of it