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  1. Assignment: Detroit assigns Joel L'Esperance to the minors (no waivers required) In doing so Detroit activates Tyler Motte from IR @Primal Optimist
  2. In the market for a back up goaltender
  3. The Detroit Brass is extemely happy with the early success since the new managment came in they have been surging to the top of the standings
  4. DET: Placement: sends Jimmy Schuldt to the griffens Assignment: Calls up Sam Lafferty and is insert into the active roster @Primal Optimist
  5. Thanks man previous owner didn't leave me with much nhl caliber depth so gotta fill up the lineup!
  6. DET: Assigns Mason Appleton to the griffens @Primal Optimist
  7. DET: Places Evgeni Malkin on IR Calls up Mason Appleton
  8. Assignment: DET sends Mason Appleton, Miko Salomaki, Sam Lafferty, Eric Robinson, Brennen Menell to the Griffens Placement: Joel E'Lesperance is called up to Detroit @Primal Optimist
  9. Funny prank pulled by Keith Yandle on the last spittin chiclets podcast can youtube it, pretty commical actually
  10. Lol Brock Boeser kinda looks like moustacheless John Garrett
  11. It’s always been like that, I don’t even go to anymore. Even last year everyone was saying we were gunna be bottom feeders in super negative articles throughout the summer, we were in playoff contention down the stretch. It’s better when the team proves everyone wrong.
  12. Everytime we play san jose in the last couples years I haven’t even wanted to watch, they play their worst hockey against the sharks and I hope this year they can sneak a winning record against them
  13. To think last year we had to overpay rousell and beagle to come here and now we get benn, myers and ferland at team friendly cap hits. Petey effect in full force