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  1. Lol Brock Boeser kinda looks like moustacheless John Garrett
  2. It’s always been like that, I don’t even go to anymore. Even last year everyone was saying we were gunna be bottom feeders in super negative articles throughout the summer, we were in playoff contention down the stretch. It’s better when the team proves everyone wrong.
  3. Everytime we play san jose in the last couples years I haven’t even wanted to watch, they play their worst hockey against the sharks and I hope this year they can sneak a winning record against them
  4. To think last year we had to overpay rousell and beagle to come here and now we get benn, myers and ferland at team friendly cap hits. Petey effect in full force
  5. Thanks for eliminating the leafs bruins, but its Jackets in 5 let’s go torts
  6. My buddy is and avs fan and it’s the next worse thing to toronto media, my other buddy is a sharks fan and hes super humble so i’d like to see him happy. Sharks in 6
  7. This was a fast season, except for that skid in November I really enjoyed it, can’t wait for next year
  8. Horvat 2 goals away from 100 career goals, would love to see him notch 30 this year!
  9. Loui always seems to pad his stats in single games lol
  10. I like it keep Schenn in vs his former team, worked well for him last time against Anaheim
  11. Biznasty's been doing first timer segments where he takes non hockey fans and attempting to make them fans, he brought this guy who've i've never heard of to the Van vs Fla game figured i'd share!