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  1. 7th Overall: 2018 CDC Draft Consensus

    Worst case scenario in my opinion. 1. Dahlin 2. Svechnikov 3. Zadina 4. Tkachuck 5. Hughes 6. Whalstrom This leaves us with the choices of - Boqvist , Dobson , Bouchard , Kotkaniemi in that 7th slot. Which are all great prospects in their own right and I would be happy with any of these guys, just slightly disappointed one of the above did not fall to us. Boqvist - high risk , high reward. NHL draft central on youtube does an excellent comparison on Boqvist VS Dahlin. And its closer than you expect. If I was drafting, and Tkachuck , Hughes , Whalstrom are gone. Its got to be Boqvist here. Kotkaniemi - I dont know what it is. But I think this guy might turn out to be the best center in this draft in a few years. Mikko Rantanen numbers in the same league. Canucks are almost as desperate for top end centers as they are for an offensive defenceman. Dobson - I think Dobson is a step above on Bouchard due to skating ability. Dobson has excellent edgework. But he reminds me too much of the Joulevi pick. Smooth skating , safe player, good smarts. At 7th overall I would rather the canucks get their own Scheifele or Skinner. Bouchard - I like Bouchard. Great canadian player (Sounding very Cherry esque here I know). Good size. The guy has a bomb from the point and seems he can sauce the puck to make up for his slower footspeed. I simply like the other players more. Forwards in the top 10 seem to be more of a sure bet than defence. Im on the Whalstrom train. There will be offensive defenceman to be had in the 2nd round. Cant wait for the draft ! . Take it easy folks.
  2. 2017-2018 line up (with what we have)

    (1) Baertchi - Horvat - Eriksson (2) Sedin - Sedin - Goldobin (3) Boucher - Sutter - Boesser (4) Dorsett - Gaunce - Granlund (1) Edler - Stecher (2) Hutton - Tanev (3) Joulevi - Gudbranson Extra - Subban (1) Markstrom (2) UFA That's my ideal line up with this team. No room for Chaput , Megna , biega , pedan . We need skill , we need to put the puck in the net a hell of a lot more than the past 3 seasons.
  3. I'm also high on Liljegren , I think he's this year chychrun. Severely underrated. The guy can skate like the wind and get the puck to the net.
  4. Assuming we pick at 5. Best case. Vilardi - almost undisputed 3rd overall. Gives Patrick a run for his money in size and skill. Easy choice at 5 if available. Mittlestadt - This guy is going to be a star. Benning keeps reiterating the need for size and skill. Mittlestadt has both in spades. Some of the best hands in the draft. That's it. We are not drafting heiskanen , Joulevi makes that pick redundant (as a top 10 pick) Honestly I think alot of you guys are reaching for petterson at 5 , even Makar at 5 is a reach. Worst case , all top 4 centers are taken in the top 4 picks. (Heisheir , Patrick , Vilardi , Mittlestadt ) I think the Canucks go with Cody Glass. Not a bad consolation prize. This is all my opinion of course. Looking forward to cracking a beer and watching the draft unfold. For some reason I imagine Bettmans cringy creepy voice as he hunches over the microphone. " We have a trade to announce " . And for some reason I think the Canucks will be involved. Especially with that Tortorella pick in play. As for the 33rd pick. If we get Brannstrom , I will be elated. Some mocks have him , high first round. He's like the swedish Ryan Ellis.
  5. Benning Interview 1040..May 11,2017

    This is how I see it going based on looking at lists from many scouting services, magazines and recent inclusions of tournament play. Also the general trend of success in the NHL plays a roll. Ex. Benning reference to a much faster skilled game and mobile puck moving D that can contribute offence. 1. Devils - Nolan Patrick 2. Flyers - Nico Heichier 3. Stars - Gabe Vilardi 4. Avalanche - Casey Mittlestadt This is worst case scenario. All of the top 4 centers are gone. Cody Glass and Martin Necas are nice consolation prizes but in my opinion a miniscule teir below. Canucks - Timothy lindjgren . Based on Bennings tone when makar was reference he didn't seem to excited. But based on previous scouting position prior to this year, the trend of the NHL and Vancouver's glaring lack of scoring from the D. This is our guy if the chips are down and the top skilled centers above are off the board.
  6. 5th Overall: CDC 2017 Draft Consensus

    Ill throw my 2 cents into the mix. My personal preference for the Canucks choices at 5. I love reading these boards and seeing what die hard canuck fans would like to see in a draft pick. I was absolutely a grumpy bastard for 4 hours after the draft lottery. Apologies to my family and friends. 1.Timothy Liljegren Scouting Report - "An active, offensive-minded rearguard who likes the puck on his stick…skates with strong fluidity and agility, getting from one point to the next effortlessly as his feet always seem to be in motion…can take the puck end-to-end a la Erik Karlsson…his offensive IQ is off the charts as is his creativity…makes strong breakout passes to move along the attack to his forwards before jumping into the play himself…has a strong wrist shot that is quick off his blade, strong and accurate, and he gets some solid velocity on his slap shot" * Up until this year. This is the guy that was giving Nolan Patrick a run for his money. A consensus number 2/3 over all. He contracted Mono , which absolutely effects your bodies performance and your mental state. Some guys have off years in the NHL , they are forgiven easily based on past performances. Let alone add mono on top of it. I prefer to judge him on previous achievements and not solely on this season. Liljegren is still projected to go top 10 by a large number of scouts and with the draft year he has had that is saying something. This team has NO scoring on the back end. Every successful team has at least 1 - 2 40 point guys. We cannot rely on Edler to produce this anymore. The similarities to Chychrun are interesting too, who put up 20 points in his rookie year on a horrible coyotes team. 2. Gabe Vilardi Scouting report - A dynamic and often brilliant offensive attacker…has skilled hands and outstanding awareness…looks to set up his linemates with timely passes, but can also finish off the play when the opportunity is there…has nice size and uses it to protect the puck…has a quick jump and agility on his feet, but is not really a speed demon screaming up the ice…plays aggressively both when his team does and does not have the puck; often hunting it down and stripping it from his opponent…has a bag of tricks he uses to shake defenders and get his hard, accurate wrist shot off or dish a soft pass…very difficult to knock off the puck and is able to dangle in very tight spaces while under heaps of defensive pressure…a toolsy center who is just scratching the surface of his potential…a constant threat in the offensive zone…has the look of a future offensive catalyst at the NHL level * My number one choice for center where the Canucks are picking. My first choice would be Patrick. But we all know how that turned out. This kid is simply too good to pass up if he falls to fifth. There are some knocks , skating being the big one. But his skill is undeniable. Easy choice at 5. I highly doubt Dallas and Colorado pass on him though or else I would have him in my number one spot. 3. Cody Glass - Scouting report - A dangerous two-way center that thinks the game at a high level, never making the same mistake twice. He is analytical and patient in the development of his strengths. He transitions up-ice quickly and is able to create and dictate offensive chances on the rush. He attacks hard and fast and consistently displays excellent puck control. His decision making is very good, indicative of his high level of hockey sense. He plays a complete game and elevates his play as energy levels rise. At the next level, he will need to be even faster and more physically assertive to make his presence felt. All-in-all, an intense, quick-thinking competitor that can elicit a crowd’s excitement when he’s on the ice. * Tough choice between him and Mittlestadt. But gotta go with Glass as the second best / most likely available center for the canucks at 5. Love his size , canadian kid and had a monster season in the WHL. I am a little Leary about only having one outstanding season to judge him on , but the comparable drawn by his head coach to Ryan Johanson is very interesting and enticing.