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  1. Hey everyone! Back in here for first time in so long. Cheering for the boys to have a goodseason. Got good vibes about this year
  2. Jets in 6. They've had their share of struggles in the 2nd half of the season but if Laine heats up and Hellebuyck stands on his head, Peg will win the series
  3. Sharks in 7. Hopefully Karlsson plays well for them in the playoffs as well as Jones turning it around.
  4. The boys have a lot to be proud of this year. They played their heart out game in and game out. Their effort level is a pleasure to watch. They showed glimpses that they can compete with the best in the game. So many questions that are going to be answered next season. What can Petey do as a encore to his rookie year next season? Can Marky continue his spectacular performances next year and lead us to the playoffs? Can Bo, Brock build off their solid scoring totals and produce like stars? so elated for next year. All the best for the boys and hope a lotto win can help bring this team over the top. GCG!
  5. Marky with another solid performance night. Made timely saves when he needed to. Preds just got lucky with the bounces they got. Hughes continues his hot start to his NHL career recording a couple apples. Pearson is starting to be a integral part of our 1st line continuing his hot streak of his own. Hope the boys finish strong as this has been an entertaining year
  6. Congrats to our fellow Swedes Edler for winning best D-man this year and Petey for most exciting player. Well deserved by both and hope they build off their solid performances next year.
  7. Final home game of the year. Sucks that it has to end already but lots to takeaway from this year. Really entertaining to watch and getting a chance to see Hughes play late on along with Bo, Boeser, Petey and co is a really nice move. Can't wait till the draft lotto where we have the potential of adding another future core piece for next year