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  1. Voted Cooke. Nominating Blight
  2. Voted Vervegaert. Nominating Reinhart.
  3. Voted Butcher. Nominating Boeser
  4. So elated about this signing. Full of potential and loads of talent. Hope he does well in his first year in North America!
  5. Woohoo! Can’t wait to see his development continue and growth in his skill set.
  6. Sucks he didn’t sign with us. Seems to have some promise. Good luck in your NHL journey!
  7. Voted Odjick. Nominating Fraser.
  8. Voted Skriko. Nominating Rota
  9. Voted Skriko. Nominating Hansen
  10. Voted Sundstrom. Nominating Rota
  11. Voted Jovanovski. Nominating Rota
  12. Voted Jovanovski. Nominating Kurtenbach