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  1. Rangers place a claim on Daniel Winnik
  2. The Kings are on the verge of moving Bozak... if there are any last minute offers, get them in. otherwise, he may be getting dealt very soon
  3. I honestly don't know why Gibby kept Beliveau in the game even though it was quite obvious the Indians were getting to him. the team needs to pick it up fast
  4. Irving asking to be traded is a shocker tbh. could see him easily ending up with Minny, Knicks, possibly Philly joining a Fultz, Embiid to form a young blooming team. I doubt Cavs move him though so I see him staying but this will certainly be an interesting saga to follow
  5. just read recently that Chelsea president gives thumbs up for Matic to United move. if it comes and it happens, that would be another piece to help our midfield and give Carrick occasional rest as he probably won't be able to handle the matches with cup, Champs League and PL as well. this would be huge as it caps off a perfect summer
  6. I want Lockwood but it's time to give Brisebois what he's due. came so close to making the Junior team this winter and one of the final cuts. he deserves this ranking in the top 10!
  7. good for him. Also read that he wants to become FIFA World Player of the Year and he wasn't going to get that opportunity at Barca with Messi still his magician self and arguably the best player in the world. I hope it works out for him. gets a great opportunity to really flourish as one of the top 5 best footballers if the move comes to fruition. on another note, United with their 1st ever friendly victory over City in North American soil. Lukaku with a cool finish after heading it pass City's Ederson who he made look silly and Rashford getting another one himself. Great start to the tour!
  8. this team would be so better off if they had made that move for Blackmon. it avoids the whole platoon situation at LF where it's been a mess. Pearce, Carrera have been great with the bat but not sure if they handle the speed and athleticism needed to be a good LFer. they should explore that option again by this TDL or at best the offseason where they need a guy who is great on the outfield and has some pop and good piece of hitting
  9. I'll join as the Toronto Maple Leafs if it's still available
  10. Uh oh. Bolsinger was great right until he hung that curve. Gotta get back on track tomorrow
  11. I picked Lockwood over Lind, Jake. I would've gone with Virtanen and would've been a no brainer. Both Lind and Lockwood though will respectively go next after Jake. Lockwood's potential though is untapped and he's bound to have a breakout year in Michigan. Next few I see going after Jake is Lockwood, Lind, Chatfield, LaBate, Gadjovich, Brisebois
  12. Nice! Cincy is one of my favourite teams in AFC. Dalton, Green and now Ross are going to have one of the most dynamic offenses in the league. Still love my Seahawks though! But the Bengals are one of those teams you have to keep an eye on
  13. Neymar apparently agrees to a move to PSG for €222 million. Barca has a say probably in whether they agree or not but this would be the biggest bang this transfer window if it does go down
  14. Fabulous news @Lateralus91! One of the best ever goal scorers Dortmund has had and he certainly possesses a ton of value to the club rather than feeding off the fee they get and make a profit. Hopefully he builds off the amazing campaign he had last season!
  15. Just watched Wonder Woman and it was amazing. Watching Diana use her powers was stunning and she herself is as well. Sad Steve had to sacrifice but had to do what he had to do. Loved it! 

    1. J-23




      Yeah I was just as choked as Wonder Woman when Steve sacrificed, I almost cried lol. She is stunning. 

    2. Ghostsof1915


      Dunkirk this Friday.

  16. Never mind. My bad. He was thought of as one at one point but yeah isn't considered one when it was all said and done and is projected a solid 1C/2C player who has a good overall game. He should be ours but this lotto just ain't doing many teams any favours
  17. Okay thanks. I thought that once a player retires, then that means his contract is terminated but didn't know his buyout when we did it still applies even when he's not playing anymore. Fair enough though.
  18. I don't mean anything like that. Just saying the state of Cali as a whole voted for Hilary but the rest of the nation voted for Trump so they got what they wished for. Now the nation is ruled by an idiot. They got what they wanted I guess. Trump will just continue to do things his way and not do what he's suppose to be doing which is helping and giving people the best life possible such as health benefits, etc
  19. Good for the Flyers. Got a generational player who slipped into their laps.
  20. Congrats to Brian for a great career and good luck to his new gig with Blackhawks front office! Commish, it'd be great if you can remove the $2 million cap hit we had for buying him out now Campbell is retired! Please and thank you!
  21. '86 Toyota Celica '01 Ford Windstar '01 Honda Civic the year of the Celica I'm not 100% sure but it was around early to late 80s. Definitely lasted a while. Brings back fond memories I'll never forget
  22. First time posting here on this thread so congrats to America for naming an imbecile President. Sorry for my words but I just don't like him personally. Don't like his attitude and I respect his views and all but he just says the most random things ever. I visit Cali regularly with my cousins living there but the whole state didn't vote for him. In fact if I recall correctly they wanted Hilary. Nothing we can do now. Results spoke for itself and good luck to Merica
  23. I'm liking the deal. McCann had a underwhelming year here after the good training camp and produced just 18 points. Good for a rookie but we needed to give him up for a need and Guddy perfectly fits that. He's a defensive beast, plays physical, big, physical crease battler player. One of the best deals Benning has made.
  24. He had flashes of brilliance in Utica this past season but just didn't show it in a consistent basis . Still has one hell of a shot though, hits like a truck but he could certainly use improvement with his defensive game. With more time here in the A though, he'll have plenty of opportunities to improve on that. Button was somewhat right about his ranking of Jake back then but he can easily prove him wrong. Patience and time will be key with him
  25. I think Jake goes after personally