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  1. I may still have a shot at getting out of the basement if Schultz continues to produce at this pace. He has been the Pens' best D all year long and I'm glad I picked him. Sitting at 50, 10 behind @Master Mind, I'll need him to continue heating up and getting on the scoresheet. Long shot at this point but the way he's going, he has a chance of passing Karlsson for most points by a D this postseason
  2. Vilardi had another solid performance in Windsor's Memorial Cup win notching a pair of helpers. Dallas are open to moving 3 for the right player and if we somehow trade up say Sbisa and a 2nd, I'd do it since it's better to get something for Sbisa rather than lose him to Vegas. That way we can protect an extra forward/defenceman. He's the kid I would take to this point at 3. The sky is the limit with his potential. He's tall, decent speed, has good skill, smart, solid playmaking and good in all 3 zones. He's going to be taking on more responsibility next year once Brown, Bracco most likely end up in their respective NHL clubs. Good versatility as well as he can play wing if he needs to. His puck protection is great also especially along the boards where he can be a physical force. If we don't trade up and he drops, he's a can't miss pick. Glass, Heiskanen, Makar, Necas are also good options.
  3. I read an article about winning their 1st DFB in the last 4 years after being runner up their previous 4 attempts in the Final and 5 things learned after the win. Aubameyang could potentially be on the way out and teams already considering making bids as well as Tuchel may be on his way out for not consulting with the CEO regarding playing the 1st leg of the last 8 a day after the bombings. Gotze not participating in celebrations was also mentioned. I'm happy with the Cup win and I'm hoping the summer doesn't go this way. Hopefully they build off this success and keep the team intact for another go next year
  4. Saw some highlights. Caps hit the post 4 times in the game. Talk about tough luck. Techera hit it twice including the penalty attempt. We deserved a draw at the very least yesterday. Oh well have to scrap it and move on to the next one.
  5. this article basically seals any chance of both Edler and Tanev being moved since Benning public ally announced it. I didn't really want them moved in the first place unless a team absolutely overpays. They're great models for the kids and know how to play the game the right way. Not only that but they both teach how to play and what it's like playing in the NHL and how much work it takes before you become a regular NHLer. You don't learn the game overnight and that's what our young D in Stecher, Hutton, Tram who bolted are going through right now. He says that it's hard to find D. He further expands that it's hard to find D that are mobile and move the puck. He also mentions that the team can be competitive if they have solid goaltending to ease the transition of young players into the lineup. Overall, I feel confident in the direction the team is heading and I trust Benning and TL to turn the ship over soon and become a competitive team. Of course, it's not going to take one offseason to fix a roster that had a disastrous year but if they pick well in the draft and make smart additions, the team can easily be playoff bound. We are developing our kids and it takes a while before they get accustomed to the pace, speed, skill needed in the NHL. If Granlund, Baertschi, Bo, Hutty, Stecher, Boeser and other kids step up and all build off the success they had next year, we could be in for a surprise. Maybe making the playoffs is a long shot but with Green in the helm, I believe the team is destined to do great things
  6. Im assuming most of you here are good drivers. I'm planning on taking my L tomorrow. Any tips on how I should handle it? I've done the practice test numerous times and have done well. Wish me luck

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      S'all Good Man

      Firstly, don't assume people in Vancouver are good drivers :lol: this is an awful place to drive, people here are incredibly rude and inpatient. 


      But just do the practice exam online and you'll be fine. 

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      You mean this test?  B)

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      I didn't get to do it :( they're closed on weekends. Probably will try my luck next week

  7. Travis makes up for his error with a grand slam... holy caholy he's on fire
  8. Nice addition to our D depth. Had solid production in his 1st year in the SHL. Hopefully he becomes the next Stecher who impresses and steals a spot in the lineup early in the season.
  9. Griezmann perhaps suggested here that he may not be joining United or at the very least not pushing for it to happen. If not, Mbappe is someone I have my eye on and should be a target for United. Has proven success in CL lifting Monaco to the semis. 15 goals in Ligue 1 and 6 goals in C/L says it all and he's only 18. Has the potential to be a Dembele, Aubameyang, Lewandowski poacher. Madrid have their eye on him so we'll have to step up with a real good offer if we want to capture him
  10. Thanks to @Stamkos for quick negotiations. We were in the market for a top 4 D considering how depleted we were in that area and we believe we got that in Jake. Him and his Kings team are hungry to bounce back after a tough year due to injuries to many of their key players. Tough to give a pick, prospect and a good top 6 forward for a defenceman of Jake's caliber but we believe we addressed our issues in our backend. Thanks to Corbin and Kyle for their contributions to our organization and wish them all the best in Vancouver
  11. Thanks to @Gally for smooth negotiations and @Tylez for processing the deal. Having Radek in another league made the Rangers eager to trade for him. We believe we will be able to re-sign him to a reasonable deal and builds off the success he had next year. Getting Ville was a huge bonus as well as we get to stockpile our prospects pool and has a bright future ahead. Thanks to Tomas for his contributions to our organization and wish him all the best in Calgary.
  12. JD and Tulo are finally coming off the DL and be put into the lineup tomorrow vs the Rangers. Can't wait to see how they do and hope they can wear off any rust. Hopefully the team can continue from where they left off in the Brewers' series.
  13. Preds in 6. Since their magical run began vs the Hawks I've been behind them. PK is such a great guy as well and I don't mind him winning the Cup. He deserves one. Gets to prove Bergevin wrong. Preds D is just so mobile, filled with offensive talent and their offensive group comes up big when needed most. It's the Preds' year and no one's stopping them. Go Preds
  14. Pens are frigging crippled as hell and if it wasn't for Malkin and Crosby, it would've been a different story. Can't wait to see them get dominated by the Preds. Star filled D along with a high powered and timely offense. They don't have the big name players other than Forsberg but they have a few other young kids that have stepped in and delivered when they needed it most. Best D vs Best O. Bring it on! Go Preds
  15. He was a minute eating D today. He's a beast. I was waiting for him to create some magic and get one for the Sens. I hope he continues to play at this high of a level. Sens will be a threat again next year
  16. Preds for the Cup. Wouldn't mind seeing Subban carrying the Cup as a big middle finger to Bergevin
  17. Feeling Stone will score the winner
  18. Lmao was so hungry ate it all. I was going to get my L too but ICBC was closed. That Kessel chance though and Rust chance as well.. holy crap.. so friggin close. It's the Sens turn to dominate the next OT frame
  19. Nothing better than watching the game while eating BK... lol
  20. Just tuning in.. it's OT. How have the Sens been playing?
  21. 15-20 points. LBJ, Kyrie will go ham again. Boston hang around for most of the game but can't do enough to hold off the defending champs
  22. @Nbanhl has a great point that he was drafted by the Sonics and that we should support KD but from my perspective, it was a snake move joining the team that beat them when they up 3-1 in last year's West Finals. Leonard injury killed any hope of Spurs winning similar to the Raps when Lowry was out as well and other teams with injuries this playoffs. It's going to be interesting who wins. If LeBron wins he's GOAT
  23. Bats with a moon shot, Pillar and Travis hit dingers as well and Goins hit his 1st grand slammy. The team has seemed to finally hit their stride. Having Tulo and JD back soon may be enough to contend for the division if everyone keeps it up
  24. I'm going to go with some underrated players that are not really getting the attention by everyone that deserves it and also the fact that I have them in a fantasy league except for my final choice. Seabrook - he was a force to be wreckoned with early on in his NHL career and a All Star too I believe. He continues to get the job done in his own end and he hits, blocks and creates offensive opportunities when given the chance to. He chips in with a crucial goal that the team desperately needed. He's your typical all around stay at home defenceman Faksa - going in a bit of a limb but he is a young up and coming superstar. He had a bright season with the Stars where they're stacked offensively with the likes of Benn, Seguin. He's a good playmaker and solid goal scorer. He knows where to be on the ice at all times and delivers clutch goals. Stamkos - well Tampa would've been Cup favourites had their captain had not been hurt for most of the season. He's a definition of a superstar. Nice shot, shares the puck with his teammates and solid in all 3 zones. He knows how to get the job done when needed most. He's a team player which is what you want from your captain