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  1. How about Coghlan's dive over Molina at home plate... that has to be a play of the year candidate
  2. You called it! Though Westbrook was incredible this series and puts up 51 points in a losing effort tonight. Just shows what the Thunder are lacking more of. More offensively gifted players. He gets my vote for MVP. No brainer imo. Beats Oscar Robertson's triple double record of 41 and ended with 42 this season. I will be surprised if it wasn't him
  3. Ducks in 6 easy. Juice and Kes deserve to win the Cup with all they have contributed to our team as much as I hate them now. Much better team overall than the Coilers
  4. Anderson is an easy choice but Cogliano can easily win it for that wicked ironman streak. But Anderson is my choice. Stellar in his comeback after his wife was dealing with cancer.
  5. Thanks to @Captain Azzy for his patience and taking the time to deal with negotiations. We are pleased to welcome Matt for an extended stay as we believe he will be a solid top 4 for our team as we assume we will be losing one of our quality defencemen but most likely a forward depending on who we are exposing. Congrats on publishing a new book and hope that it becomes a hit across the Lower Mainland!
  6. Good news to wake up to lol. Excited that TG will be our next h.c. He's been a good hard working coach down in Utica and he's going to be able to develop a few of these players this year and play around with the lineup more. We may see him play the kids like Benning wanted Willie to do but Willie failed miserably. He will bring a good hard forechecking system while being able to be able to get the team to move the ice up more faster to create some offense and not forgetting to backcheck as well which is well better than the system Willie had where we were getting buried and hemmed in our own zone while trying to create some chances through dump and chase which doesn't work anymore and Green brings what Willie didn't in the last couple of years. He will have a decent lineup to work with plus this year's top pick which he may be having a head start to coach depending on the lottery results this weekend. Anyways good and exciting news
  7. Love the idea of this move. We get a player who has a Stanley Cup winning pedigree and plays a gritty, nasty game. To add some bonus, we get their 1st/2nd. As long as we get a high pick, I'm aboard as the team could use extra picks to continue shoring up our prospect pool. Boeser and potentially Dahlen along with the possibility of adding Hischier/Pettersson have the potential to do some damage if they transition well into the NHL like how Boeser has fit in seamlessly
  8. Not as much @Xbox. Sometimes they have calls not going their way but they usually bounce back with their play on both ends of the floor. Overall, they respond well after not getting the calls they've wanted and usually build off that as it helps them get momentum on their side. Like today, it was a solid performance by the whole team
  9. Hate these bush league umps...
  10. Lmao you got your wish. Hopefully it makes the team play better and harder. Martin the only guy doing damage so far
  11. It's the day we've been waiting for ever since Willie drove the team to a 8 game losing streak to end the season. Like that's not the way you want to end the season. You want to at least win a couple to show fans that you will be a competitive team next season. That being said, I'm expecting probably the worst especially with Vegas in the mix which throws other teams off. If we get 4th which we're almost guaranteed, Benning will happily take Pettersson and I'll throw house money in there to make sure that everyone knows he will. Him or Vilardi Benning will think about taking with Tippett, Middlestadt in the mix also. I'm excited for this weekend and it's the day we've been waiting for. We are due and hopefully hockey gods give us the luck we have been long overdue. Go Canucks Go!
  12. AP on the verge of being a Saint. What do you all think of the signing? I'm meh on it. Low risk, high reward but bad signing if he doesn't get back together
  13. Wow we're all over the Bucks tonight. Powell with one hell of game, Ibaka as well. Lowry, DeRozan and DC along with JV all showed the Bucks how to ball. All Raps today. 17-0 run in the 1st and the Raps never looked back and didn't let their guard down
  14. Didn't you watch the tail end of the season.... Benning sign Griffen Molino after his college season was over since he was a free agent and he showed signs of promise and his potential. Played 4th line minutes with mainly plugs like Megna and occasionally Boucher whenever Willie didn't like his defensive awareness and demoted him. Idk why you minused me... maybe you need to rewatch the last bit of the season
  15. With draft lottery night just around the corner, it's safe to say the top 2 in Patrick and Hischier are locks. The remaining 3 to round off the top 5 are open to just about 10-15 prospects that can go in any order with Makar, Middlestadt, Glass, Necas, Liljegren, Suzuki, Tippett, Pettersson, Vilardi, Yamamoto, Valimaki and many others as well. It won't surprise anyone if teams go off the board. That's why scouting is so key this year for every team. We are locked top 5 so if we drop, I assume Benning will have Vilardi, Middlestadt, Pettersson, Glass, Makar, Necas among his options. I think he will narrow it down to Pettersson, Necas, Vilardi, Middlestadt if we go 4, 5. That being said my choice would be Pettersson. He's someone ive had my eye on since we traded for Dahlen. He has instant chemistry and I believe he will be one of most successful players to come out this draft alongside Patrick, Hischier. He has nice size and skill to go along with his creativity. He makes everyone better and everyone bites off his exciting play. If we don't stick at 2, I'll happily take him and run. If we add another mid 1st by trading one of our D(Sbisa,Edler, Tanev), we can add Foote, Valimaki or possibly Liljegren if the rumors are true that he might slip. Either way, a team need to accumulate more picks every way we can. Meh, I could see our lineup being similar to this past year's but with a few tweaks: Baer - Bo - Boeser Sedins - Goldy Granny - Pettersson/Hischier - Boucher Molino - Sutter - Dorsett Dahlen if he stays and impresses during T/C makes Sutter a valuable trade chip but not a sure thing. Edler/Sbisa - Stecher Hutton - Guddy Juolevi - Tanev Marky Bachman we let Miller walk if he wants more dough. If he's willing to sign for under $5 mill, Benning will be over it for sure. we have to re-sign Guddy, Bo, Rodin, and some AHLers to fill Utica up with Grenier, Billins, Rendulic among the players without contracts. We need to sign some good solid FAs for our big team as well for depth. I'm excited for this upcoming offseason. Some decisions to be made to improve the team. We're going to lose one of Sbisa/Edler so that opens the door for Benning picks like Brisebois, Neill, Olsen and defencemen in Utica in McEneny, Subban. Hopefully we are a playoff team next year as it can be quickly be built with just this offseason alone but it will take awhile and I'm ready for the team to take the challenge.
  16. While we were officially eliminated yesterday, like some teams, the Kings are open for business also. Our protection list is mainly set with Benn, Tanev, Seabrook being our 3 D protected and Quick being our main netminder locked up. Our forward group, however, remains undetermined. Few sure locks are Hornqvist, Toffoli, Kesler, Namestnikov, Faksa but our remaining 2 forward protection spots is still up in the air with Fast, Backlund, Bozak, Calvert, Brouwer all in the mix. Campbell, Markov, Martin are all available for the right price. We're open to listening to offers for everyone and it will take a mind blowing offer for some players. PM if you're interested
  17. This sucks being last. Hopefully Allen takes the Blues to the Cup finals and my remaining players step it up a notch. Hopefully this doesn't last long.
  18. Wow unbelievable. Can't believe I'm in the 2nd round of the playoffs when I was a bottom feeder at first when I took over. A remarkable turn around by my team. A couple of moves really have done wonders for my team and are continuing their hot streak from where they left off in the regular season. Hopefully they keep their production going as it's going to be a team effort from here on out with few players being eliminated. Vesey - Letestu - Oshie Paajarvi - Ryan Only having a handful of players left will be tough but they've been key contributors for their respective teams. Good luck @Dion Phaneuf in what should be a tight series. Best of luck to all remaining teams. The Rangers are gunning for you all
  19. Fun series for sure @Tylez. You gave me a run for my money and you came out on top at the end. I tip my cap to you for assembling a good, playoff filled team. Not having a Vezina candidate in Quick cost my team and irl Kings a deep potential playoff run. Nevertheless, very excited for next season and see what it will have to offer. Hopefully a much better playoff performance. Looking forward to finish the season strong in the consolation race though it's going to be a dogfight to who will win especially with all the new teams now in it. Good luck to you and all remaining teams in the playoffs. Wish all the best to everyone
  20. Thanks to @RUPERTKBD and @Standing_Tall#37 for the updates to today's game. Great to steal a win today. Guarantees a split at least vs these Angels. Good to see Stro go the distance and Pillar swinging a hot bat. He's definitely looked like he's in mid season form. Morales has been great as well. Only a matter of time he picks his production into the next level like Edwin's. Joey Bats is starting to find himself again and would love for him to start being his consistent self. Not to mention the returns of Happ and Sanchez off DL stints should help spark a win streak since the team will know they will be in every game with a chance to win. The returns of JD and Tulo will only make the team that much better. For the time being, Barney, Cognlan and Goins will all have to step up in their absences. If they do that, that will only help the team now and set the team up for a fresh start in May
  21. Tough loss for the Clippers. Even though they've had a past of struggling in the playoffs, having a healthy CP3 is huge. Not having Blake hurts the team a lot since they're missing some clutch post play and perimeter shooting. Agree with Miller at the end that Speights needs to step up and need more from him. DJ and CP3 can't do it all themselves. Jamal did real good today as well. I'm still sticking with my prediction and they take it in 7. Make or break for them and I really they are the 2nd best team behind the Warriors.
  22. Caps in 7. Should be another wild and entertaining series between these two. Crosby vs Ovi yet again. Must watch. It's going to be fun watching this one. Ovi deserves a Cup
  23. Nope. He's injured and Pens don't have Murray also compared with their run last year which changes the complexion of the series a whole lot. Going with the Caps in this one
  24. Kuznetsov with the assist! Almost got my prediction right. Great fight put up by the Leafs though and didnt look out of place in this playoff series. Meanwhile it's the Caps who prevail who are a much deeper team and are looking to make a Cup run. It's going to be another beauty of series next round as the Caps and Pens square off once more. Ovi vs Sid the Kid. Hopefully Ovi edges him out this time as the winner of the series are usually a Cup winner like last year with Sid The Kid lifting the Cup again
  25. This. Love the work ethic put in every game but it felt like Willie was more concerned defensively than trying to get something going offensively and create chances. It's also far more fast paced compared to how it goes in the regular season. This series has been back and forth and great to see the Caps win it