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  1. Quick is still looking pretty sharp, we are peppering him. Man he has been a solid goalie for the kings for a damn long time.
  2. They should have Willie behind the bench as the tank commander, they really need a rebuild and some good draft picks.
  3. Don't trust everything you read from the media and watch the games, canucks are having alot of scoring chances and it's why we are scoring alot. Do we give up some good opportunities in the process? yes. But if you watch the games the ice is pretty tilted most games.
  4. Just a quick follow up since I originally posted this. I really like the changes, we got Hughes on the 1st PP and we have guys moving. Thank you!
  5. Nah, do not play defense keep playing the way we are and keep the pressure going. Best defense is a strong offense playing in their end.
  6. Someone instructed them to play the way the did, soon as the game was tied up and they got the thumbs up they started started playing again, it's obvious and sickening.
  7. It's like the media and high roller gamblers have control and sign some big paychecks to ensure our team plays to absolute submission.
  8. Ouch, another painful lesson in coaches trying to influence the players too much. We are a talented team with plenty of offense, stop trying to coach them into playing a grid position. From a coaches perspective I understand why you would go with a defensive strategy starting the 3rd period, however our top 2 lines looked confused and we paid the price for it. I hope we learn from mistakes moving forward. Great game Canucks that is a serious team!
  9. I definitely do not want to axe TG, he is awesome in many ways, perhaps he needs an assistant that can take over PP duties.
  10. I was under the impression, we have a PP coach correct me if I'm wrong. I like Travis Green for many reasons but if he is in charge of the PP, I don't like that.