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  1. I'm just glad the extremist activists don't watch hockey, else we would be facing traffic blocking protests all over town after this trade, it prevents the 'working' people from getting to work and earning a paycheck that provides for their family. Arrest and fine all of those fools, even better cut them off social welfare so they wake the f up.
  2. The pacific division is real tight as usual and only 1 point separates the top 5 teams, however the Canucks find themselves on top with games in hand. The surprising part is that the bottom 2 teams of the Pacific division also hold the wild card spot. The sharks have been out muscling and intimidating the Canucks for so many years it feels so good to beat them tonight and to see their vets loosing their cool(Thornton's late hit on Sutter). The best part about this season is that this is a fun team to watch, they are scoring goals and counting on offense instead of playing trap and defense to win games. It's a good time to be a Canucks fan and being such a young team the future seasons look bright.
  3. I have supported Green, but have hated Brown for a long time. Truth is though the same pattern is once again repeating itself, start out strong and fizzle out come November. It's the coaches job to motivate the troops as well as the team Captains. I don't think Horvat was the right choice for the C, he doesn't have the emotional attachment that a good captain requires. He might be amazing off the ice, involved in the community and an all around good guy, but I'm sorry that does not help you win hockey games. You need passion, emotion, drive and frustration(anger) to fuel your own play and your teams, I don't see this in Horvat even though I really like the guy.
  4. What a corrupt game, unbelievable. Some high stakes gamblers paid out some big bucks for this bull$&!#. They even pull our best faceoff guy(Horvat) for the last few critical minutes!!!!! CHEATERS!!!!!!!
  5. Quick is still looking pretty sharp, we are peppering him. Man he has been a solid goalie for the kings for a damn long time.
  6. They should have Willie behind the bench as the tank commander, they really need a rebuild and some good draft picks.
  7. Don't trust everything you read from the media and watch the games, canucks are having alot of scoring chances and it's why we are scoring alot. Do we give up some good opportunities in the process? yes. But if you watch the games the ice is pretty tilted most games.
  8. Just a quick follow up since I originally posted this. I really like the changes, we got Hughes on the 1st PP and we have guys moving. Thank you!
  9. Nah, do not play defense keep playing the way we are and keep the pressure going. Best defense is a strong offense playing in their end.