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  1. I don't quite agree with the OP's lineup but I definitely agree with most of the comments regarding them.
  2. It would definitely be real nice to shed some of that weight.
  3. Not much point in arguing, post your thoughts and move on...
  4. It's a poll... not a 1 line thread.
  5. With Luongo retirement and that extra 3 mil cap hit, I don't think it was an option. I was really hoping for Nyquist as well. There is a reason Luongo "out of his own pocket" paid for an add in the province to thank the fans after announcing his retirement. He is trying to save face because his decision completely screwed the Canucks while helping his team.
  6. All of the big names are signed, it happens kind of quick...
  7. Share your love or hate for this years UFA. I think last year many of us were a little disappointed with the UFA signings. It wasn't completely bad because we did acquire Antoine Roussel, who I have become a huge fan of. We did not want to enter the season with the same defense as we had in the previous year, but it's basically what ended up happening. To sum it up, we did not sign or acquire via trade a top 6 forward or a top 4 defense man. This year management has succeeded in filling those holes, we got a top 4 d man and a top 6 forward. Our back end will only have 3 returning regulars, next season we will have 3 new faces. I'm obviously focusing on the acquisition of Tyler Myers and Jamie Benn with this poll but if you add Quinn Hughes, that is one serious makeover for our back end. For me it has been one of the more exciting off seasons because I'm seeing our team trending upward and in the right direction.
  8. Although I was hoping to see a top 6 forward like Nyquist signed as well, the Luongo cap hit crushed that dream. The good news is that we got Myers for shorter term and cheaper then most predicted and when you weigh that into the equation it's a fantastic acquisition. We really needed another top 4 guy and Benning did not disappoint. We signed the best D man available and managed to do it on a team friendly contract, let's not forget how overpriced UFA signings usually are. Hughes and Myers pairing is exciting to think about, we might actually finally have a defensive line that can put up points! When was the last time we were able to say that?
  9. Why did Boeser, Petterson and Hughes drop? I have no idea but i'm glad JB was smart enough to snatch them up. Heck Boeser was drafted #25, were there 24 players better then Boeser in that draft? to answer your question with another question.
  10. Miller was brought in as a dependable goalie and I don't think he disappointed in that role. Vrbata had 1 amazing season with us but at the end of the day the whole "We need to find someone for the Sedins had expired". They were no longer a top line duo and I feel would have had a lot more success and a much longer NHL career if they were split up between line 1 and 2, where their knowledge and play making ability would have shined.
  11. I don't know why you want Benning fired honestly... He has done a pretty damn good job rebuilding via draft on a team full of bad long contracts with a lot of no-trade clauses. Those contracts have now expired and he has drafted well to rebuild the team, he now finally has the opportunity to start making plays toward playoffs and a Stanley Cup. It's hard to be good at UFA and trades when you have no expendable chips to play. UFA doesn't want to sign with you when you are a bottom feeder and ask for big money, trades are 50/50 gain compared to return, so you have to loose value to gain value. I think JB deserves another 2-3 year contract to show that what he built he deserves to keep.
  12. With our conditional pick I'm 50/50 on team tank, there is a part of me that wants another high pick but at the same time I want to see our guys succeeding to build confidence. I think our team is on the upswing and taking any steps backwards despite draft picks might be counterproductive.
  13. Thanks, I appreciate that. I definitely try to focus on the positives despite the fact that there are negatives.
  14. Yes there is obvious disappointment, his actions are calculated but unjastified from a Canuck stand point. This tells me he is ready to play hockey again and prove his worth, sadly he is trying to blame the Canucks for his own short comings which is not fair. We have paid him a lot of money and i would like to see him put in the effort wearing our Jersey. I don't doubt that it will make the average dinner out at a restaurant with family a lot more friendly...