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  1. Maybe. If their guy is gone early thought you stay at 10. Why give up extra assets otherwise. I believe Broberg is our guy and since he’s not getting top 10 attention we may not need to move up to get him.
  2. You posted a gif with two highlights. Ive seen his full highlights that is over 30mins and watched it multiple times. Sure he shows a couple of nice moves in that gif but in his highlights I wasn’t seeing him transition the puck up ice from his zone using his skating . Broberg on the other hand is thinking only one thing when he gets the puck back and that’s to get it up the ice in a hurry. I prefer this type of player more than the methodical vanilla game soderstrom brings.
  3. What an incredibly boring pick at 10 this would turn out to be.
  4. Why would you want to move up 2 spots? I think it’s a lateral move With our scouting as an strength and teams ahead of us selecting based on immediate needs we should stay put at 10.
  5. I’m learning more about the prospects in our range and I have to say Alex Newhook looks very promising. He’s a very exciting player ! 102 points in the BCHL great speed and motor also really like Broberg who has killer speed for a defender who’s 6.2”. Absolutely love the urgency with which he turns the play up the ice Id be over the moon with either of these guys but they may already be off the board at 10.