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  1. Do I like the trade? Toffoli is a established player, a scorer in the league. He’s supposed to help the here and now. I sure hope he goes on a tear when play resumes and make his time as a rental a memorable one. If he plays well and performs in the play-inns then the playoffs then I will officially consider it a good trade. So far the trade has paid dividends, Toffoli has 10 points in 10 games ( 6G4A) on the line with Pettersson and Miller. He needs to continue that the rest of the way, point a game or close to. If he does that then that means the top line is productive and that bodes well for our playoff hopes. Madden on the other hand has enormous potential to be a player that is so effective with his style of play that we regret playing against him and the kings. But then again he might not realize that potential. I was really looking forward to having his skill set on our Team at some point in the future. Now it’ll be on another team and in different colours but still intrigued to see how his career plays out. I think he’ll be a star.
  2. One of Gaudette or Big Mac should be in the lineup. Could argue Eriksson deserves to play too. Travis green has some tough decisions to make. for this series Id go with a more aggressive, direct lineup including Motte, Gaudette , Big Mac. best strategy is to simply rotate in and out players to ensure we have fresh players every game.
  3. We have the guys who can execute this play; Hughes at the point can set up gaudette, Virtanen or boeser.
  4. 1. never understood why the players don’t wear full cages to play. So many injuries happen because a puck a stick or an elbow made contact with the unprotected face of players. Get some damn masks on and the injuries would plummet. 2. the icing rule is killing all the excitement. It needs to be adaptable to every situation. We’ve seen too many times where the offensive player dumping in the puck was going to get to the puck but the ref prematurely stopped play.
  5. Do we really have a chance at a cup run? We’ve got plenty of experience on the team now with the vets we have which should insulate the younger players. Beagle, Miller, Toffoli, Pearson, Tanev, Edler, Roussel, Sutter, Myers. Combined with our set of younger players who are each having great seasons I think we should definitely have a chance to win some games. Also don’t forget that we defeated some great teams during the season and were in the majority of the games we played.
  6. Apparently when Benning wanted to use Madden as a trade chip Judd was opposed to it and gave JB ultimatum that if he was traded he wouldn’t re sign.
  7. I liked Judd, thought his late round (3rd-5th round) picks were solid and turned into players who are or will play in the NHL. I think Judd is confident that he could have gotten a few other picks right in past drafts where Benning decided to act in a different direction. Ollie over Mathew for example. McCn over Pastarnak. But I think when all is said, Benning is the person who came in and totally restructured and restored our scouting department. Jim laid the foundation for a scouting department that proved to be successful after some trial and errors. Virtanen pick is trending in the right direction and there’s still a lot of untapped potential there. Benning also picked Boeser which he was a big fan of. He picked Mcan over Pasta so there’s one he missed. But mcan still turned into a serviceable player(kinda messed up his development). Then he picked Ollie which made sense.. we literally had no d prospects at that time. But that was a great learning experience that we should always pick BPA and noT for a positional need, but even When picking for position he missed on Charlie Mccavoy. Ollie could turn out but for now you don’t build your defence around him as originally planned. then we get two straight jackpots in Elias and Quinn. Now we have Vasily in the mix that looks like he can play. The scouting culture has been set by Benning and it’s been improved over the years. This culture didn’t just benefit the team, it also benefited the scouting people through better job prospects like internal promotions ( ie in Judds case) and future job prospects (ie. Judds case again). Not a bad culture if you ask me.
  8. We need experience but we need the young guns too. If it were upto me Zack and Adam are both in. They play with more bite to their game than Sutter or Leivo. Agree with the first two lines Then: Roussel-Gaudette-Virtanen zack - Beagle -Motte These are the best players on the roster and they should be the ones playing. Sutter, Eriksson, Leivo, Ferland are all great top 9 replacement options. But we need to go with the best lineup out of the gate and not wait to get pushed around or outscored as you say.
  9. 5 games left. 3 wins to qualify. who do you go to war with? Elias JT Tyler Tanner Bo Brock Adam Antoine Zack Jake Jay Tyler M. Brandon Loui Josh Michael very difficult to pick
  10. Pettersson will dominate. So will Miller and Hughes. Really liked MacEwen with Bo and Tanner. Should give that a go again. Its not a popular choice but Eriksson over Sutter, Erikson played well along Bo and Tanner. Motte needs to play and so does beagle. Jt/Elias/Tyler Tanner/Bo/Zack Brock /Adam/Jake Antoine/ Jay/Tyler M. ^ these are my top forwards extras : Sutter, Leivo, Eriksson, Ferland TG will somehow keep Eriksson and Sutter in the lineup though.
  11. Gotta start showing the team some love on social media for the long and arduous task ahead. We can only hope that the team can pull together and learn a thing or two while trying to reach the playoffs. It’s do or die. Lose 3 games and you are out. It’s anyone’s cup. Why not us.
  12. Did Bettman say that players don’t have to be quarantined in the states? That’s not a stellar public health strategy, we know it only takes one case to spread quickly.
  13. A series of weekly poll questions to see what CDC thinks about the team. Poll questions will be updated regularly. Poll 1 Results:
  14. He’s a project with enough seasoning he’ll get his chance at the bigs