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  1. Insatiable appetite to get better, that’s what you want to see in your captain.
  2. Way to make an impression in this game. Like what I see from Miller so far, he thinks the game well and seems to have some skill too which will help any line he’s on.
  3. Way better deal than I anticipated. Benning has really improved ever since the LE disaster, his last few signings have been fantastic.
  4. I think we should go without a captain again. Let’s see the leadership group develop together for another year before picking a long term captain. I think Bo is an early candidate but players like Boeser, Pettersson and even Stecher should be considered. There is no wrong choice imo.
  5. Unreliable source: Boeser to sign 6.66mil contract for 6 years on sept 6th.
  6. Aww no more reverse kronwalls by Virtanen
  7. Goldy should set his sights on a 40point season while being defensively effective. I don’t think that’s an unrealistic ask of him so he should get a final chance to prove it and take the next step in his development. But it if he doesn’t receive a contract It wouldn’t be bad to beef up the defence more by signing Hutton.
  8. I still can’t believe we were gifted the opportunity to draft this kid. Unbelievable potential to be a star player down the line. He’s such a heady player, that nothing he does out there is by chance. He knows what he wants to do and he does it. His defensive work is stellar and his willingness in putting the team before himself is a quality that is worth more than goals. Simply put, Vasily is the type of player you want on your side, the type to go into battle with and Vancouver is lucky to get him.
  9. Likeable guy; gotta love the goalie depth in the organization.
  10. I don’t think JB is the type to take his job for granted. The guy works tirelessly to make our team better. A good culture to set for the rest of the management and the team itself. JB doesn’t need pressure, he needs time to continue unveiling his vision.