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  1. when the team stops attacking of course they will lose the lead. They tend to play a dump and chase game which translates into defensive hockey.
  2. JV is playing good simple hockey right now. His puck protection, stick handling and overall awareness has grown tremendously. Loved that perfectly placed low shot to generate a rebound, he read the play and made the right play.
  3. That whole Edmonton team are a bunch of divers the refs got swindled Two ghost calls on poor Eriksson
  4. If this team wants to prove they belong with the big dogs they need follow their last effort with another solid effort. Consistency builds champions.
  5. Man that Cody conned the crap out of Buffalo; basically paid for Providing no services
  6. People get too invested in the team and get their feelings hurt over a hockey game. Your post OP showcases this almost too perfectly.
  7. Winnable game; team got too confident and got complacent. Everyone is responsible for this loss