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  1. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    ^ A select few have too much time on their hands. So tired of visiting the Tryamkin thread and seeing the pointless back and forth arguments.
  2. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Can’t understand why some think that Tryamkin is not signing with us when his KHL deal is up. He’s a smart kid and a high character kid despite everything that is made up about him. Why hate his quite swagger and confidence ? I would love to have this guy on our team. He is a team guy and he showed that number of times last season. I believe he returns better than before and absolutely solidifies himself as one of our top defencmen and a core player for the Canucks.
  3. Sam Gagner, why the hate?

    That puck was Gagners to get to the whole way. Especially as he was the forward back covering for the pinching d. The half assed attempt to knock the puck out of the air with one hand on his stick was absolutely inexcusable especially for a veteran and especially with CM on the ice.
  4. Sam Gagner, why the hate?

    This clip pretty much explains all that’s wrong with Gags play.
  5. (Newest) 2018-2019 Time Capsule thread

  6. Jonah Gadjovich | LW

    That’s def a win for Petrus, JG put his hand on the table at the end when it was his turn.
  7. Quinn Hughes | D

    Any of Hughes teammates will stand up for him and beat the $&!# out of the culprit. We have Guds, Roussel, Beagle, Virtanen, to provide visible deterrence.
  8. 2018 Canucks Summer Development Camp

    Palmu is a beast. That’s all.
  9. 2018 Canucks Summer Development Camp

    Everyone is looking better during the more dynamic drills. Looks like scrimmage is next.
  10. 2018 Canucks Summer Development Camp

    The forward group just finished up at Rogers arena. Lind, Gadjovich we’re having trouble. Gadjovich trouble with puck skills and using his edges. Lind with passing and puck skills. Not the sharpest of days for the prospects but a few stood out. The defensive prospects are coming up. Edit: All the prospects are on the ice now not just defence.
  11. Sven- Bo- Brock

    Erikson- Sutter- Elias

    Nikolay- Beagle- Adam

    Roussel -Schaller- Virtanen


    Extras: Granlund, Gance, Gagner, leipsic, Boucher, Dahlen, motte, Jasek


    Top line has had success in the past playing together. Staying together to start 2018/19.


    Erikson plays along side a play making centre in Pettersson, and Sutter on the 2nd line and Sutter can be insurance for Elias on defensive draws, and allow Elias to take some draws in the O zone.


    The 3rd and 4th lines can look different with Virtanen and Gaudette switching spots.


    In either arrangement the 3rd line gives you another balanced line with a high percentage face off specialist in Beagle and two speedy wingers with unique offensive abilities in Goldobin and Virtanen or Gaudette.


    The fourth line is pretty solid too. Speedy and hard to play against with either Jake or Adam. They can chip in goals too and become a great energy line. 


    The extras bring value to the table too if injuries hit. To continue winning throughout the season we required depth and that’s what we have. We have bottom 6 forwards and top 6 forwards, who can step in and  contribute. There might even be injuries during off season training or preseason which means this depth is just right.







    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Rounoush


      What about Gagner? Can we trade him at all?

    3. ItsMillerTime


      Everyone disrespecting Leipsic he got 9 points in 14 games. Easily most exciting Canuck at the end of the season.

    4. Setyoureyesontheprize


      @Rounoush Benning and company have said that if a young player comes in and earns their spots and knocks down the doors, management will make room for them.  If that happens, it’ll force their hand. Players like Gags are pretty expendable. Granlund and Guance can be traded. Especially if they up their value in preseason games. And then there’s Boucher who has to be much much better and also Leipseic who hasn’t really got enough looks so it’s hard to know which leipseic he consistently is; same goes for Motte.

  12. Jay Beagle | #83 | C

    Winning attitude. Love these types of players. They will keep our players honest and accountable and bring intangibles that money can’t buy.
  13. [Signing] Canucks sign F Antoine Roussel [4 year x $3.25M AAV]

    Safe work environment boys
  14. [Signing] Canucks sign F Antoine Roussel [4 year x $3.25M AAV]

    Stabilize the locker room with veteran presence. Along with recent Stanley cup experience. Good deals.
  15. Quinn Hughes | D

    Exactly; It’s time to just enjoy the ride and watch our prospects grow into a team with legitimate Stanley cup aspirations for many years.