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  1. Standing O for DEMKO was awesome Jake was stellar , petey was on a mission and Miller’s got the killer instinct(not considering his super risky breakout passes)
  2. Sure STB had some sustained zone time but the boys didn’t lose their assignments and battled hard to get in front of pucks with their bodies and sticks. Didn’t force plays, stayed patient and won the game. Would still like to see us play a bit more confrontational but all together good game following a long break .
  3. Is the page count gonna stay at 420 forever just to screw with BFG
  4. I have to admit, haven’t had a chance to watch Utica games or Lind much this season, but I’m absolutely ecstatic to hear Lind make such a big improvement in his second year. A player doesn’t just double his production in 10 fewer games by pure chance.
  5. This Jake Virtanen guy is a gift that keeps on giving
  6. Like JB said sutter is foundational, heS literally found his foundational spot on the team’s fourth line.