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  1. Now the real question: When does the kid suit up for his first pre season game?
  2. What a f***ing deal. I'll be the first to say I thought the kid was just being greedy, clearly I was wrong. Wow.
  3. So stoked to see Woo. This kid really could impress and steal a spot.
  4. Ferland-Petey-Laine *droooools* Laine 30 goal scorer x3, 50+ points all 3 years he's played in the league. 6'4 210. Idk why you're passing!
  5. Boeser + Sutter + 3rd for Laine. Make it happen JB.
  6. Boeser TURNED DOWN 7Mx6 what makes you think he accepts 6.5Mx6?!
  7. Sounds to me like Boeser is NOWHERE NEAR signing with this team.
  8. Lmao and the Jets would? I don't think they want to be rid of Connor.
  9. Don't care what anyone says, don't want a greedy kid on the team. Ship him outta here and get something worthwhile back.
  10. Makes 100% sense... if he plays well in deadmonton why wouldn't he be able to perform on a better team?
  11. Absolutely atrocious contract. Don't care what anyone says. 65 points and 47 points, IS NOT WORTH 7M!!!! I can smell the lockout.
  12. I live in Alberta and don't get even half the games on tv thanks to the regional blackouts. Thank the lords for online streaming websites.