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  1. Don't care what anyone says, stay the fu*k away from this guy. Yeah he's talented as all hell, but the money is WAY too much, the man is getting up there in age, and injuries are certainly a BIG issue.
  2. Sharks have no Karlsson and no Hertl. Pavelski is a game time decision. Unless someone steps up big time, this series is most likely over tonight.
  3. Don't get me wrong, I am one of the biggest canucks fans ever. Been following them ever since I can remember, and my basement is filled with memorabilia. But I've been cheering from the Blues since the start of the playoffs and they've quietly became my 2nd favorite team atm. With that said, I hope they get it done tomorrow and then march into Boston and stomp the fck outta them.
  4. Do I WANT to trade him, FU*K NO I DONT. BUT, the Devils definitely are attracted to adding him and J. Hughes!
  5. I know none of you want this to happen, but I am very interested in this situation as I think it is very possible it does happen. Is Hischier + a defenseman like Vatanen enough to get this deal done? Hischier is a huge loss to the Devils core, but they add J. Hughes to replace him AND get who appears to be a stud, Q. Hughes in return as well. Vatanen is 27, but has played some of his best hockey in the West. Pettersson-Hischier-Boeser has potential to be absolutely disgusting. Idk, I'm just spit-balling. Maybe it isn't enough, maybe it takes Hischier+Butcher to get it done. Which I personally think the Devils say hell no to that, but the chance to have two brothers that are projected to be allstars doesn't come along often. Opinions?
  6. Well, I don't wanna get ahead of myself but I believe this is the Blues taking a stranglehold on the series.
  7. With the 10th overall pick in the 2019 NHL entry draft, the Vancouver Canucks select from Allsvenskan PHILIP BROBERG!!!!