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  1. Everyone's entitled to their opinion. However, I'm not okay with moving Jake. He's finally becoming a player every team would want on their side, and I believe he's only going to get better. I'd hate to throw that away. Looking forward to the day when Podkolzin arrives. The best solution is to keep Jake and put him on the left side. On a side note, I find it extremely discouraging that there are some posters on here who are severely bent on getting rid of Jake and Juolevi. I"d keep them both.
  2. Jim Robson, "Smyl's really strong. Not a particularly good fighter", and then Smyl drills the guy with an uppercut! That's why you have guys like Smyl leading the way. People who say you don't need that in this day and age are living in some delusional, denial, fantasy land. Players pay attention and are well aware that there's a price to pay. Doesn't mean it eliminates everything. But... I'd rather have that on my side than not.
  3. Absolutely, Ronning has to be in there, plus all the other players you just pointed out. If you put those guys you just mentioned on our team at once, in their prime, lookout! Before I go back to reality, can you imagine a line with Kurtenbach, Williams and Odjick on the same line? Haha! Anyway, I believe that maybe we should all make up our own top 50 and compare it to others. That would be interesting.
  4. Yeah. I know it is what it is. But I don't believe a lot of people on here know the history of this team. I'm not saying that more current players aren't worthy. But it's clear that many aren't aware of the impact the players you just named, as well as others you haven't in the above post. Again, this is subjective, howerver, perhaps there should be a history lesson here! I'm still absolutely surprised that Kurtenbach hasn't even been nomimated.
  5. The problem I have with guys like Mogilny and Sundstrom is that they only played 4 or 5 years. Mogilny is obviously an exceptionally talented player, as is Sundstrom. But, I don't believe, Mogilny, especially, had an impact on the team that warrants such huge praise. In his career and abilities, absolutely! He is amazing. All I'm saying is that out of these two guys, Sundstrom should be there before Mogilny.
  6. Voted Boudrias. Nominate Kurtenbach.
  7. That's why I believe, in the very first poll, I said I would go to war with Linden and Smyl to start with. A great combination of hockey sense, skill, and the never-say-die mentality.
  8. Voted Tanti again. (almost 5 40 goal seasons as a Canuck!) Nominate Kurtenbach (he's got to be in there soon)
  9. For anyone who is interested, a friend of mind sent me a link to financial programs available, both Federal and Provincial.
  10. And to think, this kid was, and still is only 18. The stick to to the face around 2:15 of this video epitomizes what a champ he really is. At first he's shaking it off, then quickly realizes the pucks sitting there, regains his composure, drives the puck up ice, and assists on the goal on the delayed penalty. If he maintains that type of "dog on the bone" mentality and work ethic, he's going to become a beauty!
  11. I too am voting Tanti. Nominating Lidster.
  12. I voted for Tanti because he had 3 seasons of 40, 41, and 45 goals. Plus, he had two 39 goal seasons. Hated giving up Curt Fraser, but that's the price you've got to pay.
  13. I'm just waiting to hear from others, so whenever we coordinate the time, I'm good to go!
  14. Like you implied, Brackett my have an offer on the table that's too good to refuse. But, as menitioned in this thread, he has scouted for the Canucks since 2008-2009. The reason why I bring this up is, if Brackett is this "drafting guru" some say he is, why weren't we seeing great picks up until Horvat was chosen in the 2013 draft? Some will argue because we weren't getting high picks. But even still, Boeser and Kesler were both drafted 23. And what about the later rounds? Zilch. I'm not putting him down and I believe he's gotten better over the years. However, as you mention, I don't believe some people give Benning enough credit. As you also pointed out, anyone part of Benco, deserves a pat on the back. But don't you find it curious that the drafting has improved leaps and bounds ever since Benning took over, and put his team and ideas together?