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  1. Yeah, he's a magician. He did exceptionally well in his rookie season and now he knows what to expect. I'm sure he'll be totally prepared for this upcoming season. Should be a good one!
  2. And just to be clear, it's not a fear of getting better. Of course you want the team to excel and win the Cup! However, at what cost, and is the timing right? In my opinion, we are still 2 to 3 years away, so why rush it and why tie up unnecessary money. That's my point.
  3. Regardless, I wouldn't tie up term and money with him. He doesn't fit in with the time schedule and we'll need that money for our younger superstars! Plus, Hughes is going to become a similar type player.
  4. What a cute couple they'd make, eh? They should both be on the Flamers!
  5. I wouldn't want either one of Myers or Gardiner. Nor Karlsson. I'd rather slow down on the moves and see what we have next year. Plus, I don't want to tie up so much money in potential crap contracts that you'll regret for years. Keep the money available for Brock, Pettersson and Hughes. (and whoever else is highly qualified draft prospect) The problem is, too many people have an instant gratification mindset, and it's detrimental to your psychological health.
  6. I know it's what someone will have to pay, but it's way too many potential high end assets for just one player. Major PASS.
  7. That's what you call "instant karma"! Those "diving divas" should know there's a price to pay!
  8. I don't want that POS Kadri anywhere near the Canucks. He's scum personified. Our team is being built around character guys like Bo, Petey, Brock, etc. As a matter of fact, trade him to the "Floppin' Flames"! He'd fit right in.