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  1. Then so be it. But at least have the ability, and flexibility to adapt and make changes. Anyway, I'm looking forward to the game tonight. Go Canucks Go!
  2. You give your head a shake you Jake hater. Yeah, Jake wasn't going to win this, but he at least provides an element either one of those guys can. And I never said anyone else didn't play bad. Just pointing out that Jake was a better option than previously mentioned and that is on coach Green.
  3. No. I'm going to assume Green gets fired. He can't allow his ego, favoritism, and the political BS behind the scenes to get in the way of icing the players who would, more than likely, be much more effective than what he chose tonight. I've been saying, get Sutter out of there. He started strong, but then he vanished. Rousell, in my opinion, I think there are better options. I think Jake could do a lot more damage than either one of those guys. Let's see how smart Green thinks he is.
  4. Absolutely. I find it offensive that the Make Believes even think they have solid "defense" men. Defense first, then...
  5. Sutter is a waste of space anyway you look at it. He should not be playing tonight.
  6. No, it's posters like you who never quit. If you're a real Canuck fan, why don't you support and encourage our guys instead of continually looking to tear down players. There's a few of you who do this. Are you really a Canuck fan? Jake isn't perfect, but I would take him over the boys you probably wished the Canucks drafted. One other thing, I sure hope you're as perfect in your own life to justify your constant criticism of Jake and other players on our team.
  7. I suppose once we get enough interest. Try for Thursday/Friday night?
  8. Sure. I suppose once we have enough people. Either one's good for me. Hopefully I don't lose my Internet connection again... and all my chips!
  9. Voted Larianov. Nominate Boldirev.
  10. Wishing you all the best with that Roger!