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  1. I understand you have to give to get, but I personally wouldn't pull the trigger on that trade.
  2. Major PASS. You're giving away 3 potentially rock-solid players for 1? Not wise, in my opinion.
  3. "Stuck In The Middle With You" - Stealers Wheel (Gerry Rafferty)
  4. That's great that you want him succeed. I think most of us do. Personally, I don't follow advanced stats. Don't even know what they are. Could care less. I don't think any player should be entitled to special treatment. That I agree. But after spending the most part of that one year in Utica, Green got through to him and was drilling into his head what he needed to do to play in the NHL and he's progressed steadily each year. Pouliot, as you know, was coached by Green in Portland. So if anyone's going to get special treatment, it would be him. But he's been just horrible. The guy isn't getting it at all. Maybe next year, who knows. Gudbranson was 3rd overall. So was Cam Barker. But at least Jake is developing into a rock-solid player. And to be fair, I want every player on our team to succeed. But if they're not "getting it" and pulling their weight, you can only take so much. Which is true of you. But you should at least see that he is moving in the right direction. People want to trade Jake, but I say no. He's coming along just fine. Next year is his contract year. I believe he's going to come out flying.
  5. Wow! You just won't cut the guy a break, will ya?!!! No wonder you're on the 5th Line! Geez dude, cut the buy some slack, he's progressing just fine. Just like all the people basing Juolevi, he's going to be better than average.
  6. Btw, not laughing at you. I've been a fan since the beginning as well. Just thought it was funny that it's been that long. How time flies. One thing though is, the Canucks have been to the finals twice since 1993. More than any other Canadian team. Hopefully we're there again in about 5 years!
  7. Not at the term and cost, which it will likely be for EK. Plus, he's damaged goods. PASS.
  8. Fair enough. Of course there are many factors that come into play. But no team prior to the last ED ever had such a great opportunity to fill the cupboards. Like mentioned, they were being paid off in picks NOT to take certain players, and they still got a bunch of solid 2nd, 3rd line guys. It's a pretty deep team. It's a fricken' joke. Geez, they even got James Neal for cripes sake! (who did have a solid year with them)
  9. @canuck73_3 However, every other franchise has had to scrape from the bottom to build their team. The last ED is a joke. And Seattle is going to get the same deal. As mentioned, they haven't paid their dues to gain respect.
  10. Yeah, he's a magician. He did exceptionally well in his rookie season and now he knows what to expect. I'm sure he'll be totally prepared for this upcoming season. Should be a good one!
  11. And just to be clear, it's not a fear of getting better. Of course you want the team to excel and win the Cup! However, at what cost, and is the timing right? In my opinion, we are still 2 to 3 years away, so why rush it and why tie up unnecessary money. That's my point.