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  1. That's the kind of player who you win championships with. I think Toffoli brings that as well. Time will tell. Petey does too. We need everyone to care that much.
  2. Ever since he lost that fight, he hasn't been the same. Can't remember who he fought.
  3. I don't think this is some "stupid rental player." And there are no shortcuts, (ie, Oilers) or absolute way of going about it. If there were, we'd all be rich! Point is, I believe Benning is thinking long-term. And I think someone like Toffoli will be in the picture when we are in a position to challenge for the cup.
  4. Me as well. I have no issues with Brock. I want him to become the best player he can be, and he's shown that he has elite potential. He's only 22 and we just need him to be healthy on a consistent basis. As far as Jake goes, I really like what he can bring, and does bring to the table most nights. But he too, has to bring that consistently. And when he does, he is a dominating type player. Points aren't everything, agreed. There's a hell of a lot more that goes into making an effective player than simply points.
  5. I agree. When he was moved to the 1st line, the 3rd line lost its momentum. If Jake does that consistently, he'll make pretty much any line better.
  6. Some can be, yes. But I don't think this one is. When they sign Toffoli for a few more years, he definitely would be in integral part in winning a cup. Him and Pearson are in the 27/28 year old range. Two to three years from now, we should be a serious contender.
  7. Who cares? We weren't even supposed to make the playoffs this year! The further we go this year, the better. We're still developing, and we're doing a LOT better than most "experts" predicted. This will be a great development year for our younger players and help towards building a winning culture.
  8. Thing is, you never know. He is an excellent player in so many ways. He has the pedigree. His father was a champion and a dog on a bone. Of course he's undersized, but each individual is exactly that. Only time will tell. All the best to him! With Bo, Pearson and Toffoli, more than likely, we have a heavy duty line that should dominate.
  9. Yeah, and plus, it's way too early to even think about that. I'm looking forward to seeing him here in two years. This kid is an animal! Even the pass today that he assisted on, was a nice play.