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  1. Alf's got a crystal ball! I see Alf already made an appearance with his crystal ball.
  2. Ouch. What a disastrous 3rd period. Final Score: 5-3 Marlies
  3. Gadjovich ties it up 1-1! Bailey and Jasek assists.
  4. I'd be yelling too if I had to watch the stupidiocy of that franchise for the last 10 years!
  5. I didn't forget to spend time realizing my dreams, and I don't mind encouraging and watching others realize their dreams as well. Perhaps you should drink more Scotch!
  6. If I'm the GM of Arizona, the real deal is for Matthews only. Forget about Nylander or Ceci. (wouldn't want either on my team) I wouldn't give up any more than one of OEL or Keller, plus maybe Hayton and a pick. That's max for me and that's borderline too much. What you're suggesting is unnecessary.
  7. This is what Bo is and has to be. He can have his idols and love parts of their game. But in the end, he has to become his own unique player. That's the Bo we want.
  8. And this is a good point. A local hero. But what's the real cost? I believe Arizona would have to give a little bit more.
  9. An excellent defensive core, no doubt, but what about the 2002 Olympic team in Salt Lake City? A younger Niedermayer and Pronger, along with Al Macinnis, Rob Blake, Ed Jovanovski and Adam Foote. That's a pretty formidable defensive core as well.
  10. Sure the team, coach, GM have work to do. But the Blues GM didn't do nothing, Mike Yeo was fired in November with a 7-9-3 record, then Craig Berube was named interim coach, which led to winning the Cup.
  11. Amazing pass! Along with the speed and smarts, this guy looks legit!