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  1. Man oh man, McPhee must be ready to jump from the rafters. Spent 18 years with the Caps, many disappointing first or second round exits from the playoffs where they were picked to win it all. Builds Las Vegas Golden Knights, takes them to the finals against the team he built in Washington.... And they are finally, after a long time of being expected to have won at least once in the past 10 years..... Are finally on the verge of winning. Perhaps McPhee is a jinx? Helped build the '93-'94 Canucks team... Lost Built the Caps team that went to the finals in '97-'98..... Lost From '98 onward.... upset after upset after upset... Now.... 2017-2018..... In the finals with VGK and is about to lose again.
  2. #23 and #33 assisted on #22s 23rd goal of the season. Edler is the triplet
  3. Parallels to the Leipsic trade in Canucks history?

    Shinkaruk for Granlund 2nd for Baertschi 3rd for Dorsett Pretty much nobodies for effective Roster players.
  4. [PGT] New York Rangers vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Wheres the Benning hate? I know its been one game with Leips and Motte, however they looked good. Leips looked unf***ing real with bo and boeser. That line was dangerous every shift. The Motte for Vanek trade was for the sake of getting something instead of potentially nothing. If anything he will be a good depth player in Utica to continue a winning atmosphere for the upcoming youngins. I missed the 3rd period, due to my own game. However the first period alone was enough entertainment with Leips, Bo, Boeser. Be patient my fellow fans, give it a year and this team will be a force to be reckoned with and in a very good salary cap position.
  5. Yes or no to the Sedin’s next year?

    Why is it we need to rush any one single prospect into a rebuilding team? What is one more year for guys like Pettersson, Lind, Gadjovich, Gaudette, Goldobin, Dahlen or Lockwood (if he recovers and can effectively change his playstyle after surgery) to spend one more season grooming before being brought up. The Sedins are still capable of putting up 50-60 points effectively. Who carried the load when Horvat, Baertschi and Sutter went down? The Sedins were putting up a point a game without them. With reduced ice-time they have been effective and putting up .65pts/game. Which I believe would be higher if Horvat didn't go down and were facing lower level of defensive shutdown lines. 55-60 points would have been good enough to be in the top 50 last year 60 points was top 40. Considering only one player broke 100 points last year and that was McDavid, the next closest was Crosby at 89. Having two 55pt players on your second or perhaps 3rd line next year is not going to hinder the success of the team or stall the rebuild. So you want to get rid of two players capable of 55-60 point pace at a 1 year deal low dollar value, when the whole purpose of them resigning is to groom the crop for one more season because this is a REBUILD. Comparing players +/- 5 points of the Sedins on better teams, better quality of linemates, contract lengths and value, I dont think the Sedins are doing all that bad or need to hang them up. When you are missing 2/3 of your top line, and your top 2 centres, its not hard to shut down Boeser and the Sedin line. Matthews: 41GP 22g 15a 37pts 1st overall Toffoli: 49GP 18g 12a 30pts Ehlers: 50GP 19g 18a 37pts Mantha: 46GP 16g 14a 30pts Aho: 45GP 16g 21a 37pts Arvidsson: 45GP 15g 15a 30pts Zuccarello: 49GP 8g 29a 37pts J. Staal: 49GP 14g 16a 30pts Couture: 44GP 20g 16a 36pts whats his issue? Fiala: 46GP 13g 17a 30pts Zucker: 49GP 19g 17a 36pts J. Bratt: 47GP 12g 18a 30pts Rakell: 45GP 18g 18a 36pts Hoffman: 47GP 12g 18a 30pts Landeskog: 44GP 17g 19a 36pts D. Sedin: 48GP 11g 19a 30pts E. Kane: 49GP 16g 20a 36pts B. Little: 50GP 10g 20a 30pts C. Keller: 50GP 14g 22a 36pts Steen: 45GP 10g 20a 30pts J. Thornton: 47GP 13G 23a 36pts 38 years old. D. Stepan: 50GP 9g 21a 30pts R. Smith: 48GP 12g 24a 36pts Lucic: 49GP 9g 21a 30pts 5 more years of that and declining very fast LOL. W. Nylander: 51GP 10g 26a 36pts O. Palat: 46GP 8g 22a 30pts E. Haula: 44GP 17g 18a 35pts Simmonds: 49GP 16g 13a 29pts D. Brown: 49GP 15g 20a 35pts Hornqvist: 47GP 15g 14a 29pts Vanek: 44GP 14g 21a 35pts K. Connor: 44GP 15g 14a 29pts J. Schwartz 31GP 14g 21a 35pts Perreault: 38GP 15g 14a 29pts Schmaltz: 45GP 13g 22a 35pts Hertl: 48GP 14g 15a 29pts P. Stastny: 51GP 11g 24a 35pts A. Henrique: 49GP 13g 16a 29pts J. Neal: 48GP 22g 12a 34pts T.J. Oshie: 43GP 11g 18a 29pts Tkachuk: 47GP 16g 18a 34pts Dadonov: 39GP 10g 19a 29pts F Forsberg: 37GP 15g 19a 34pts Okposo: 47GP 9g 20a 29pts -17 Pavelski: 48GP 10g 24a 34pts K. Turris: 43GP 8g 21a 29pts Marner: 51GP 7g 27a 34pts Hischier: 49GP 8g 21a 29pts Gourde: 49GP 17g 16a 33pts Kadri: 49GP 17g 11a 28pts R. O'Reilly: 48GP 13g 20a 33pts Zibinejad: 41GP 14g 14a 28pts Heinen: 43GP 11g 22a 33pts Galchenyuk: 49GP 12g 16a 28pts Debrincat: 49GP 17g 15a 32pts D. Brassard: 47GP 12g 16a 28pts Toews: 49GP 14g 18a 32pts R. Johansen: 44GP 5g 23a 28pts Buchnevich: 49GP 13g 19a 32pts E. Lindholm: 48GP 14g 13a 27pts Kerfoot: 45GP 12g 20a 32pts Janmark: 50GP 13g 14a 27pts JT Miller: 50GP 11g 21a 32pts T. Pearson: 49GP 10g 17a 27pts Zetterberg: 48GP 6g 26a 32pts H. Sedin: 48GP 2g 30a 32pts Pacioretty: 49GP 16g 15a 31pts Nugent-Hopkins: 46GP 16g 15a 31pts 1st overall, never broke 60 points, rushed early and injured. J. Skinner: 49GP 15g 16a 31pts M. Backlund: 49GP 9g 22a 31pts J. Williams: 49GP 9g 22a 31pts Getzlaf: 26GP 6g 25a 31pts van Riemsdyk: 50GP 19g 11a 30pts Ferland: 48GP 19g 11a 30pts some other guys that missed the 5 point spread . Bozak: 50GP 8g 18a 26pts Drouin: 44GP 7g 19a 26pts MINUS 22 P. Marleau: 51GP 16g 9a 25pts *2nd overall draft pick* 38 years old, 2 more years at 6.25mil. Guentzel: 41GP 15g 10a 25pts MINUS 15 RICK NASH: 50GP 15g 10a 25pts MATT DUCHENE: 47GP 11g 14a 25ts -8. *3rd overall draft pick* COREY PERRY: 39GP 8g 17a 25pts Pierre-luc Dubois: 49GP 10g 12a 22pts *3rd Overall draft pick* Jason Spezza: 49GP 7g 14a 21pts *2nd Overall draft pick* 34y/o Pominville: 49GP 9g 11a 20pts 35y/o Hartnell: 33GP 7g 4a 11pts *6th Overall pick* 35y/o. Vrbata: 35GP 5g 8a 13pts 36y/o PATRICK SHARP: 45GP 6g 7a 13pts 36y/o Now for those young prospects that have been rushed into the NHL. Max Domi: 50GP 3g 18a 21pts this season. 12th overall draft pick. 190gp 111pts career. Not bad career wise, but terrible this season.. Nail Yakupov: 42GP 9g 6a 15pts....... 1st Overall draft pick. Nolan Patrick: 40GP 3g 6a 9pts..........2nd Overall draft pick. Jesse Puljujarvi: 32GP 9g 6a 15pts 4th Overall draft pick Tyson Jost: 37GP 4g 11a 15pts 10th overall draft pick Lawson Crouse: 83GP 6g 7a 13pts 11th overall draft pick Sam the 18y/o Bennett: 208GP 37g 43a 80pts 4th overall draft pick .34pts/game average. Jake Virtanen: 108GP 13g 11a 24pts 6th overall draft pick Jared McCann: 132GP 15g 22a 37pts 24th overall draft pick Oh and Duclair, having a hard time on the Coyotes and is off to his 3rd team. 39GP 10g 9a 19pts between ARZ and CHI. And you want two vets off the team to.....See what? Another prospect like Virtanen and McCann rushed, who are having hard times contributing offensively. You wanna turn Pettersson into Yakupov? Gaudette into Nolan Patrick? Lind into Puljujarvi? Lets not rush our prospects and ruin their confidence. Give them another year to adapt to NA style of hockey/ice size.Let the Sedins continue to play 12-14 mins a game putting up .65pts/game pace on the second or third line for one more year and let them sign their last contract. They have earned the right to do so and deserve to go out on their terms not the fans, owners or management, just to put young guys in a spot to fail. They are still capable of playing at this level and being effective. Dont turn a rebuild into what has taken Edmonton... well they are still continuing their rebuild and those contracts they gave Draisaitl and McDavid along with the 6 million dollar man Lucic, are going to put them even further back on rebuilding until they can afford D or goaltending. Clearly they arent done rebuilding. Then there is Colorado who has also taken awhile and struggled in the basement for a very long time with good draft picks rushed right out of the draft or D+1. Toronto has also taken an eternity to get back into a competitive spot. Not every draft pick that is thrown in right away struggles to produce at a high rate, but the large majority of them do. Confidence is key, some guys lose it quickly and never find it again.
  6. Yes or no to the Sedin’s next year?

    Let them sign their last contract to determine the end of their career, dont let the current contract dictate their future. These guys are HoF candidates, still putting up decent points and provide great leadership and role models for the next wave. Dont rush the guys coming up and throwing them in like Deadmonton and Colorado have in the past. Another year to groom the future will be beneficial to the longterm success of this team. Classy guys deserve a classy end to their career. Forcing them to retire would be an insult to the two best players to wear the green and blue who still have some hockey left in them.
  7. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. New Jersey Devils

    Horvat, Baertschi and Boeser line looked good once again, Sedins had a really nice game, Marky made a huge save, all in all it wasnt that bad of a game, thought the reffs let NJD get away with a handful of hooks, interferences, however they did miss the double minor high stick. Thought the Gagner trip was a bit weak. on a positive note the Lames choked in regulation
  8. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

    Is it Friday yet???
  9. Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

    Yea, he did get a hatty, 3g 2a in one game.. so i guess hes not a bust
  10. [PGT] Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Criesby is also a -11 XD
  11. [PGT] Winnipeg Jets vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Canucks were 1-1-1 after 3 games in 2010-11. Just sayin.... I know its not the same team. I mean we are in a F***ING REBUILD not Stanley cup favorites. Chill the f*** out. Let the team build some chemistry, let the players settle in and find their groove, new coach new systems. Vanek and Gagner were drafted in the top 10 for a reason Eriksson was 33rd overall, they havent forgotten how to play hockey or score a goal, ITS ONLY GAME 3. Eriksson is a slow starter. We have a lot of depth, despite being a rebuild we have a lot of potential top to bottom. We have 8 top 10 draft picks in our lineup. The players we added this off season are all cheap short term contracts, gives our prospects another year to develop and possibly push for a spot next year. Theres a lot of potential with this years roster, given some time to adjust to new teammates, the team will make for an entertaining season. We have depth call ups for the first time in a long time, great up and coming prospects, depending on how well we are doing by trade deadline we could be adding some great pieces for a playoff push and becoming somewhat like the LAK of 2011-12. Or we sell off the CHEAP SHORT TERM CONTRACTS, to teams looking to go all in and stocking up our already top 10 prospect pool. This season is a win win for us no matter how it plays out, either a lottery team bottom 3 in the league like EVERYONE HAD US PICKED FOR and we trade off a bunch of players like Vanek, Gagner, Tanev, Del Zotto or whoever it may be for draft picks and we load up in a deep draft.... or we exceed expectations and make the playoffs and see where the road takes us.
  12. [PGT] Edmonton Oilers vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Hence why I said decent, not good, not sick hands or great hands he doesnt have hands like hansen
  13. [PGT] Edmonton Oilers vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Sooooo long until the next game ='( Loved what I saw from the team, top to bottom front to back everyone played great. From the new guys/new and improved. MDZ - was physical and had some good passing plays, thought he looked good in his own zone Gagner - good speed, nice plays Vanek - looks good with the Sedins, seems like the right fit, had some nice chances Virtanen - beast mode, fended off Lucic with 1 arm and that rush up the ice OMG i just about jumped through the roof Eriksson - played well positionally and did a lot of subtle things that maybe didnt jump out but contributed in the long run. Gudbranson - played great physically and made some nice defensive plays to prevent goals Travis Green - love the tempo he has the team playing with, the urgency to get the puck up the ice quick and go to the net. And of course how can I not mention Dorsett's performance. He can finally focus on his job as a pest and getting under the top guys skin rather than fighting and being our enforcer. I really liked him in NYR and was stoked that we picked him up. He has speed, decent hands and plays balls to the wall all game
  14. Happy Birthday Daniel and Henrik

    Happy birthday Hank n dank!! Prove all the doubters you still got it!
  15. Alex Biega | D

    I would say he's probably our most consistent dman behind Tanev. I really like his positioning and how relentless he is in the corners, shoves and shoves and shoves until you fall or bobble the puck.