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  1. Voting Larionov Nominating Larry Goodenough to be in the top 50.
  2. Salo had freak injuries, ruptured testicle from a slapshot, ruptured his achilles playing floor hockey. Being injury prone is also attributed to being over played and results from fatigue, on ice duties and sacrificing the body i.e. blocking shots and taking the hit to make the play countless times over an 82 game season. With more of those duties being distributed among guys like Meyers, Benn and Fantenberg, it increases durability, reduces fatigue, chance of injury blocking shots on the PK, Defensive zone starts or protecting the lead late in the game. Previous seasons, Edler and Tanev were heavily relied upon in all situations with little to no relief and that resulted in injuries. If they can continue to distribute that punishment all season long, Tanev will become even more valuable to the team as his presence in the lineup will be better than a 55 game average. I’d say 70-80 games is what he will be capable of, which is 15-25 more games a year. Now normally in a 15 game stretch without Tanev, the team would win 5 and lose 10. Now add Tanev into those extra 10 games we would lose. Out of those remaining 10 games that we would normally lose in that 15 game stretch we’ll say he helps us win 50% of those 10 we’d lose. That 5 wins totaling 10 points we gain. Those 10 points last year would have put us in the final wildcard spot and put Colorado outside of a playoff spot and that was last year without guys like Meyers, Hughes, JT Miller and Petey missing 11 games as well. Of course this is all hypothetical. But now you add Hughes, Miller, Meyers. This team is playoff-bound each year. Tanev, with better supporting cast is one hell of a steal at a 4.5-5m re-signing here’s why. Sure the +/- stat is somewhat flawed. Over the course of his career in Vancouver, he has been a minus player ONCE and that was in 15-16 at -8. There have been some awful rosters in the past 5 years and he’s been a plus player at the end of every season aside from ‘15-16 being one of the more heavily relied upon players in crucial situations. There is a point where plus minus does indicate truth and thats the consistency of that stat over the course of the past 5 years, on some weak Canuck teams and him being out against top opposition. The Canucks goal differential the past 5 seasons along with Tanevs +/- are as follows: Goal differential. +/- DZoneS% 15-16 Canucks -52 Tanev -8 56.3% 16-17 Canucks -61 Tanev +3 55.3% 17-18 Canucks -46 Tanev +7 58.3% 18-19 Canucks -29 Tanev +3 62.5% 19-20 Canucks +11 Tanev +4 54.8% His career dZone starting %, is 56.1% Career On ice save% is 91.7 Compare him to last years Norris winner Mark Giordano from Gio’s Norris winning year. Giordano Tanev 5v5 GA: 60 37 dZs%: 48.3% 62.5% oiSV%: 90.6% 91.9% GA/60: .77 .67 YES Gio put up 74 points and Tanev only put up 12 points. But Giordano was also on the 2nd place team and had a much better group of players to play with. Tanev started in his own zone far more than Giordano and allowed less GA, Marky averaged almost 92%ssv. By no means is Tanev an offensive threat. However defensively he is one of the best in the league. in 16-17 there were only 2 players to play 20+ games and be a plus player. That was Jannik Hansen at 28gp +2 and Tanev 55gp +3. Every other single player was deep on the minus stat. This is why when he would go down due to injury, seasons would begin to unravel. Tanev has lots of value in my eyes. Even with injuries
  3. Thats a huge stretch to say he has cost the Canucks several seasons. If losing one d-man costs you an entire season’s worth or work. You have to ask yourself how an entire season was lost with one absence. Pittsburgh lost Crosby, Malkin and Guentzel all at separate times of the season and for very long periods of time. Scoring didnt just come to a complete halt. St. Louis hasnt had their top winger Tarasenko all season. They didnt fall a part. Good teams win without key players. Poor teams fall a part. The past 5 seasons the team has relied far too heavily on one line up front and 3 guys on the back end. The Sedin line, then the Horvat line. On the backend we relied upon Edler, Tanev and then who ever was between the pipes. You lose a Sedin, you lost a line. You lose a Horvat you lose possession, you lose Tanev more shots get through, you lose Edler you lose a puck battle, you lose R. Miller or Marky, you lost a game. One loss was too glaring of a hole to fill. We now have two good lines upfront, a competitive 3rd line and a decent 4th line. Our top 4 d are legit, Marky is playing at a Vezina level, which he was projected to be when he was drafted. Prior seasons we had subpar rosters and poor performance. Marky and Nilsson couldnt stop a beachball a few years ago. Marky has done a 1080 yes a 1080 not a 180 and become an elite level goaltender that gives us a chance to win regardless of who’s not in the lineup. We have been missing 2 top 6 players, Ferland and Boeser for a large chunk of the season. And like I’ve said a handful of times now, relying on two dmen all season, playing all situations i.e PK, protecting leads or dzone draws puts them at higher risk for injury due to wear and tear, shot blocking and fatigue. Injecting players like Meyers, Benn, Fantenberg allows you to distribute some of the 82 game season punishment and reduce the chance of injury. THIS is why Tanev has remained healthy virtually all season. To me Tanev is a priority to re-sign. He keeps our backend stabilized and provides a ton of experience and is elite at shot suppression. Highly valuable at even strength and especially on the PK. I’d rather have a guy who gives us the edge at stopping a goal on the PK, than needing a guy who helps on the PP. You need more help than you can get on the PK. On the PP you have the edge and should be able to score. Canucks #1 PP lost to Bostons #1 PK. Mind you there was a lot more to it than just that as to how we lost the series. But in the finals it happened to be the top of the special teams going head to head. Which we had far more power plays and couldnt get the job done.
  4. Best game on TV - 2011 Burrows slaying the dragon. When Toews tied it up and sent it to OT, I smoked my first cigarette. Walked outside of the bar with a bunch of really stressed out fans like myself and some guy was like “you need one?” Im like yea i think I f***ing do Best game live - 2018 Hank n Danks final home game. I was there at the game, 5 rows up from ice level at the hashmarks in Arizona’s end for overtime. Which was the craziest most unreal experience ever. Words cannot describe it. As my brother and I entered the building we saw the auction stand and just by chance, the craziest odds ever... we saw an autographed poster of Brock Boeser scoring a goal against the Blues and my brother and I were in the photo. Needless to say I bought it. We are wearing the white jerseys
  5. Okay this Sedinery stuff gets even crazier. Back 2005-06 the Sedins stamped their numbers 33 and 22 on their linemate Anson Carters stats for the season 81gp 33g 22a. This was the emergence of their career, the players they became known to be. The night they announced their retiremen shots were 33 to 22. Then in their last game at home they autographed 22 and 33 all over the score sheet (Edler being the triplet even assisted on Daniels 23rd goal) How crazy is that, their numbers are came up in that many times.. Starting with Anson Carter, which I never really realized his stats until I saw the list in the Pearson thread of Pearson tying Carter
  6. He was also there the year Boston was up 3-0 in the series against Philly, Philly forced a game 7, Boston was up 3-0 in the game and blew a 3 game series lead and a 3 goal lead in game 7... They learned a lot from that series loss.
  7. First time ive rewatched a game from the 2011 run... watching the replay of the 2011 game 1 series vs chicago is breaking my damn heart... bringing back so many memories... seeing that team and those players in the very prime of their career hurts knowing they came 1 game shy of everything :’(
  8. The team was so bloody banged up, Boston did their job of shutting the twins with all the other injuries up and down Vancouvers lineup. Boston was healthy, we were not. Lost Samuelsson in the semi’s Danny was hit from behind quite viciously by Ben Eager in the WCF Kesler blew his hip in the WCF Hamhuis was injured in game 2 of the finals and didnt return. Erhoff had a separated shoulder Higgins had broken foot, Edler had 2 broken fingers...the list goes on and on... Bostons injuries: Horton hears a who and Lucic had a stubbed toe. despite all the injuries Canucks still forced a game 7. Out hit boston in the series, out shot them, had more PPs, less give aways, more take aways, more high danger shots. There is no one to blame, only to accept the fact Vancouver lost the battle of attrition. It wasnt even close to the same team. We out hit boston by 20ish hits in game 7 and outshot them with over 40 shots. We had over 50 more hits in the entire series. If Hamhuis was still in the finals or Samuelsson was healthy, our PP would have gotten us through that series despite the injuries.
  9. Oh definitely, they both have youth on their side. BigMac has been healthy and is far bigger than Rooster. However the one thing Roussel has over Motte is the agitation he brings, dragging someone to the box with him or baiting someone into taking a penalty. But $ wise its far better Value with BigMac and Motte. I get a gut feeling that BigMac is going to score a very big goal when we go on a playoff run. I just keep sensing like he will end up doing something big in playoffs, do to his speed, size, shot and having him further down the lineup where he is more of a complete player with more of a scoring touch than other guys on 3rd/4th lines
  10. Roussel was also recovering all Summer and missed a lot of valuable training in order to get ready for the season. He didnt start playing until December. Only played 41/69 games. He still put up 7g 6a in 41gp which is roughly .30 ppg for a 4th liner. Not too bad.
  11. Voted Jovocop Nominating Horvat
  12. That hit still pisses me off to this day. Text book blindside hit to the head, principle point of contact was the head. Left his feet and extended his elbow. NO SUPPLEMENTARY DISCIPLINE WHATSOEVER. Which is why I hope Toronto remains forever in hell. Anyhoo... I voted Jovocop I nominate Larry Goodenough all because of his name
  13. Well Bob is trying to save face after signing that 10 mil contract and posting a 3.23 GAA after 50 games. He’s pickin up the tab for the owners this time
  14. 2nd best PK... unfortunately Boston had the #1 PK. But yes our D was pretty damn good.... if only our D were healthy in the finals
  15. I think one thing that could be on Hughes side for winning the Calder is the fact he tied an NHL record of 3+ assist in a single game in a rookie season at 4 games. I feel like he would break the record with some of the upcoming games we would have had. Its hard to argue with Makar’s point %. However Makar isn’t quite as essential to Colorado’s success as Hughes is for Vancouver, which impact on a team may also be a factor in the deciding votes because it is going to be a very close decision. There is certainly no walk away winner this season as opposed to previous years