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  1. Captain Azzy

    BFHL 2018/19

    Nashville looking for Hurricanes players
  2. Captain Azzy

    2018-19 CDC Puck League

    I don't have MacDonald's retention on my page, and still have Pavelski's extension too. Thanking you xx
  3. Captain Azzy

    BFHL 2018/19

    I want Slavin too
  4. Captain Azzy

    BFHL 2018/19

    PO, what price for Teravainen?
  5. Carolina laughs and says no. They don't want an NHL D in return, never mind an AHL one.
  6. Captain Azzy

    2018-19 CDC Puck League

    It's almost as if the Commish team looks after the players' interests rather than the teams'
  7. Captain Azzy

    BFHL 2018/19

    You're going to feel silly when the Flames miss the playoffs and the Canes make it
  8. Again, if the Canes trade Hamilton, they want an immediate boost to their scoring, not more AHL fodder and a distant pick. They wouldn't have the slightest bit of interest in Juolevi - at all - and Gaudette is more of a throw-away inclusion than a centerpiece.
  9. To end play Jan 10th 2018. Hurricanes were without the OT bracket, 18-20 with 106 GF and 114 GA To end play Jan 10th 2019. Hurricanes are without the OT bracket, 20-22 with 112 GF and 121 GA The Canes didn't get worse through this trade, and if Adam Fox comes through, that will be a huge win for them. It IS possible for both teams to win a trade. I hope CDC realizes this. Lindholm was mediocre for years - including under the same coach - and Hanifin wasn't living up to his potential. It's great for them that they're now doing well, but considering Hamilton played two months injured and now that he's healthy has a 5-game point streak going, the Canes haven't done badly either. Ferland is their second-highest goal scorer. Look at it this way. Last season Lindholm scored 16 goals all season. Ferland already has 12. Hamilton is on course to match Hanifin's totals - but if his recent return to health is any indication, he'll improve on Hanifin's contribution from last season. Just like with Goldy, Sven, Leivo - sometimes a player needs a change. Both Lindholm and Hanifin needed a change, Hamilton needed a change, and everyone is quite happy with the outcome.
  10. Hamilton is only rumored because the team has four righties. Faulk is more likely to be traded. Ferland has been excellent, but suffered a bad concussion. Adam Fox? Waddell is confident he signs. If he does, he's next season's Will Butcher. But better.
  11. Hamilton played two months with an injury - the last four games he's been fully healthy and has four points.
  12. Captain Azzy

    2018-19 CDC Puck League

    Vegas looking to sell: 1st round pick - Kevin Hayes (4.53) 2nd round pick - Philip Danault (4.09 FPs/G), Josh Bailey (3.95), Troy Stecher (2.56), Henrik Lundqvist (5.26) 3rd round pick - Kiefer Sherwood (2.22), Derrick Pouliot (2.43), Ilya Lyubushkin (2.61) 4th round pick - Markus Granlund (1.92), Joe Morrow (1.11), Dion Phaneuf (1.86) Also happy to swap my 2020 picks for 2019 ones.
  13. Captain Azzy

    BFHL 2018/19

    One of those will be a playoff player.
  14. Captain Azzy

    CDCGML 2018-19 (3 positions available!)

    Winnipeg with one of the all-time great deals in GML history
  15. Captain Azzy

    [Proposal] Re-tool

    Several points for CDCers to remember when making Hamilton proposals: 1. He has significant value. He's just scored three goals in three games, and played two months injured. He's a righty too. 2. If the Canes trade him, it's so they can call up one of their D from Charlotte. They do not want anyone's cast-offs in return. Not Gudbranson, not Stecher, not Biega, not MDZ. They want to move Hamilton for scoring help. 3. Tom Dundon isn't an owner who wants to spend money. Adding players like Schaller and Eriksson isn't the plan. If he's adding salary, it has to be for a difference maker. Also, not one of those five players you've sent to Carolina would make it on to the ice. Not one of them, even with Hamilton and Martinook gone. McKeown would get called up in Hamilton's spot, and Jordan Staal comes off IR to replace Martinook. So Carolina trades two guys for junk.