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  1. [Value Of] John carlson

    He traded all of his punctuation for it!
  2. (Proposal) VAN-CAR-EDM

    Don't think Edmonton goes for that trade. Tanev's injury history has effected his value. Why would Edmonton trade their first round pick for 40-60 games a year from Tanev?
  3. I agree with you. I would even say 4 years is recent. And I only say this cause I'm putting my money on Josh Ho Sang. From not being picked for team Canada's juniors two years in a row, to being sent home from Islanders camp for sleeping in. He has a ton of skill but just can't seem to use it consistently. It must be video game addiction! lol
  4. I would much rather JB took a chance on someone like Merkley. His offensive prowess is exactly what we need. If he slips to the second round it would be a mistake not to take him at that point. We don't need him next year. Give him a few more years to mature and develop. Lots of teenagers have attitude problems. Let him grow up, become a man then bring him onto our team to run our power play.
  5. Proposal - NYI/VAN VAN/CHI

    I really think he will be for whoever drafts him. I think that as he matures the attitude problems will get less and less. Plus no longer being a big fish in a small pond might help to bring his attitude in check. I just think we would be making a mistake by passing up on a guy with that much offensive upside. Its clearly what we need!
  6. Proposal - NYI/VAN VAN/CHI

    I love the idea of getting another pick in the first round. My thought process was that if Wahlstrom is available we take him. If that is the case I'd still like to try and trade Tanev to Toronto and take a gamble on Ryan Merkley. I'm not sure if he will still be around at 25. I've seen him ranked anywhere from 11th-41st. Scott Wheeler says he is "... one of the most purely gifted playmaking defencemen not named Rasmus Dahlin." I think he would be worth the gamble. He is only 17 and will mature a lot in the next few years. We don't need him for another 3 years a least, so he has time to grow up. This way we don't need to take on any bad contracts and could realistically trade Tanev for TOR 25th OA pick. Or fingers crossed he slips to the second round and we can grab him there.
  7. Van-Tampa-Ottawa (proposal)

    That's fair. We would probably have to send an expiring contract or two elsewhere to make it work. It would just be nice to see us fully committingto a rebuild and collecting as many high picks as possible. And your right. I thought about it for about 3 minutes before writing. It's nice to hear others input and let you know if your out to lunch. Ideas always sound better before you write them out.
  8. Van-Tampa-Ottawa (proposal)

    Obviously those are some bad roadblocks. If an organization makes it clear you are not in their future and they are willing to sit you out for other players I'm sure the ntc can be worked around but obviously I get why Callahan would block the crap out of the trade.
  9. Van-Tampa-Ottawa (proposal)

    Lol good point. Maybe throw a late pick to Ottawa. I'm guessing this idea has zero merrit to it lol.
  10. Just spit balling here, but perhaps we can help facilitate an Eric Karlson to Tampa trade while picking up solme draft picks in the process. Ottawa wants to get rid of Bobby Ryan's horrible contract. Tampa would need some cap space to fit Karlson in next year. I'm not really sure what us taking two bad contracts is worth so please chime in. To tampa: Karlson To Ottawa: 2019 1st, Namestnikov, insert prospect. 2018 2nd round. I know very little about Tampa's farm system I'm sure there are better players to put in. To Van: Bobby Ryan, Ryan Callahan and Tampa's 2018 1st. I could be way off on Value for Karlson. I'm assuming it would be multiple 1sts plus roster player plus prospect. Basically the idea is take on two bad contracts. Helping both teams shed unwanted contracts. If Ottawa wants Ryan to be a part of the Karlson deal they get less for Karlson. Since Tampa can't afford Ryan we are being rewarded for making this trade go through. A 1st might be too rich for what we are doing, but Bobby Ryan's contract is horrible. Plus Ryan gives Benning that big scoring (I use that term loosely) winger he wants.
  11. NHL expansion rules spoil new markets

    I have been thinking about this for a while now. If I was any other GM in the league I'd be pissed. Vegas was gifted a good team. Kudos to their management for taking advantage of the situation. But it's got to be frustrating that Vegas did not have to build a good team in the traditional sense. How many other GMs were able to draft their rosters based on decent established players? Wouldn't surprise me if Vegas is black listed by other GMs for a while lol.
  12. Well done with your trade proposals. Well thought out. I know I'm nit picking, but Gudbranson is a RHD. Anyway, I like the Dallas trade. I think that one has potential as long as Dallas is on the playoff bubble. I also think the Toronto trade is realistic. The Anaheim trade doesn't look great. Granlund's year last year is really starting to look like an anomaly. I don't think his value gets us such a nice prospect. I'd be down with trading Gagner. Not sure if a team would take his contract judging by his impact so far this year. Really like the Toronto and Dallas trades though.
  13. [PGT] Nashville Predators vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Got to admit it was nice to see him lay a check like that. Really didn't like Subban or Hartnell's reactions. I'd like to see PK and Jake square off. I'd put my money on our guy. Hartnell is just a 4th line goon now. No point engaging him.
  14. [PGT] Nashville Predators vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Thank you! Still a great hit though!